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  1. Well I will just skip the bi-amping. Cable is cheaper that way and I can get up and running asap. Now where is a good (idiots guide) to setting up your subwoofer?
  2. Ok probably dumb question - Should I keep the 2 rear surrounds where they are (on amp) or move those to the L and R surrounds? (to be technically 5.1) ? The speakers are mounted up and behind listening location on the wall.
  3. Ok it appears to be a passive bi-amp. I will just wire these up as normal and get this started on breakin phase.
  4. FYI - So here is my current system now. Receiver: Onkyo AV Receiver 7.1 TX-SR805 130 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD 24-Bit/96kHz A/D, 24-Bit/192kHz D/A Fronts: Klipsch RP-280f / 32-25,000 Hz +3dB / 150w RMS / 600w Peak Center: Klipsch RP-250c / 60-25,000 Hz +3dB / 125w RMS / 500w Peak Rear: Klipsch RS-62 II / 50Hz-24KHz +3dB / 150w RMS / 600w Peak Sub: Klipsch R-115SW / 18-125 Hz / 400w RMS / 800w Peak Just added the fronts and sub. Not wired in and powered on yet.
  5. My intention on buying the speakers was needing new speakers. Noticing after the fact that I could bi-amp them was a bonus. I am not using the left and right surround channels at all... so I was going to move the rear surrounds to those channels and use the rear surround channels to bi-amp with the front channels....
  6. What would be the point of including bi-amp options in this speaker then? I do not know anything about passover crossover / networks when it comes to speakers / amps.
  7. This amp support bi-amping to separate tweeter and woofer channels on front speakers.
  8. Hello there. I recently purchased the Klipsch Reference Premier RP-280F speakers and wish to BI-AMP them to my Onkyo AV Reciever. TX-SR805. I purchased these in hopes of BI-AMPing to increase front power. The problem is the cabling. I originally was going to buy this Gotham SPK 8.25mm cable pair but they went out of stock. (see image) Does anyone have any other recommendations on cabling that would be equivalent or know a source for this cable other than Amazon? Thanks!
  9. The crazy thing is that is plays perfectly all the rest of the time. I have even played music at loud + dB for hours... no problems. Just during a movie and a very loud event. Could it be something in the setting of the receiver?
  10. Hey everyone. I have a menagerie of speakers and am trying to slowly get them all Klipsch, as budget allows. I am having a problem with my right rear RS-62 II speaker but only when playing movies when there is a really sudden loud burst event. It pops and sounds like someone upstairs stepping really hard on the floor (and makes for an amazing realistic effect IF a movie has that happen lol) Being a minor audiophile I have tried to keep a decent round about system with limited funds. Can you please offer comments on my system and help me fix this problem, I would really appreciate it. Receiver: Onkyo AV Receiver 7.1 TX-SR805 130 watts x 7 into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.05% THD 24-Bit/96kHz A/D, 24-Bit/192kHz D/A Fronts: Athena Technologies WS-100 / 50-20kHz + 3dB / 200w Center: Atlantic Technology / Compact Theater Two Center Resp. 55Hz – 20kHz / 150w Rear: Klipsch RS-62 II / Resp. 50Hz-24KHz +3dB / 150w RMS / 600w Peak Sub: Atlantic Technology / Compact Theater Two PBM 150w RMS 20-180Hz +3dB / Peak 105 dB I am going to replace my center with a RP-250C speaker next, btw.
  11. It is sad when my $1500 entertainment center is causing the deciding factor between the RP-250C center speaker and the RC-62 II center speaker (and having to settle for the RP-250C). (Because of 1")
  12. Hello there, I am new here and a minor audiophile on a limited budget. I need a new center speaker but I have a very limited space for the speaker -- 22" x 9.5" max space is the only space I have available for the center speaker. I wish I had the room for a RC-26 II or a RC-64II (as my 2 rears are Reference II). Can someone suggest which is better the R-25C or RP-250C or something different? Looking for the typical 8 ohms / single connection. Thank you,
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