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  1. Is it because when I took measurements of the three drivers, I disconnected the other two from the crossover?
  2. Well - it looks similar to the response of the K33-E woofer shown on ALK's website for his universal crossover?
  3. Ha - no it didn't. I tried adding a proper 5mH inductor in series with the 1.3mH and now the response looks much better. Updated woofer response in blue.
  4. You were right! I measured it with DATS V2 and it was actually 2.6 mH - even though it was wrapped at 4.9 mH in 1954. Looks like I need to get a bigger inductor and try it out....
  5. I am using a 1.3 mH inductor. I tried it with the old 5 mH inductor from the k-500-5000 crossover, and it didn't change the upper woofer taper.
  6. So, I am slowly restoring an old set of Khorns. I just took some measurements of the latest configuration and I'm wondering if this is looking like it's supposed to. Set up: UMIK 1 / REW / about 3 feet off the ground / 3.5 feet from front of Khorn / 1/6 smoothing Woofer: Stephens 103LX (16 Ohm, DCR ~ 10 Ohms) // mounted on slide-in motorboard, with 6"x13" slot Mids: University SA-HF + K-5-J Highs: K77 Tweeter (square magnet) Crossover: I built the ALK Universal crossover with Solen caps and Litz inductors on a k-500-5000 crossover board (1954). I'm using the old autotransformer on the board and the squawker is connected to the -3 and 0 tabs on it. Here are the measurements. Is the woofer response supposed to look like that? It looks like it's not being properly attenuated on the upper end.
  7. Also, I really want to do the closed backs mod - but I can't find any good threads about it - a lot of the photos and links are now dead. I can only find the insane 120 hour Volti Audio versions.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! 1. I have one Pioneer woofer and 1 EV 15WK woofer. Need to figure out if I can find another EV 15 WK or if I should get a pair of K33s 2. Will look for used K-55s, but would like to get them up and running with what I currently have 3. Can I still use A or AA with University Drivers and K5J horns? Should be crossed over at 4,000Hz to 4500Hz vs. 6000Hz? 4. Will verify the tweeters - also have DATS and UMIK1 and will run some sweeps 5. I have 1 top section for the K5Js and one top section for the K400s....thinking of rebuilding a matching pair. They are different heights and sizes.
  9. Agreed - which crossovers should I use for the K55 / K5J / K77 combination while I'm investigating further upgrades? Also, I opened up the other khorn last night and to complicate things even further It has the EV - 15WK woofer...So now I need to decide if I want to try to snag another one of those on ebay.....
  10. Yes, I for sure have 2 Klipschorns, but they are a real grab bag of parts. I have 2 of the K-5-J mid range horns from 1958, and two k77 tweeters - one with the square magnet, one with the circular. Oh, and I also have 2 K400 horns. The only drivers for the midrange that I have are the University Drivers (K55) for the K5Js. As far as crossovers go - I have one AA and one K-500-5000. What's the best strategy going forward - can the University drivers handle the 6k crossovers if I make another AA?
  11. Greetings, I recently have been gifted with an old mismatched pair of Klipschorns. One of the cabinets has a really funky ordeal going on inside. There is a Pioneer Dual Voice Coil 6 Ohm woofer in the bass cabinet that is wired in parallel, with each set of leads going to a separate LC filter, and then each of the filters is attached to 1/4" input jacks???? Also there's a bunch of styrofoam sound treatment glued in. Also they cut a circle in the other side of the cabinet and closed it with an identical door. What even is this? Why did anyone do this? Also - how do I even connect an amp to test this monstrosity out? Any help / insight would be appreciated. Do I just rip everything out without listening to it and put a Crites in there? Thanks!
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