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  1. I'm give some trys tomarrow and I'll find the meter in morning and will continue the process of setting it manually and see if I can do it right
  2. I don't have meter. Used audyssey for that. I don't understand the sub has a different process? I need to add second sub I have 2 how do I connect it cause I'm need to sound test them so there equal
  3. That how it's set LPF FOR LFE 120hz and sub where u pointed arrow
  4. LFP For LFE is 120 All speakers small 60hz crossover Dynamic EQ off One sub gain 1/4 Will 80hz be even better? Hows that look I'm trying to add second sub. Will I need Y cable or use second sub output on receiver?
  5. So that moves the bass to towers more and makes the sub work less right
  6. Audyssey has them set there I haven't touched that yet what's turning them up do exactly. I'm learning by asking dumb questions
  7. Well as wvu80 would put it I hear the trumpets now I know what u ment. Honestly don't know what I did but this is how it's set LPF FOR LFE 80hz the sub is set past 120hz to the bottom marked LFE. Turned gain down 1/8 below halfway and have one sub on LFE. Dynamic EQ is on And I hear trumpets it's cranked up and the bass shakes the floors but doesn't make my ears hurt anymore maybe I went def past few days or I finally have it set right.
  8. Haven't decided dynamic EQ on or off and audyssey has me at large fronts small center and sides so I'm using LFE+main to get sub on.
  9. R12sw has LFE marked turned all the way up back of sub. While I had it at 80hz does it matter should I have it on 80hz or LFE?
  10. Thanks that LFE channel needs to be on from your sub. Think the 80hz might not be on the exclusive sub channel LFE I'll be testing it tomorrow maybe it still was on.
  11. I have sub between the tower and center only one hooked up and tons of bass all ready nothing formats 7.2 how can I optimize my second sub? Is there a trick to using two subs effectively or just put it on other side and produce the same signal?
  12. Does setting the sub matter I called denon thay said 80hz was good. The subs from factory set turned all the way up past 120hz to setting called LFE I moved it to 80hz myself I believe this is right?
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