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  1. On wall or book shelf ? Powered buy pre amp and 80w channel a700 emotiva amp Have limited space in Bar area need some good sounding and good looking book shelf speakers , Book shelves spks will have to be mounted on wall at ceiling height above back bar On walls can go ear level sitting at bar and look better but afraid of bass loss , add a sub ? bass from sub in other room through opening enough ? $ 400 .00 to $950.00 range
  2. looking for some rear surrounds and some book shelf speakers for another room found some RB-3 speakers are they any good
  3. The room next to it will have much larger amp 2 subs & Quartet mains and the sub will be right next to bar buy the step where it goes into that room , I should get some thump from that sub its only 2 feet from step and if still not enough base i will add another sub in the bar I will look for what you guys recommended and budget is about $ 500 to $800.00 Thanks
  4. I have a 12x 12 room that has a bar in it and one wall is open , has limited space and need some speakers that will dispurse and fill that room and also produce the most amount of base i can get without a sub , but want clean sound and will be powered buy a 80w per channel Emotiva A700 amp will have to mount up higher due to bar
  5. Need rear surround speakers for system , was thinking kg.5 or a new, klipschs , doe it matter to match with rears or can i use something newer , I have quartet mains and academy center and a sub limited to putting large speaker in rear , may will need to mount on wall or raise up on pedestals due to furniture blockage
  6. I just ordered a Marantz av8802a pre amp and Emotiva Xpa 5 gen 3 and a a700 amp , for 5.1 HT , 2channel audio . and multi zone audio I have klipschs Quartets for mains and academy center speaker now , and sub on order and possible add another sub later Looking for some good surround speakers to use to complete 5.1 , and I also herd there is some good 5.audio out there I have another set of huge tower speakers to use but with couch and other space limpets , had to remove , sound was getting blocked I need some thing more compact or that I can raise up on pedestals to get around objects I was thinking kg.5 are a good match but how do they sound and is there some thing newer , bigger that will match and sound better ? Thanks in advance
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