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  1. Do woofers wear out? If mine are still in decent shape, although 20 years old, is it worth the effort to replace them? I’ve already done the Crites xover and tweets...
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I've finally gotten everything to where I want it for now. Installed Crites crossovers and titanium tweets in the klf-30s, and found a klf-c7 to go with them. I'll do the Crites upgrade on it also soon. I was surprised at the sound diff between the C7 and the ksf-c5 I was using for a center. It's a totally different kind of sound, and seems to blend in much better. I'm now looking for a second set of ksp-s6 to be far rear surrounds as supported by the Yamaha receiver. Thanks again!
  3. I just read about Bob Crites last night, and am considering doing the replacements both on the KLF-30s and a KLF C7 when I find it. Are those the replacements you're referring to, or is there more than one source for these upgrades? Thanks!
  4. I've thought about doing this also, but unless I'm missing something I'd still need to add a second amp to get up to 9 channels of sound. Any suggestions on a complementary amp to power atmos and rear speakers? My problem is that I don't know enough about what's good, and would be a great match to the RX-Z9. Or is it really that critical for the atmosphere speakers, and any decent amp would work?
  5. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. Darn site didn't send me an email that anyone had replied, and it just dawned on me that I should come check...
  6. Hi, tried searching the forums, but not having much luck. My speakers are almost 20 years old, I have KLF-30 fronts, KSF-C5 center and KSP-S6 rears. All driven by a Yamaha RX-Z9. I'm starting to look at new receivers to gain some of the new features from the past 10 years. As part of this, I started wondering about my speakers and how well they're matched up, and my gut says that my center isn't a good match. Given that the KLFs are almost 20 years old, is there a center in the current lineup that would be a great sonic match? Since I'll end up buying ATMOS speakers as part of the upgrade, I'm also open to changing my existing center/rears. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!
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