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  1. What’s this little guy? Looks like a 1U D75 amp? Can you share a little more on this piece?
  2. Correct. Roys settings allow for a minor DB bump on the output, which I did not touch. Bumping the input didn't increase noise floor and allowed me to adjust the gain all the way down on the amps. Win win! Learned something new as well on the Xilica. What amps are you using on yours?
  3. We are probably talking different things. On the Mixer, choosing the channel that goes to the output is adjustable and the max is 0. On the input the max is 15DB. I opened a blank XConsole to screen shot. ( For new Jube owners do not use these values as a reference)
  4. Great analogy. Tuned plenty of carbs in my past. I got the gains tuned the way I like it. I prefer to keep the gain as low as possible so the speakers are as quiet as possible when nothing is played. It also allows for a lot more volume control on the Prepro Marantz. Now I can go 80 and its beyond me wanting to be in the room. I dont need to go 98, as the higher voltage then puts the Marantz in distortion territory. I have a DC-One still sitting here and it has the same ability as the Xilica, just different menus. As I didnt use any gain on my D75a this was a new option on the Xilica I previously didn't know anything about or used. I've heard nothing but good things about the cleanbox and would have considered this as a first option if I couldn't bump up my levels. I never had a DX-38, but compared to the electrovoice DC-ONE the Xilica seems to have a lot more options. More PEQ values, EQ values. It has more Outputs as well and the software is much easier to navigate. I did not notice any difference in sound from the two and got the Xilica for the sole purpose of having another output for future horn subwoofer. Is that the person that built "The Duke"? I had considered having a person repair them, but personally I feel I'm going to continue to have this issue down the road, as the amplifier is 20 years old. I just want things to work and chose new for the time being. He wanted to add peq values to your DSP on the amp or on the DX-38? Assuming you are using the 1002 on the bass bins and what are you using on the horns?
  5. Well learned something new again. Babadono was correct. The input was too low on the Xilica. The Marantz can put out 2.4V but the Crown XLS amps would need their gains near maxed to achieve their max output. I bumped this up to +15 gain, which is maxed on all channels and was able to back the crown xls gain all the way down to about 40%. Backing the gain down, I was able to get the horns to quiet down a lot. I was able to hear the airiness to within 6' of the mouth. I used the kid and he was able to hear it at 8'. I turned the amps on and off to see his accuracy. He has better hearing for sure. I then swapped in my D75a and I had to stand directly in front of the horn to hear it. Kid said he could hear it at 3'. The D75a is noticeably more quiet. I will say the airiness is pure and sounds more as someone barely blowing warm air on their hand and not the usual snake hiss. I've had the snake hiss on my RF7 which is rather unpleasant, the airiness does not bother me, which is the most important factor. Now onto listening. Take this with a complete grain of salt, as this is not measured and I personally despise audio talk without measurements to back it up. So on that note I will say the D75a, even though it is solid state has a noticeable amount of character or rather color in its tone. Here is what I did. I matched the SPL levels by using the input level on the Xilica. I then put on a 2 hour Gregorian chant. (My neighbors are probably wondering when the goat sacrifice is) I then grabbed a 25' long USB cable and from my listening muted Left, then Right inputs on the Xilica. Back and forth I switched them to discern the difference. The nice thing about using this tune is there is continuous vocals and they always seem to be at the right pitch to discern any differences. As its repeated it's quite easy to tell differences. What I did then was open up the GEQ and applied some EQ to the Crown XLS side. Switching it up, I was able to get very close after only about 20 minutes of listening. I will continue to dial them in for the time being. I'm a bit undecided on putting an EQ on things as it flavors the music and I've always tried to keep things pure, however the D75a has a coloration to it so maybe all along I've believed it was neutral, when it wasn't. So my thoughts now are that the Crown XLS is as flat, neutral as it comes. It seems pulled back and honestly boring. Which I see as a good thing for those that absolutely do not want to change their sound signature from upstream devices. It has really challenged my belief and will take some time to digest. Much like people that have very strong political views, change isn't something that happens overnight. All in all I will say for those starting out, the D75a is an absolute hell of an amplifier for the price and pairing with Jubes. If mine weren't all failing in some way or another, or if I could buy a brand new one with all brand new capacitors across the board, new pots and silicon I'd have one in my hands tomorrow. For now I will continue to dial in the XLS 1502. I've left the PEQ alone and just playing with GEQ to get the lower end up a bit as well as a few bumps midrange. I'm getting a lot more limiters lit up and I'm getting a LOT more slam now. Enough that I went outside to ensure it wasn't too loud going to the adjacent property. It's too early to tell on what I will do with the K402. If I'm not happy after all this, I will probably start considering tubes, as maybe I do prefer a little coloring to my music. Thanks again to Chris and Babadono for the help. Hopefully as this thread/journey continues it will help others as well. PS. Goat goes down at 7:00PM
  6. I plan to do this early afternoon. That was when I was initially setting it up. Nothing is muted. I sent my file to Chris and screenshots for him to take a look at. He already replied that everything looks normal. Attached are some screen grabs from my xilica. I have not touched the GEQ (input EQ). You can see all that per each channel each input is set to 0, which is max. My gain on the amps is 75% to max at 1.4V. Xilica shows all meters green 1-2 bars when playing music. However, on the amps I'm only seeing one green bar when I have the volume at 90% output on the Marantz receiver, which I would think I would see those limiters a lot higher on the amps and is why I was thinking the amps weren't getting enough input volts. I'm currently taking a look at the dynamic controls on my Marantz as on AVS forum I saw a writeup on how it can affect output voltage. Getting things crossed off on what it isn't, which is good. It just seems so flat and that I have zero slam on the lower end, which the D75a could do.
  7. Not stupid at all. I described that in my notes. They are at 75% as they are the gain controls.
  8. And the journey continues...... So tonight I got the 3 crown XLS 1502 installed and up and running to power my LCR Jubilees and it was a bit of a letdown. However, it's probably something I need to do or didn't do. Random dialog with bits and pieces that will hopefully make a few pennies at the end. I have low power.... and/or I'm finally going deaf.... Where I'm at. I still have the Marantz 7703, it is a pre-pro, not amplified. It is designed for the 1.4V and I believe can max at 2.5V. Volume goes from 1-98. There does not appear to be a switch, as the RCA is .775 and the XLR is 1.4V. I am using full XLR. This issue is found across the board from access my NAS, Movies, Airplay. Still using the Xilica, I've rechecked and have the channels at max DB on the presets (mixer column) with the correct PEQ, crossovers etc. I have not touched the GEQ inputs and they are all still at 0. (I did have to reprogram from the beginning a few days ago as I lost all of my settings and presets) All amplifiers are set on the 1.4V. They are set as stereo for each channel and I'm sitting at 75% gain. I have not tried to play music at the .775 setting, however when I switched one over, the compression driver had snakes coming from it that were about 15' long. Wires all marked correctly triple checked. Nothing changed from before. Full XLR no RCA. Speaker wires standard 12awg. XLR Distances less than 6'. Speaker wire distances do not exceed 25'. So, I've been using D75a amps for a long time now and still love that little amp, but felt it was time to get a little more power. It seems that the Crown XLS1502 would fill that niche for awhile. I would run the D75a at 50 percent gain and I could get to about 60 on Marantz volume pot before the red lights said to back off. Now this was loud. If I could get 25% more out of these amps Id keep them and be happy, but I want a little more. With the new XLS 1502, it shouldn't even be a contest on how much more power is available. Something just doesn't add up though. I'm sitting at the gain I posted above and at 90 on the volume, it comparable to my previous D75a at 60. Also at that high of gain I have an audible airyness from the compression driver. No hum , but it is noticeable at 6'. At 10' it goes away. I've turned off both the Marantz and the Xilica and unfortunately, there is zero change on the audible airy hiss. This is evident on all 3 amps on all 3 Jubilees. Thankfully my listening position, you cannot hear it. If it was an upstream issue, a cleanbox could solve this and may still be needed if the voltage is the issue. It just seems like when I have them going, it feels like something is holding them back. Much like my first experience where one of my channels wasn't up and I got beamed by a horn. (Oh yes, for those that remember. When I turned the power on everything was turned way down and I was still weak in the knees) I wouldn't call it muffled sound, but it just feels that way. The D75a is not forward, but its just right there. Also has no hiss at all. There it is. I'm perplexed. But I've come to think it was possibly a setting in the xilica that I forgot to reprogram or that my Marantz couldn't adequately push the full 1.4v to these amps. Which a cleanbox can potentially do. Before I get into trouble I figured I'd post and see what other owners think. Maybe its an outlier I'm just not seeing. I was thinking of bumping up all the GEQ inputs as well, but I'm not sure if that layered approach would be good. Or am I finally going deaf?
  9. Agree completely, sadly is often the case with YouTube reviewers. I really appreciate reviewers (project farm, AVE) that solely do patrion and don’t shill for companies or even YouTube views. One thing I wish someone from this forum would do is a really detailed and in-depth discussion of their Jubilees. Discuss the whole process top to bottom, what goes into installing them and then finally an audition with some really good camera work. While klipsch could setup a dedicated room and fly in some popular reviewers for these speakers to write reviews for the 75th’s this can sometimes backfire as it’s “promoted” content. So here’s my idea, as I enjoy his videos and enthusiasm. Let’s fly Youthman (Michael) to do a review with one of the pros here on the Jubilees. He’s well spoken, knows how to edit and do great shots. My vote would be pair him with you as I don’t think anyone can explain them better. (Klipsch can secretly fund the plane tickets for this black ops project). The forums are great, but having a video like this could really help out Jubilee recognition. Regardless of whom it is, I’d really like to see someone do this, especially if they have a dedicated and well setup listening space.
  10. Been waiting on ncores to drop in price and potentially mature for 3 years. As it hasn’t happened, I’m moving on from the d75a. I unplugged the Xilica that hasn’t been shutdown for a year and for some odd reason I lost all presets. I swore I saved the Xdat file, but I can’t find it anywhere. My big mistake that I won’t do again. I haven’t done this in a long while but I was using Roys settings. I set it and let it be, funny as now I’m relearning again. Will be exciting to get the new crowns running. My bass bins have never seen anything more than 25 watts..... now they will have a lot more power. noise complaints in 3.... 2.... 1
  11. So I've been catching up on the forum, been absent for awhile and suddenly I come across this.......
  12. Sooooo did you order them? All 3 👍
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