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  1. What I Got Today!

    I play the drums (for 55 years); I only dabble in keyboards. I studied music in high school and college; and along with harmony, theory, arranging, sight-singing, orchestra, band, music history, etc., I also took a keyboard class, so I learned basic technique. But it's been 45 years since I had to put most of it into practice, so I'm kind of back to square one. But it's like it was when I was first learning drums: even the simple things are a challenge, so there's a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I make progress. And it keeps the brain from calcifying.
  2. What I Got Today!

    It's more fun than a fat, bald, cranky old man should be allowed to have!
  3. What I Got Today!

    Got a new cabinet for my synthesizer. Upped the bitchin-ness quotient by about 1000%!
  4. World Series

    The main reason for replacing a ball that has dirt on it is safety. The ball has to be visible to the batter so he can avoid it if it's coming right at him. A 100-MPH fastball takes less than one second to make the 60.5-foot journey to home plate. (My calculator says only about 4/10ths of a second.) If the ball has dirt on it, it's even more difficult for the batter to see it as it exits the pitcher's hand, and it's impossible for the batter to get out of the way if it's heading straight for his head. (Goose Gossage hit Ron Cey on his batting helmet with a 98-MPH fastball in the 1981 World Series and Cey dropped like a marionette that had all it's strings cut at once.) The batter is trying to see that ball against a varied background that makes it even tougher for him. The reason the seating area behind the outfield fence in Dodger Stadium that's directly behind center field is covered in black fabric is to make it a bit easier for batters to see the ball. For decades, instead of black fabric there were patrons sitting there, and the varied background they created made it especially difficult for batters to hit (and avoid being hit). Some truly great baseball was played in this year's World Series. The Dodger hitters didn't make adjustments during game 7, kept swinging for the fences and left 10 on base. That gave the series to the Astros. All we had to do was score a couple in the first (when we left the bases loaded) and it's a completely different game. We'll be back in it next year...
  5. Let's Go Yankees.....

    One down, three to go...
  6. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Starts in 2 hours. GO DODGERS!!!!!
  7. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Yeah, they stopped that when fans started using them in fights. Now they give coupons for a bat. They even discontinued ball day at Dodger stadium after the crowd got so mad at an ump's call they started throwing their baseballs onto the field, and the umps made the Dodgers forfeit the game due to safety concerns for the umps and visiting players. That's why we can never have anything nice...
  8. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Yeah, and don't forget that before the 1920s Ruth was also a pitcher!
  9. Let's Go Yankees.....

    And of course, I am the result of a completely different set of childhood baseball experiences. My father was an expatriate from Brooklyn, and my first memory as a human being is being 3 years old and sitting on our living room floor next to him, watching as Johnny Podres pitched the Brooklyn Dodgers to a win (over the Yankees) in the 7th game of the 1955 World Series. I spent the 1960s following the exploits of Koufax, Drysdale, Wills, the Davis boys and many others. I remember the Dodgers sweeping the Yankees in 1963 (limiting the Yanks to 4 runs over the entire 4 games), which was one of the last sweet events to happen before Camelot came crashing down on November 22nd. I also remember Marachal hitting Roseboro on the head with his bat during the summer of 1965, and Koufax running towards the plate with his left arm (his pitching arm) outstretched. In spite of the Marachal/Roseboro incident (for which Roseboro publicly forgave Marachal, helping him to be elected into the Hall of Fame), I must admit that I don't reciprocate BigStweMan's and joshnich's Dodgers/Giants rivalry hatred. My true baseball enemy is the Yankees, a hatred born of watching them beat the Dodgers two years running ('77 and '78). I went to games at Dodger Stadium in each of those series (we lost the game in '77 and won the game in '78). Reggie Jackson hitting those 3 homers in game 6 in '77 (and holding up 3 fingers to the TV camera) sealed the deal on my hatred. 1981 was only partial revenge, since that season was split in two by the players strike, which gives it an asterisk in my book. So even though I'll thoroughly enjoy beating Houston this week, I still want ultimate revenge by beating the Yankees in the World Series after a regular season. Oh, and during the dozens of games I've attended at Dodger Stadium, I've never ever left before the final out.
  10. Let's Go Yankees.....

    I agree with you (and with Vin Scully) on that one. #24 was the best all-around player ever.
  11. Vintage Klipsch / Heritage

    Your avatar makes me feel better...
  12. The Wussification

    Not Skype — then I'd have to wear pants...
  13. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Houston, New York, doesn't matter— Dodgers in 5. Would've been sweeter to embarrass the Yankees, but the Astros will do just fine.
  14. So I'm curious: What did the OP decide to do and how well did it work?
  15. Calling All Musicians

    I've made studio equipment purchases worth thousands of dollars from Sweetwater and they've been outstanding to work with. I recommend them 100% without reservation.