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  1. Hey, just wanted to say I received my speakers last week. Had to wait three weeks on them, but they are amazing!
  2. So I guess it's gonna be the 260 then. One final question, Is it still the case that you can blow your speakers by switching on the amplifier when volume is not at zero, or are modern amplifiers protected? thanks!
  3. Thanks for the replies. My eye fell on the R-28F because they were perfect for my price range and I read some good reviews. But I also read they are not the best. How would you compare the RP-260F to the R-28F? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a pair of Reference II R-28F. Would the Onkyo TX8150 be a good match for these speakers? I'm not interested in 5.1 or anything like that. And what exactly is underpowering? Do I run a risk if I would use speakers at a low volume? Thank you very much! Best regards, Ikon.
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