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  1. @willland, @garyrc - thank you for the great advice. Finding a 36" stand (which will put the tweeter at 1ft above ear level) is a challenge but narrowed down to 3 options


    Sanus NF36 (wood) - $99



    Pangea Audio LS300 (steel) - $99



    VideoSecu 2 Heavy duty 26.5" to 47" Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand Mount - $40



    Last option is tempting because of height flexibility but not too confident that it will hold the 18lbs speakers. Some reviews suggested adding canopy or dead weights to the base to make it more stable. I am still not too convinced. Pangea LS300 has good reviews in AudioAdvisor too. 


  2. @teaman, Awesome looking stands. These are 24" tall and the distance between the speaker bottom to tweeter is 12" (for RB-61II) which puts the total height at 36" - exactly at my ear level.


    So question to you and all the audio gurus here - When using bookshelves as surrounds, is it recommended to put them at ear level or 1-2 feet above?


    Thanks in advance


  3. Thanks Weziewoo, I did get the Rb-61II bookshelves during the recent Frys sale. Now I need to find a pair of speaker stands that will hold these speakers (almost 18 lbs). I will keep looking for surrounds RS-52II and if I find one, I will move the RBs to the rear surround position and surrounds to the sides.

  4. I am currently using RF-82II (with Cambridge Audio CXA80) as 2-channel setup for Music/TV in the living room. I am planning to move RF-82II to the media room (14' x 14' x 10') and I also bought the matching center RC-62II and SVS PB1000 sub. Looking at Denon / Marantz receivers for 5.1 HT setup. I have been reading about surrounds vs bookshelfs as surrounds and I am even more confused :) I have 3 options so far...


    1. Surrounds R14S - $148 (Fry's weekly deal)

    2. Surrounds RS-42II - $180 (Amazon)

    3. Bookshelf RB-61II - $250/pair (local CL)


    The couch will be against the back wall and I will be putting the bookshelf speakers on the stands if I end up with that option. Please help in choosing the best match given my odd room dimensions and setup. If there are options to consider, please do suggest. Thanks in advance!

  5. I am putting together my first stereo 2.1 setup (Klipsch RF-82 II, SVS PB1000) in the living room. After much of the research and budget considerations, I have narrowed down my choices to Cambridge Audio CXA80 and NAD C368. Warm sound profile seem to match what I listen to and hence these two choices. Anyone have experience listening to them both? Any recommendations? Much appreciated.

  6. On 11/29/2016 at 7:47 PM, pbphoto said:

    The room and hardwood floors could be a factor, however I would double check a couple things on the receiver first.  Make sure your analog source is connected to the audio1 or audio2 inputs on the receiver.  According to the manual, direct mode disables the tone controls and DSP, along with "display and operation of the option and setup menus".  I'm not sure if that last part means speaker setup is bypassed or they just shut off the display to reduce noise.  I'm also not sure if YPAO is considered part of DSP but make sure your speakers are not set to "small" and/or YPAO has the EQ adjusted funky.  Even in direct mode, it appears like an analog signal gets converted to digital to pick up some bass management and then goes through the DAC - i.e. ADA conversion.  This is typical.  If your subwoofer-out is working in direct mode with a 2-channel analog source, then some ADA is going on.  If so, then make sure your speakers are not set to small and consider turning on the "extra bass" option.  


    Pure Direct did turn off Subwoofer and only 2 channel. I don't have analog inputs and I stream music from my phone to Yamaha Bluetooth receiver connected by digital coax to AV receiver. Will adding an external DAC (connected to Audio 1 or 2) improve sound quality?




    17 hours ago, pbphoto said:

    Does the Yamaha sound bright in pure-direct mode when you are feeding it an analog source?  Pure-direct will shut off your subwoofer but it will/should bypass all internal DAC processing and be a good test to see where you should go next.

    For music, I am always on Pure Direct mode while for movies, I put on the Straight mode (treble reduced a notch). I enjoy listening to Pure Direct but is still bright sometimes. I don't know if the room design is adding to that (hardwood floor with rug)


    17 hours ago, pbphoto said:

    PS - welcome to the forum!


    Thank you phphoto!


    16 hours ago, Quiet_Hollow said:

    Denon PMA-50


    You will not be disappointed. :wink:

    I did look at this stereo amp but didn't give serious consideration since the rating is only 25wpc. Isn't this too low for RF-82II?


    12 hours ago, ATLAudio said:

    There is nothing from scientific measurement to suggest a Yamaha is bright on Klipsch. 


    With most of those integrates you lose bass management. 


    understand. I could add a Y cable to split the signal for sub if I am going with DAC+amp isn't it?


    1 hour ago, Schu said:




    Schu, can you please elaborate?



  8. Complete newbie here and my very first post on this forum. I have been reading some of the posts and amazed at the wealth of information here!


    My current setup is 2.1 (Klipsch RF-82II with SVS PB-1000) powered by Yamaha RX-V567 receiver. I have been reading that Yamaha and Klipsch are not best together (sounding bright etc) and thinking of moving to pure stereo setup. I do feel that they are bright and can't listen more than an hour. So I am leaning towards warm yet detailed sound.


    All my input will be digital and have no plans to add Phono in the future. Some of the setup combinations I have been looking are


    1. DAC paired with Amp (Niles SI-2150 refurbished or Emotiva BasX A300 - both are 150wpc around $300+)

    a) NAD D1050

    b) TEAC UD-503

    c) Schiit Bifrost 

    d) Peachtree DAC ITx


    Only TEAC had volume control and I would have to get passive preamp (Emotiva Control Freak or Schiit SYS) to control volume otherwise.


    2. Integrated Amp

    NAD C368 (80 wpc) or C388 (over budget, will have to wait for refurbished)


    3. AV Receiver

    Refurbished Marantz SR-5010 with Amp mentioned above.


    Since this is my first stereo setup, I want to stay under $1000 :) Please help me setup!!!



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