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  1. Never mind, got the Onkyo at a great price, it's up and running. OH MAN!! The Heresy's are AWESOME!! I am like a kid with a new toy...a 55 year-old kid.
  2. The refurb seller, a company locally called Skadi only sells online and my tough luck, I missed the boat and they no longer have the refurb Tx-8160 in stock. Another question that has me running the risk of sounding like a complete idiot. My old "system" is Panasonic SD PM91D. It happens to feature true bi-amping. So while I wait for Black Friday and the Onkyo TX-8160 can I hook up the Panasonic in a bi-amp mode? The reason I am asking is because stamped on the back of the Panasonic by the speaker connections is marked 6 ohm, is it ok to hook it up to the Heresy lll's (once I remove the jumper)? Or should I just leave the jumper in and wait until I get the Onkyo? Newbie question or what, eh?
  3. Funny you should mention the refurb thing. There is a place here that is selling a refurb TX-8160 for $396 vs $630 new, although there is a retailer selling it at $580 this week. I admit I am a little shy with refurbished audio equipment, what can you tell me to enlighten me on the subject? Purchasing cross-border can have it's complications. Add almost 40 % for the exchange to start, so $270US turns into $365CDN Then shipping, another $95CDN (with the exchange). Plus duties and taxes. No clue on duties but taxes will add another 13%. It starts to add up. Plus if there are any issues with the unit returning it for warranty can potentially be a nightmare. Really it depends on the retailer. There are some us retailers that seem to have special arrangements. A4L does ship to Canada.
  4. To DTR20, thank you so much for the welcome, it is appreciated. I look forward to frequenting this forum often to learn and to share. To Bill, Thank you very much for your input, it is greatly appreciated. The Onkyo has great reviews and specs, nothing wrong with the Yamaha either, very similar. From what I can see around here in the Toronto area the Yamaha is about $120 more than the Onkyo so all things being equal the Onkyo seems the better value, I don't see $120 more features in the Yamaha. Wish me luck on Black Friday. Christian
  5. After 30 years I finally bought myself Heresy lll's (when I first heard Heresy's only the l's were around but wow!) fulfilling an old fantasy. Now I have to choose something to drive them. The Onkyo TX-8160 seems to fit the bill and fit with my needs. I would love to hear people's opinion of this choice. I haven't purchased the receiver yet because being so close to Black Friday I may as well wait to see what's on sale so if you all have something else in mind that is a good match at that price point ($630 Canadian) and feature set (2-Channel, Phono input, FM, Airplay, Network, Optical Input) I would love to hear your (collective) thoughts.
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