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  1. Chris is correct. Info relayed to me when I ordered mine. K-691 is now the shipped driver.
  2. Yes, though since I have a rack and like to do all adjustments there I really would prefer to not use a plate amp. Give me your K2! Its old and you really don't need it anymore Good to know of the fans. Thank you for clarifying, this is the info I was looking for. It looks like I have quite a few options. If I'm not able to find a fanless, I may lean towards the 2502 crown or something along those lines. I would probably opt for a DSP in that case, even if its not used to have an amp that can be more flexible if I choose so in the future. Correct, allows me to save on the mini dsp if I get an amp without one.
  3. Thank you for clarifying. Will have to look more to see what fan-less amps are available that have those capabilities. Would prefer to keep any noise out of the line and be class D if possible. If I go down this road, I may have to cave on the fan option. Guess will see.
  4. Congrats! Looking foward to reading more about them!
  5. I plan to play with the Jubilees for awhile before I'd decide on getting a subwoofer for sure. I understand the crossover filters for each point of the system, however I dont understand what happens when you go below an amp rating. Sorry, I should have clarified my question, when using the crossover as the DSP, the Amp for the subwoofer would receive below 20hz (for subs), however the amps all above have a rating of 20hz>20khz. In this instance, what will the amp do for the subsonic material that is rated below that? I've seen several horn builds over on AVS and many are using the inukes which have the rating above, so I'm assuming the amp will still push the lower signal? Or is there some sort of passthrough on the back or in the settings of an amp to allow it to either ignore the DSP or push all signals. Been trying to search for awhile on this, but can't seem to get an answer that makes sense in my head. Hope this makes sense for you hah!
  6. Since most amps are rated no lower than 20hz do they have a bypass typically on the filters? I'd plan to have the DC-one active crossover set them. Assuming this I wouldn't need a dsp. Or do you have to buy an amp that is rated lower?
  7. Thank you!
  8. Not sure where to post, so the lounge it goes. While we were out traveling my wife bought a new Karaoke (KTV) machine that will hookup to our speakers. I have literally no knowledge of how these things go together so hopefully someone can help me out. Its a touch screen that comes with all the songs preloaded, can also download more later on. (Looks as pictured). It has HDMI out that should go to the TV and RCA/White audio out. I have attached the configuration as I imagine it in my head. Would start with if this looks correct? In addition, since I'm using a mixer, do these things just combine all of the audio signals that are inputed aka mix? (sorry for the dumb question). I'm looking at getting a 4 Mic wireless receiver that will connect with the mixer, in combination with the two (left/right) inputs from the Karaoke machine, I believe that would make 6 inputs. Though I'm not sure what type of mixer I should get. This will only be used in a home setting, so I'm wondering if I should just get a mono mixer or a stereo mixer. Would prefer to have it rack mountable, open to suggestions. (Wireless Mics) (Mixer) {Open to suggestions this one is mono - would prefer to price $150 or below} Thank you in advance,
  9. While a lot of bands use direct radiators I'm wondering if it's also a choice by their sound guy or selves to not have to lug a 300 pound cabinet around or several. Im on mobile right now so I can't see sigs. Can you share what horns you have and pairing them with?
  10. Yes I have spent a lot of time there. Prices pushed me towards horn loaded. A lot of the 18s that rumble down below the 20hz range start at around $2k. The cheaper ones tend to be drivers from 6 years ago with comments of them being "boomy" which is something I'd avoid. Im fortunate that I don't need a wide bandwidth until the bass bin takes over. Only needing that sub 20hz until 30hz ish where ever it seems best to crossover. Just happy I went active since I can easily play in this area. The smaller footprint is always a huge plus, thankfully I'm not entirely limited on space and leaning towards the littlewrecker should be fine. While a flat eq is what is most desired, when I get closer to a decision I'm hopeful I can hear a few of these prior to purchase or build. I'm not sure how to explain as data may not back up, which one sounds more musical. I'm currently bound to everyone's opinions in this area. Thankfully there are quite a few posts of khorn owners and what they use for subwoofers. Reading through these threads, the majority of the users are using horn loaded and very happy with their decision. Now being objective, most people already prefer their own system more than someone else's, so they tend to always post what they have and recommend it. I'm also not sure how many of these owners experimented with box enclosures, which would be nice to read on. In addition some of these threads need the cobwebs dusted off, as driver technology has improved considerably in even the past few years. This reason alone is what led me to wanting an IB solution and when we do move another few years I can't wait to try something like that out without having neighbors nearby to complain.
  11. One nice benefit of having a horn load, outside of sound is I have a destructive little one. I know that if he saw a big ol 18 woofer sitting in a box it would have dents and holes before I know it. I'm sure I could fit grills, but just a thought. Going horn, I would probably push towards having a rack amp, I'm liking the K2, since its fanless, are there any other offerings currently available that do not have fans?
  12. At his point, it will only be one subwoofer. This is a requirement, as I just do not have room for another. Thankfully I'm somewhat flexible on size. I can say with the current music list I have, my previous SVS Ultra 13 did quite a bit of work in the 20hz spectrum.
  13. Many goals are unrealistic, thats the idea of making it a goal and not a requirement I'm looking at the extension beyond what the Jubilees are capable of. I'm fully aware that most music cuts off above 30ish hz. I listed before that I do listen to music that dives deeper than that. I'm also 60% music 40% movies. Almost every action movie could benefit from having the lower spectrum I'm looking.
  14. Is there any other that goes lower that is the same size other than the THT or the lilwrecker?
  15. Does bill have any sweeps for the tuba ht that go from 10hz on? Only have found the 20hz and appears to drop quite quickly and can't tell from the lower end. This is the one I've found from lilwrecker.