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  1. hi Gary this is exactly what i'm thinking. the opportunity woke up that ol' "what if" audio bug the La Scala had succeeded to cure. i must confess that the appeal of owning KH was very strong and almost conquered me, they are beautiful objects of audo desire. i'm afraid a special designed room will never host any of these marvelous speakers as our house is great but lacks this possibility. thanks everybody for your feedback and advice but i made up my mind about it. the La Scala stay ;-) i exchanged messages and pics of my room with the french builder of Fitzpatrick subs and he can' figure any real improvement possible in my room configuration, as any horn loaded would be much too big to place anywhere...
  2. hi Hsos and thanks for your feedback on this. the more i read and get feedback , the more it makes me reconsider the whole KH project. fact is, i really enjoy the La Scala the way they are - without a matching sub - and the very idea of owning KHorns as the ultimate/lifetime speaker opportunity, as enticing as it is - is actually more like a fantasy which somehow, goes against my prime intuition. i've already been experiencing the limits and frustration of oversized speakers in a smaller room. my listening at this friend's place, though very exciting and spectacular; just proved me right - and his room is bigger than mine!
  3. thanks for the data. yes i saw the table tuba, nice work. too bad i can't use one as a console to put my system on it
  4. thanks chris for your comments. as the picture shows, the KH will be placed in the actual corners of the room - where the LS stands right now. there's no alternative to that. i understand your point concerning the elevation of the wole mid/hicgh spectrum and possible outcome with wall/ceiling interactions but there's no issues right now with the LS, they sound abfab with no specific "lack" of bass - xcept on recordings where bass or mastering of bass is missing or bad. thats what i really enjoy about the LS, compared to previous altec 19 - where a certain amount of volume was needed to move that 15" and bass was either (too) loud or boomy or almost missing at lower volume. this issue is probably settled with LS' higher sensitivity or filter engineering. yesterday's experience of KH at my friends' is that they produce way much more bass resonnance than the LS - almost too much for my sake - hence reminded me of the rampant issue of oversized speakers in smaller rooms which never works for me, but sometimes to the sincere joy of the systems' owners. maybe this impression relied mainly on this particularly room, where many absorbers were installed on walls to treat resonance and echo issues and translated in boomy effect... the sub is an alternative i don't feel necessary with the LS. The KH will either work in my room, maybe with some adjustments - or not. i intend to build a wall library on this concrete rear wall for years now - so maybe the KH sound will be a great incentive for some immediate action ;-)
  5. well, you're totally entitled to think that from your own experience. then we probably have different perception of music and frequencies ;-) from what i heard yesterday at my friend's, i'm totally aware of the potential of the KH here at home vs. the possible issues due to room structure. what i liked and gives me hope is that even at lower sound level, the KH convey the whole spectrum with full bass weight and dynamics. but i know there will be an upper limit, as there is with any speaker in any given room. browsing the forum i've seen systems and similar room/placement that seem to make their owners very happy. some people enjoy cranking music at almost live volume level and achieve to find tonal balance or acceptable compromise in it, whereas others would run out of the room and cringe. what matters most is the level of pleasure we can reach and the KH seems to have incredible potential.
  6. yes look at the picture. the KH would be in these corners, where the LS stand right now. that would leave about 2 meters/6,5 feet between them ;-(
  7. feel free to send the info please ;-)
  8. i've been wondering about these table subs
  9. if there's too much bass and resonance because they're too close and the room not big enough, it will. maybe not worse - but not their best, whereas the LS sound so natural and easy
  10. from what i read here, it needs to match the bass wavelength of the LS, hence quite a piece of furniture Jason, your risers would look and sound fine here too ;-)
  11. Hi derrick ;-) the lower/louder bass makes it a very different experience. it's very welcome on some stuff and kinda noisy or disturbing on other tracks - but there's this global sensation that it's "always there" and can be addictive, for the best or worse. introducing a sub to match the LS would be the elephant in the room i'm afraid. i'd say the room is about 8 meters large, ceiling up to 2,50m, double living-room reaches 15 meters long. listening position is in between, with 2 sofas back to back, one facing the system, another facing armchairs, screen-windows, garden, etc...
  12. just when i was totally at peace and simply enjoying my La Scala, arises the opportunity to get 1981 Khorns and here's that damn bug again: what if the KH sound better ;-) as generally admitted here - than the LS? BUT most important, what if it sounds WORSE - in my environment... i'v been there before. i used to have Altec 19. I tried to make them play right and got frustrated for 2 years before i realized that fighting the basic laws of acoustics/volume/space and house structure is meaningless. no amp, cables, power plugs or snake oils can beat that. then, after some time, the la Scala found their way and cured my audiopath issues effortlessly. So today i visited a friend who has gorgeous sixties KH and a room pretty similar to mine in terms of volume - xcept he has THAT longer wall to place the speakers 12 feet apart - but less space for best Lp. of course i enjoyed the bass and impact of the KH, it's a thrill but this well-known impression of "way too much bass and resonance" immediately started nagging at me. my friend listens too loud for me, i kept lowering volume to match my taste and it sounded great. bass and impact was still there and maybe more articulate than at higher peak. so it's a tough decision. get them and play the odds of a real good surprise or rely on intuition and experience. heres a pic of my room and corners where the KH need to stand. sofa is about10 feet away from this wall and there's bigger space/room behind - but i cant push these side walls away. feel free to comment and advice.
  13. they look great, could be standard/factory klipsch LS risers. would you be kind enough to show the blueprints and how you stained the wood to match birch? that sub is kinda scary though ;-) i'd love to see your table tuba, too