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  1. Which Heresy they are?

    That's for sure. In saturday i will be listening a cornwall III pair so it will be fun i suppose I'm really into that kind of a presentation too. I was always with the transmission line and weight thing. But. The Klipsch got me. Got me good. Again. Thank you very much. You are pure gold. Greetings, Patrick
  2. Which Heresy they are?

    I get your point. I've never looked that way on things... But i'm a fanatic. When i bought my used speakers (see the picture below) i have done a full research about the history of this particular pair. Im just that kind of a guy. But like i said before, i will borrow a Heresy III and give them a try, 100% sure about it.
  3. Which Heresy they are?

    I get it 100% That's a beauty on this picture, though... Really thank you for your time and concern. Now i can sleep well But to be 100% frank with you i'm sad cause of the fact, the cabinets are not original... That's the truth.
  4. Which Heresy they are?

    Ok, I get it. Please tell me one more thing, You've wrote: If i'm understanding properly, the non-removal grille thing is normal? I'm really sorry for my stupid question, but You are my wikipedia right now. Really. Give me your address, i will send you superb polish beer. I'm not kidding. I will leave them. That's the right thing.
  5. Which Heresy they are?

    Ok, ok i get it. But i think i will rip them off anyway, i want to look at them. That sounds funny, but that's truth. When i rip it off, it will make a influence on sound? What you think? Generally those speakers made me curious about that brand, i've never listened it before. I must talk to that klipsch distributor in my country (Poland) since i've met him (once, i've never talk to this guy...), i need to borrow Heresy III. I work in hifi 'audio field' (only new stuff) so it won't be a problem i guess. This pair i will give to my father, that will be a good move. Only when Heresy III will be sounding at least that phenomenal.
  6. Which Heresy they are?

    And weird thing i found in the net, I saw some heresy speakers without mitered cabinet. They are younger than mine, that's why? Or just cause of the type c crossover?
  7. Which Heresy they are?

    In order to do this, i think i need to rip-off the grille material since it's stapled in the inside of the cabinet, yes?
  8. Which Heresy they are?

    I don't understand words: mitered cabinet, i don't get it, please inlight me. Is it something with connection of wood pieces? Thank you for information, it's like, believe or not - GOLD to me. I loved them since i listened to them firstly. This community is real gold repository of knowledge. Dimmensions are matching 100% There is something else, when i got them 5 days ago, they were in grey colour. Nothing but paint was changed. Maybe they were grey from production line? ... I knew that you, or someone else will pick up the thin cable thing... i get it They play very fast, and have real life in themselves. Nothing leaks, they are very strong and have phenomenal bass and midrange. Better than JBL studio .... Edit: I get it, the mitered thing. Sorry for confusion.
  9. Which Heresy they are?

    Whoa, i didn't expected that, so much feedback, thanks! Ok, let's go. I forgot to mention that the ports are from visaton, normal standard ports with 'clipping' (?) points (-/+) for connecting the wires. Photos will be below Thank you. Personally i like AlNiCo more, than normal magnet too... especially with JBL 4311 WX-A (they had it... i remember that... punch...) Like i mention in my first post, they have no info on back. Nothing at all. About that outside / cabinets, personally i think they are original, cause i can see same 'connection' on plywood on the corners of the cabinets, i really don't know how to write it, so here goes the pictures.
  10. Which Heresy they are?

    Hello all members, This is my first topic and post on this forum, my english is a bit weak and rusty, so please be tolerant Recently i found white heresy speakers... seller didn't know what he was sellin' - to be honest i didn't know what i was buyin' too. So a bit akward situation. I bought them with Arcus TL 220 (set Arcus + Klipsch) - to be frank the 'little ones' - heresy... i paid for them almost nothing... I plugged them in into an oldschool Grundig A9000 (Marantz PM-80, with slightly bigger transformer), I was literally blown away with the sound quality, on everyday use i'm using Quadral Montan MK V - or maybe i should say i was using They are true legend speakers, that's for sure. In the past i had some JBL Studio monitor speakers... But to the point, Please help me, which heresy they are, i'm confused because they are first of all white inside and outside. The best part is i've never seen heresy with non-removal front grille, that's my biggest confusion. Crossover - Type C Lowrange - K-22 with red foam (alnico?) Midrange - K-55V (alnico?) Tweeter - K-77 (alnico?) They have non-removal grille - is that normal? No other information gathered, no backplate info, no nothing - they been repainted, at least outside. Please give me more info, they play phenomenal.