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  1. This is it Guys

    Work is indeed overrated, but the money you receive in exchange for it is not. Congrats on having enough of the latter to be able to discontinue performing the former.
  2. Meaningful music

    As a listener of music, music's greatest power is its ability to allow me to travel through time: Back to where and who I was when I first made a lifelong emotional connection with a given piece of music, Back to the time and place the musicians were when they were creating music that was captured live and in-the-moment, Ahead to times and places not yet imagined, when I let myself be carried away by music's spell, or simply to any time and any place that are not right here and right now. Music's other great power for us as listeners is that it can provide a direct emotional pathway between us and other people whom we've never met, from performers on the other side of the world to composers who are centuries dead. Music has the power to allow us to share these people's inner thoughts and feelings; to allow us to experience life through their eyes, ears and flesh. As a player of music, music's greatest power is it's ability to let me express feelings and thoughts that I cannot express in any other way. Had I not made such a powerful connection with a musical instrument when I was 10 years old, I can't imagine that my life would have been as meaningful for me as it has been for the past 55 years.
  3. The last Blu-ray you watched.

    My new favorite Christmas movie.
  4. Best US music city

    New Orleans. Without New Orleans's contributions to American music starting around 110 years ago you'd all still be listening to polkas...
  5. Yes

    What year was that?
  6. Yes

    First time I saw Yes was in 1971, at the Whiskey Au Go Go on the Sunset Strip. They were touring in support of Fragile. The opening act was Mary Wells (yes, the Mary Wells who sang "My Guy"). The second time I saw them was in 1972 at the Forum, when they were touring in support of Close To The Edge. (Bill Bruford had just quit to join King Crimson and Alan White was Yes's brand-new drummer — he barely had time to learn the songs and arrangements before the tour started.) The opening act was Poco. The third time I saw them was in 1999 at the Gibson (nee Universal) Amphitheater, when they were touring in support of their retirement accounts. The opening act was The Alan Parsons Project.
  7. Four out of Six Nominees-Not Bad

    Yes, in 1992 (the first year he was eligible). Wake up, Thebes, it's time for your medication.
  8. The Beatles changed the world. Period. None of the other musicians mentioned anywhere in this thread's 11 pages did that. None.
  9. What I Got Today!

    I play the drums (for 55 years); I only dabble in keyboards. I studied music in high school and college; and along with harmony, theory, arranging, sight-singing, orchestra, band, music history, etc., I also took a keyboard class, so I learned basic technique. But it's been 45 years since I had to put most of it into practice, so I'm kind of back to square one. But it's like it was when I was first learning drums: even the simple things are a challenge, so there's a wonderful sense of accomplishment when I make progress. And it keeps the brain from calcifying.
  10. What I Got Today!

    It's more fun than a fat, bald, cranky old man should be allowed to have!
  11. What I Got Today!

    Got a new cabinet for my synthesizer. Upped the bitchin-ness quotient by about 1000%!
  12. World Series

    The main reason for replacing a ball that has dirt on it is safety. The ball has to be visible to the batter so he can avoid it if it's coming right at him. A 100-MPH fastball takes less than one second to make the 60.5-foot journey to home plate. (My calculator says only about 4/10ths of a second.) If the ball has dirt on it, it's even more difficult for the batter to see it as it exits the pitcher's hand, and it's impossible for the batter to get out of the way if it's heading straight for his head. (Goose Gossage hit Ron Cey on his batting helmet with a 98-MPH fastball in the 1981 World Series and Cey dropped like a marionette that had all it's strings cut at once.) The batter is trying to see that ball against a varied background that makes it even tougher for him. The reason the seating area behind the outfield fence in Dodger Stadium that's directly behind center field is covered in black fabric is to make it a bit easier for batters to see the ball. For decades, instead of black fabric there were patrons sitting there, and the varied background they created made it especially difficult for batters to hit (and avoid being hit). Some truly great baseball was played in this year's World Series. The Dodger hitters didn't make adjustments during game 7, kept swinging for the fences and left 10 on base. That gave the series to the Astros. All we had to do was score a couple in the first (when we left the bases loaded) and it's a completely different game. We'll be back in it next year...
  13. Let's Go Yankees.....

    One down, three to go...
  14. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Starts in 2 hours. GO DODGERS!!!!!
  15. Let's Go Yankees.....

    Yeah, they stopped that when fans started using them in fights. Now they give coupons for a bat. They even discontinued ball day at Dodger stadium after the crowd got so mad at an ump's call they started throwing their baseballs onto the field, and the umps made the Dodgers forfeit the game due to safety concerns for the umps and visiting players. That's why we can never have anything nice...