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  1. Thank you for the suggestions and tips friends ! i am really glad to have come here in search of answersra @mattSER that is a piece of information that i did not come across. so i understand now that either match the power or less by 20 watts @Scrappydue thank you for the appreciation. i think i am not opposed to refurbished units if the money saved is good . Yes for 4k. i have not thought of atmos in the future till now. think i will leave that to a gamble say ... if i could find something within the budget @K5SS i will check the receiver that you have mentioned. I would like to know what makes the denon x3200 a match for my configuration. It is purely to understand how you make that choice in terms of the speakers and what makes it a match. so i could help others in the future too
  2. Hi everyone, i recently bough the R-28F home theater system. I am not an audiophile but i believe i have a heart to enjoy and appreciate good sound. I have been reading through the specs and am getting a bit lost in the power output, that is i might damage the speakers by under powering it. Below is the speaker system setup R-28F FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER R-12SW SUBWOOFER R-25C CENTER SPEAKER R-14S SURROUND SPEAKERS I would like the experts here to suggest me a good receiver for this setup. I am having a budget of $400 to $500 and looking for a 7.1 ch. I am willing to answer further questions to the best of my knowledge. Apologies for being not enlightened enough when it comes to receivers. Thank you for all your kind help and i will sure update on how i am enjoying the sound once i set it all up !
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