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  1. Fortunately my wife is just as adamant about keeping people and things away from the speakers as I am.
  2. In the end my wife convinced me to keep the speakers, she loves them as much as I do...and when your wife says "don't sell the Klipsch's"...you listen. Not that I needed it, but it's just more proof that I made the right choice with respect to both. 😉 My sincerest apologies to BLange and I wish him the best of luck in his quest to complete his Palladium theater.
  3. I'll try to get some photo's up tomorrow when the light is better and will work on getting a price together as well, thank you all for your input thus far, it is appreciated.
  4. @ Absolve2525 Thank you! @MMurg Well, if someone else is looking for a matching front stage then that might work out nicely.
  5. I would have to do some research to see what they go for, I just wanted to take the temperature of the room to see if there would be any interest in (all of) them to help me decide if I really want to part with them. I'm certainly not looking for anyone to make offers or throw out a price, I know that's not how this forum works here, more just wanting to see if anyone pops their head up to say they might be in the market. If I do sell, I will post a price and more details very soon (next couple of days). Thanks!
  6. Greetings and Salutations, I'm considering selling my Palladium set up and I was wondering if there is any interest/appetite for them. My Wife and I absolutely love the sound and look of them, but we are looking to buy or build a smaller home and so I'm considering downsizing my HT setup or going completely in-wall with either KEF, Dali, or the new Focal Utopia in-wall line. My setup consists of the following (all Merlot finish)... Three (3) P38-F's floorstanders (I was originally going to have a matching sound stage across the front. That didn't work out so one of the three is completely un-used in its original carton). One (1) P27-C center channel. Two (2) P312-W subwoofers. (I also have a spare Amp, Driver, and Passive Radiator, all OEM, which would be included.) I have no kids, no pets, we don't smoke, and we only ever have time to use them on weekends so the speakers are all in absolutely amazing condition. All have their original boxes, packing materials, accessories, and even the Klipsch badges are still in place, the badges on the towers are good as new, and the badge on the center is very good (pic added below). One of the P38's was only ever taken out of its carton for inspection when it was first delivered, since then it has rested comfortable in its box. I would only be interested in selling if I could move everything, so I would only part it out if I had buyers for all pieces. I also have a pair of CDT-5800-C II's that would be available as well as a Marantz SR6006 and an older Rotel amp (don't recall the model but it's 100x5@8ohms and 200x5@4ohms)...figured I would mention these pieces too at the same time. Again, just trying to see if there if there's enough interest to be worth selling them, and I would probably be asking close to market value for them based on the condition and current rarity. Oh, and I should also mention I'm located in South Jersey, roughly 40 minutes outside of center city Philadelphia, and would prefer not to ship. So for price, I'm looking for... P38F's - $9,000 (for all three) P27C - $2000 P312W's - $4000 (includes all spare parts...would like to see these go together as it makes distributing the parts easier) So that's $15K for all of it and I'll throw in the pair of CDT-5800-C II's if someone takes all of it. The Marantz receiver and Rotel amp could be negotiable too if it sweetens the deal any. As I said earlier, I'd only part things out if I had buyers for everything (does me no good to be stuck with a single P38 or Sub). Additional pics, or video of them playing are available upon request. Regards, BlueJester
  7. I believe the S/N on my 38's was located on the bottom of the metal base plate, though I'm not 100% on that. Might be worth checking just to be sure (if you haven't already).
  8. Hey Youthman, which Sound Advice did you visit? My Father-In-Law lived in the Orlando area for a many years and frequented the store there. So much so that he became very good friends with one of the salesmen. My first real exposure to Klipsch (beyond whatever was setup on the floor at Best Buy) was with the RF-7ii's and P39-F's at the Sound Advice in Ft Lauderdale. We started with the RF-7ii's and were blown away by the crispness and clarity of them. My wife normally to boost the treble when listening to music (we attribute it her to being up front right near the PA system at countless rock and metal shows growing up), and the immediacy, brightness and detail of those horns grabbed her attention (and mine) right away. We were fans instantly and both said that our next set of speakers should be Klipsch. As much as we liked the RF-7ii's, we did find them a little fatiguing after a while (the room they were in probably contributed to this) and so we moved on to listen to the speakers I really went there to hear (but didn't think we could afford), the Palladiums. We went into the theater room with the P-39's, put on Gino Vanelli's Put the Weight on My Shoulders off of his The Best & Beyond CD, and my wife literally started crying. The sound coming out of those speakers was so pure, smooth and rich, it sounded like he was right there, in that room, singing in front of us. We both decided right there that the Klipsch Palladiums were the speakers we really wanted. We spent the next hour+ going through the stack of CD's we brought with us and never felt the slightest bit of fatigue (and we played stuff loud). The music was crisp, detailed and effortless. The midrange was the smoothest I have ever heard, and the bass they put out was unreal (I must have gotten up at least a half dozen times to put my hand on all of the subs in the room to make sure they weren't on). Fast forward a couple of years to the Palladium line being discontinued and we jumped on the discounted prices. We almost sprang for the 39's, but in the end we decided our living room was too small to be able to push them to their full potential, so we opted for a pair of 38's and a pair of the matching subs instead. Aside from the aesthetics of having that full boat tail figure and the satisfaction of having the "flagship" in the line, I can't say there's anything the 39's could offer that the 38's can't also deliver in our particular home. I grin ear to ear every time I walk through our living room and see them, and smile until my face hurts when I listen to them. I've been a klipsch owner for less than a year, but I can already tell that I'm going to be a Klipsch lifer.
  9. Could be a ground loop problem, do you have all of your components plugged into the same power strip/wall socket? Also, do you have a cable set top box in your setup? I recently had a similar problem and an isolation transformer for my cable line has largely cleared it up. I'm no expert though, I'm sure others will chime in with more/better ideas.
  10. Oh man, that is completely unacceptable. What finish was it? Hopefully the factory will be able to dig up a replacement cab for it. If it were me, I would be contacting Klipsch directly and asking them to step in, take possession of the sub and take over the repairs themselves to ensure it comes back to you in factory fresh condition. I wish you the best of luck and hope it gets resolved quickly and correctly for you.
  11. Hey zdude, I can't comment on the current value of the speakers as there are others far more in the know, but I would be interested in the RS-7's if you decide to sell and would be willing to ship. Thanks, Jester
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