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  1. 37scoop

    Yamaha YPAO setting with Forte ll.

    Great set-up. You obviously made the furniture/stands as needed. Room looks very nice. Must be amazing to settle in, close the drapes and listen. We grabbed ourselves a 65" Sony for Christmas that were enjoying hugely. Great for 4K movies and we cant wait for expanded 4K broadcast (especially football) to become more available. I'll find room elsewhere in the house for the Klipsch set-up if and/or when the time comes so I'm not too concerned.
  2. 37scoop

    Yamaha YPAO setting with Forte ll.

    Thanks for your reply dtel. I'll tried the large setting last night for the first time with a 4K sic-fi movie with lots of low end. I could hear the silverware rattling in my kitchen. Regarding your center selection, for a while I was using a Quartet on it's side. I had it in use for a few months before I decided it was just way too big (my HT is in my living room). I switched back to the Academy center and dont really notice the difference. In my next life I'll use it again in a room where the aesthetics dont matter. My wife would be happy if I got rid of the Forte's all together because of their size. I have them on stands that put the mid horn at ear level and it makes a difference. Unfortunately, it also makes them appear huge. Not sure I'll win that battle in the long run.
  3. I've been playing around with the options and would like to know from those who have been down this road. Forte ll LR. Academy center. SVS PB200 sub. Yamaha RX A1070. Am going back and forth with YPAO settings and finding it tough mostly because I cant A/B it quickly enough to compare. Have received advice from both Yamaha and SVS. I'm throwing it out to you. Option 1: Set LRC to large and add "extra bass". This extends bass settings from the fronts to the sub and allows me to utilize the low end of the Forte lls while allowing the sub to join in. Option 2: Set LRF to small, set the crossover (recommended 80) and cancel the "extra bass" option on the receiver, thereby sending low at that set point to the sub only. I'm in the process of trying it out now but wanted to hear from anyone who's gone before me. Thanks.
  4. 37scoop

    Quartet as center for Forte lls

    Quartet was in great shape. Coincidentally the veneer matched my F2s. Will be setting it up this week.
  5. 37scoop

    Short stands for Forte?

    Just returning to this. Raising it to get the mid horns at ear level. I'll actually need to raise it about 8". Good to know about the issues with a cavity underneath. I've been using a pair of solid blocks and the height really helps with imaging. I'm now on a quest to find something that doesnt look like it belongs in a dorm room. Thanks for the replies.
  6. 37scoop

    Quartet as center for Forte lls

    Thanks for the replies. I am driving a distance to check out a quartet at the end of the week so I'm trying to rationalize the road trip. He's the original owner and I'm hoping I wont be disappointed in the condition. Represented as in great shape.
  7. Right now I'm running an academy center between Forte lls and am curious about a quartet center given the mid horn is identical. Anyone with this set-up? Also, any serious sound issues and/or advice with the quartet on it's side as my center? Thanks.
  8. I'm about to own a pair of Forte lls for HT use and I'll need to raise them 3-5". They have the stock risers. Anyone have any recommendations? Am also wondering how well foam monitor isolation wedges might work as an option. The Foam Factory has a selection that (as described) would accomodate the size and weight of the Forte but have a 4 degree tilt. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  9. 37scoop

    KV-4 center question with Heritage

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it. My initial search showed the KV-4 was made for the and CF line as was pointed out here but there were a handful of posts suggesting they also fit with the Heritage. Seemed dubious.
  10. This was asked a few years back on this site without a solid answer so I'm bringing it back to life. I'm assembling a Heritage HT front set-up and have heard the KV-4 can work as a pretty good matching center between two Forte's or Chorus. Does anyone have any experience with this set-up? I have an Academy but am always looking to expand. Thanks for any help.
  11. 37scoop

    Chorus 1s for home theatre fronts

    Dug up an old sony AVR to take along if this goes through. Feels weird lugging speaker wires and an amp to check them out but who knows, they may be great. Not sure how to judge an FM signal and I'll be damned if I'll also lug a DVD payer as well. Recently bought an Academy from a guy who took the time to set them up in his home theatre room (he had a pair). I was able to play several DVDs through them under the best listening conditions. The circumstances with these Chorus speakers are not quite as perfect.
  12. 37scoop

    Chorus 1s for home theatre fronts

    Thanks for your replies. I'll check them out. According to the seller, they are not able to be hooked up for a listen so I'm hard pressed to figure out a way to hear them.
  13. I've recently added an Academy center to my KG4s with Crites upgrades and just today am now negotiating for a pair of Chorus1s, stock for L/R front. Aware of Chorus ii improvements but am getting a good price under $350.00. Will I be disappointed? Cannot place in corners but maybe a foot from the rear wall. 20x20 room. SVS sub. Yamaha HT amp. Mostly HT. Some music of all varieties. And will likely upgrade with Crites in stages. Should I hold out for Cii's or even Forte ii's? It's a 5.1 set-up.
  14. 37scoop

    Center advice for KG 4 fronts

    Have reconditioned KG 4 fronts thru Crites and am using a KG 2.5 center calibrated with YPAO. Not bad but am curious about matching with newer center (all brands considered) or a Klipsch Academy Center (several available thru this forum as well as the Bay). Anyone had success matching a newer center and can recommend it? And would I appreciate an Academy over a KG 2.5? Have tried a KV-2 but liked the KG-2.5 better. Thanks.