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  1. Still have these available. Accepting offers and willing to separate. I had a meet set up to sell but had a work situation so I missed out on the sale.
  2. Still working on uploading pictures. Not sure why I can't figure it out
  3. I can do that. I'm near traverse city michigan. I would do a meet for serious buyer. Will add pictures when I get home.
  4. Wanting to sell my 5.1 set. It's about 4 months old. In mint condition asidea from a few scuffs on the top of the sub. Still have box's. Rp280f set rp 250c rp160 and r12sw. I'm not interested in shipping these as the trouble and cost is hi hi. We all know what these are worth so fair price is what I'm asking. Will separate. Thanks
  5. Bump. Anyone have any thoughts
  6. I would be interested if you could ship to 49668. Michigan
  7. I bought these but changed my mind before I even received them. I went with the rp280 instead. They are new in the box...I did take them out to check them out. I listened to them for about 15 minutes and packed them back up perfectly. I missed the window to ship them back with all the Christmas travel. I'm in northern. Michigan if anyone is somewhat near I can meet or I can ship if we can work a price. Asking 360 obo plus shipping . For the pair. Thanks!! Would trade for rp450c or 440 or r62 r64 centers and I could include some cash....maybe:)
  8. Hi...I'm sure this is a beat up question but I'm wondering how much better the 450c sounds...has anyone compared? What are the benefits of the 450 vs the 250 as far as sound goes I just got my RP28f set with r12sw and the rp250c. Basically I'm trying to talk myself out of sending the 250 back and getting the 450...I do like the 250..and don't see how the sound could get better....but the what if/should I have.... is in the back of my mind
  9. Just wondering if anyone can give me advice on which receiver to use with Mt rp280 fronts rp250c (maybe getting the 450c after I test the 250) then I have the pioneer bs22..I think andrew jones book she. . .as surround ..those were what was left of the full set...probably won't replace them anytime soon...but someday..anyways.. So I know neither of the receivers I have are great by no means..but I looked up the specs on both and it almost seems like the Sony that's been in my closet would be better. ..but I don't know enough. What I have is a denon 510bt and a Sony str-dh540...the Sony seems to be more watts but @6 ohm..and less thd...but I've seen 2 different set of specs for this model . .. I'll be around using as about 60% home theater and 40% music sometimes real loud at 2.1 with the r12sw If anyone has any input that would be greatly appreciated. thanks !!
  10. xzeon

    Rp250f or rp260f

    The rp280 is pushing it on the $$ but it may not be impossible..would my denon be enough for that to make sense though. knowing a receiver upgrade is definitely not possible if I bought those
  11. xzeon

    Rp250f or rp260f

    Oh wow didnt know I posted here oppsie..first post
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