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  1. Correction I was wondering if K -48-k work as good as the original K-33 that’s in the la sala horns.
  2. Does anyone one of you Klipsch follows would know if the K -33 woofer would work or/ and perform well in the the la sala horns? I don’t see much differences in the specs from those to the K -48.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has used these K -33 speakers in a la sala cabinet and if that’s possible?
  4. Thx you guys. I think I'm going to use two 12" woofers per cabinet. And use mdf. And then veneer with cherrywood.
  5. Can anybody point me in the direction where I might find so plans to the La Scala speakers? I have in my shop some beautiful cherrywood that I would like to build a set of the La Scala out of.
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