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  1. Correct. New location for wires. I had requested it early and it appears I'm not alone so they made the change. I'm very happy with the change as I have little fingers in my house and was afraid that they would grab the terminals and the wire inside. Very nice change.
  2. Got to admit those are the best clones I've seen to date. Good job. Would love to see some Sweeps once you get them all tucked in tight for benchmark comparison.
  3. I'd say never say never. While I'm sure the cost is much higher do to the increased labor, once they do more it would become more routine. This could always be an option. It may be a very expensive upgrade, one that most would never choose, but sure why not. If klipsch could sell more, turn a profit I see no reason not to.
  4. . Double post
  5. WAF wins all, just thankful they have Cherry and I'm not stuck with zebra.
  6. That additional top would lead me to believe these are not klipsch, but DIY? There was only one mahgony pair and they don't seem to look like this.
  7. Good to know, thanks for sharing.
  8. Good idea, I actually I started a thread here a few weeks ago to find horn loaded sub that would compliment the jubilee and decided on the lil wrecker. (This helped pass time during the initial delay) Really would prefer to hear them first to see if I feel that a subwoofer is needed or if I'm going to hold off until we move again. If I find out they are delayed again I have something else in mind and would change and not do a tapped horn as for what I have in mind, I would need a bit more upper extension.
  9. I'm hoping so. The sooner they arrive the less I read on DIY. ( I have a lot of woodworking tools as well to aid in that temptation) Jubes do command a price point that go a looooong way with DIY. I've made my decision to buy Jubes from a long way back, however if I hear of another 1 week build start day I'm going to be honest and consider other options. Its not not just me but my wife is in this and when one has to explain the funds detracted from the account, in addition to watching movies using the TV as the sound source, having to explain the further delay, funds spent does NOT make for a pleasant experience. Especially when klipsch relayed they will start the week of xx, previous week, this week, next week. And they still haven't even started. Im trying to keep my cool, but I won't lie I REALLY wanted to jam and movie with the wife tonight. I'm told it's worth the wait, I've done the research and read A LOT, but have yet to read about anyone that waited this long and still no solid answer.
  10. It's ok, just hope Im first. Im for taking time, but keep in mind I ordered in the beginning of January and notified them I will be available for delivery Feb 20. So they could have started and held on to them, if finished early. However, we are now middle of March and they haven't even been started..... Next week is the "planned" start date. If they finish them within the week and then figure delivery, that puts me at almost 4 months wait. This is why my patience is about up. At this point, while there may be incoming orders, they should have made the decision to just get mine done and shipped then combine the bulk order that came in this month. While this may be convenient for them and save costs, it is at the risk of upsetting a long time customer. I'm guessing the recent threads and wealth of knowledge that has been continually shared from existing owners. Im hopeful this becomes a continued trend and that Klipsch irons out its building process.
  11. I keep hearing this, while I did push back my build, by a few weeks, this isn't the first time klipsch has informed my dealer of another week delay for my build. I'm normally a fairly patient person, but if I hear they will be pushed back again, my buying experience along with my patience is deteriorating.
  12. So your the $"""***!!!<€~£ that pushed my jubilee build back another week. I got word they are building several all at once with the incoming orders. So mine got delayed again............ but congrats, will be happy to have more around.
  13. That's a bit of a drive, but some day I'd love to come. It's on the list.
  14. Haha I hope that nickname doesn't stick! My poor mailman. Every time he delivers, he sees me at the window like.....