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  1. I'll just simply share that I took quite awhile comparing and listening to various options before finalizing my choice for my Forte III system. When narrowing it down, my final two options were between the "PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium" and the "Rogue Audio Cronos Magnum II". In the end, I decided on the PrimaLuna due to a combination of factors: getting a better deal at the time (pricing) and also I liked some of the features built into it (mind you that I don't consider myself to be incredibly knowledgeable on tube amps/amplification practices) like the auto-bias, high bandwith of power delivery, form factor (smaller footprint), and ease of tube rolling. I've been beyond satisfied with the sound and performance, and have not found anything to be lacking with regards to my application. So there's my 2 cents.
  2. So, just talked to Ralph (owner) this morning and although I've got the right company and all, he's unable to fulfill the request at this time due to a shortage on that particular fabric/grill cloth. He needs to ensure that he has enough to fulfill the all the future productions that Klipsch has outlined for remainder of year. Good news, he said to check back in appx 8 weeks and he'd have a better idea of how he's doing on supply/production and may be able to help me at that time. Super nice guy and incredibly helpful/transparent about everything. Thanks again, John!
  3. Thank you, John. I'll give them a call and see if it's possible.
  4. How can I go about getting these grills? I don't see where Klipsch makes them available on their website for either repairs/replacements, so any recommendations or help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've been saying the same thing about the Forte III Special Edition Matte Black speaker grills, they are that smoked metallic color and I want them for my normal Forte III's in walnut -- basically sub out the black grill for the metallic.
  6. Correct. It's on both top boxes, bottom right-hand corner - so you can't see it from the seating position when listening. But as you stated, for a limited edition/special product as this, it's a real shame because the damage drastically reduces the value of the items - which really cuts into the reason why one would pay for these in the first place. Also hurts resale value if one would ever want to part with them down the road. I spoke with Adorama again this morning and they initially offered a $100 credit if I kept the items in their current condition. I said that "you'll have to do a lot better than that if I'm going to keep these in their current condition. And that you'll have a hard time selling these anywhere close to the price I paid listed as "damaged", plus you have to consider the costs of return shipping and then free shipping to the next buyer. So you're better off just cutting me an amazing deal/offer to keep them. Otherwise you can have them back." We'll see what they can do. Unfortunately, Klipsch cannot help me because they don't have enough stock in Hope to remake the tops or fix the damaged tops. They also don't have anything in inventory to do a swap with. So basically, unless Adorama comes through with an insane offer to credit me, I'm screwed and will have to return them.
  7. Here are pictures showing the damage. My speakers were serial numbers 21L/70 and 21R/70.
  8. I have gone through Cory for every order I've placed and even referred business to him, however, this was one deal that I know couldn't be matched - now I know why.
  9. I'm sad to report that I received my 70th Anniversary La Scala's from Adorama last Tuesday and didn't have the chance to unbox them until this past Saturday, and here's where it goes south. Unfortunately, upon opening the first top box we immediately noticed damage to the rear right-handed lower corner. It appeared that that the box had possibly been dropped or fell over. But...........it doesn't stop there. When we opened the second top box, that too had the exact same damage as the first. So both the right and left top deck speakers were damaged; bass bins were just fine, thus I'm now faced with frustrating dilemma of a return/refund. They are completely out of stock of the speakers, so a replacement is not possible. I already reached out to Klipsch directly to see if they'd be able to assist in anyway and after review of the situation/circumstances they don't have any alternatives for me other than to work with Adorama. I can't begin to explain how pissed off we are.......... 😫😥😤
  10. Awesome! I went ahead and purchased two cables of the Ruipro as the reviews are pretty strong across the board and the price is right. We'll see how it works out!
  11. Kyle D

    Mass Drop...

    Yes, familiar with. Yes, have participated in drops. For an example, I went through MassDrop when I purchased my DarkVoice 336SE OTL headphone tube amp. Transaction was simple and perfect, no issues whatsoever - beyond pleased with the experience and I wouldn't hesitate doing it again if the right item/deal came along.
  12. For me, I've really gotten into the whole "experience" of making coffee. I have a drip coffee machine at home, but hardly ever touch it ever since I got into Espresso. I purchased a Breville 870xl and never looked back and have really enjoyed the process of learning how to refine the different drink options available. Whether that be straight shots of espresso, an Americano, latte, etc. -- it's all the same and this little machine does it quite well. I've also found that experimenting with various beans makes such a difference. Thankfully, I have three different coffee shops locally that roast their own free-trade beans, so having access to fresh ammunition is never a problem. Now, when I'm at the office that's a different story. I hate what my office uses for coffee, so I invested in a simple French press/grinder and make my own batch in the mornings. At first I was accused of being an elitist, but then they smelled it and tried it and things were quiet from that point on. lol Here's the Breville unit that I spoke of and recommend it to anyone wanting to get their feet wet at an affordable price. Unfortunately, espresso machines get out of hand quickly with prices well over $3K, so this option allows us to make great coffee and keep more money in the Klipsch budget. Breville 870XL
  13. Who did you go through for your Celerity Fiber Kman?
  14. Have you considered JVC? If not, definitely take your time and maybe consider it as the colors and contrast ratios (blacks) are amazing compared to the competition (ie. Epson, Sony). My run is appx 35' and I was having issues pushing 4K from my Oppo, XboneS, and my Roku. I should also add that my HDMI "IS" 4K compliant, so it goes to show that HDMI is not the best route for 4K and higher. My advice; since you're already considering upgrading, is looking into HDMI alternatives (ie. Fiber, Cat6+) - options that will afford you the ability to run present AND future formats like 8K, because we both know that tech evolves so quickly that it'll be here before we know it.
  15. I will. There are a few things I have to get done prior though. I have a new lamp coming for my PJ hopefully today and need to put at least 10 hours on it so that Ken Whitcomb can come out and perform a calibration for me. Afterwards, the next step in expense is putting in two new Fiber lines in the conduit to replace the existing HDMI's as I've been having issues with getting a 4K signal to the PJ due to the length of the run. Once that is done, I'll be ready to pull the trigger on the Atmos speakers for ceiling.
  16. Haha, love you guys. I had a feeling you'd comment, and you all didn't disappoint. Two of you (Cory & MIchael), I had already reached out to and talked to about this very same topic; however, just wanted to get a few more "pushes" in the direction that you guys had already provided and helped with -- just needed a little extra confidence boost in decision making. So thanks! Cory, I'll be contacting you when the time is right as always!
  17. Fantastic surrounds! I have four of them and love em'. Good luck with your search/purchase!
  18. I'll share my favorite cocktail recipe: * Boulevardier * Equal parts: - Medley Bros Bourbon - Gran Classico Bitters (by Tempus Fugit Spirits) - Carpano Sweet Vermouth 2 Dashes of Angostura * Substitute Fee Brother's orange bitters if you don't have fresh oranges Stir all over ice in a cocktail mixing glass, then using a bar strainer pour over giant ice cube in an Old Fashioned glass. Orange peel spritzed over glass, rub rim of glass, then use as garnish. Enjoy!
  19. If you were finally going to pull the trigger on in-ceiling speakers for Atmos in a HT, which option would you go with and why?! I'm having a hard time deciding and would appreciate any and all feedback/input. My current setup: RF-7II (L/R) RC-64II (C) RS-62II (x4 - SS/RS) R-115SW (2 x subs)
  20. Fantastic option. Granted it's not the 1120, I have the 720 and have been very pleased with its performance. Congrats on your purchase/selection.
  21. I have the MRX 720 (I know you're specifically inquiring about the 1120), however, I can attest that with the same speakers in my HT (RF-7II, RC-64II, 4xRS-62II) it has not problems with output solely on its own without a separate amp. Now, when I pull the trigger on in-ceilings for Atmos (4 x CDT-5800) I will be purchasing a Monolith 7 because the 720 can't power more than 7 channels. The 1120 can though and from research it sounds as though it has no trouble keeping up either if running same/similar Klipsch speakers.
  22. Throw up some more pictures for us, please.
  23. Mine are scheduled to be delivered Wednesday of next week. And within 24 hours of placing order I contacted them directly to get guarantee and confirmation of sequential serial numbers prior to them shipping out. After several correspondences, I'm confident and feel good about the whole process. Definitely took longer than I was expecting, but well worth it in the end.
  24. Why is this? Would you mind expanding for me - give me some specifics as to why you feel this way or what has led you to this opinion? Thanks!
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