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  1. Thanks for posting. “”Crickets on the News postings on this forum”” hopefully well I’ll get some info soon
  2. Can't believe I missed this thread. Nice work as always Chris. It's amazing over the years the amount of information that has accumulated for Jubilees. There was a large amount of data a year prior to my purchase, which helped immensely and it just continues to grow. From my general browsing from here and other forums, I don't believe I've ever seen a larger support group dedicated to a single speaker other than the Jubilee.
  3. Good for her. I don’t think there’s anything odd or wrong about that at all. We’re currently house shopping again and it isn’t the 1st priority, but it is up there to have a certain sized room that will be dedicated for music/theater. When lots of homes have the corner windows or a fireplace in the center just like the house pictured in the video we cross it off.
  4. Oh yes, countless threads to go through. I remember doing all the little mods I believe his name was Clarke? Was almost 14ish years ago? Removing weight from fly wheel, airbox mod flapper valve, the rear brake boiling to 5.1 and various mods to keep the clutch from getting air in it having to re-bleed. I remember Amari's posts as well. Never met in person as I was in MN, but read a lot of their suggestions. I think it was clarke that turned me to the tigcraft exhaust above. I did a few group buys as well, one was the smoked lenses above. Fun times, funny how small the world is. Thanks! I have a few panels that are on the wall for temporary purposes. The new room slightly bigger than my old room, but opens up into the kitchen and no corner wall for imaging on one side. I already had the L & R, for a year or so, but just got the center channel. I was using a DC-ONE, but recently bought a xilica instead as I needed more inputs/outputs. For the time being I'm using D75a amps. One per jube. Using same Pre as you 7703 Marantz. Source is FLAC from my NAS. Since we are planning to move either very soon or in about a year, I'm not going to spend too much time with customization. When we do move I will have a more permanant spot for many years. At that time I'm prepared to do all of the acoustic changes necessary, even if it means hammering or making walls. Horn subs will be added and so will my la scalas for surround.
  5. Yup kept this tag as it kind of stuck since my days over at the AF1 Aprilia Forum. I had always dreamed of the Nera. Never got to see one in person. It was twice the price of the RSV if I can remember. I'll bet it becomes a collector someday. I had the RSV 2004 grey with blue rims and then later traded for the 2007 factory R pictured here. Lots of track days on both bikes. Still think it was the best sounding bike out there if you put on a full system. I sold it in 2012 still miss it.
  6. Arrived safely and undamaged late last week. I unboxed on Monday. Will post pics when I get them a bit more in place.
  7. I am in the bay area. I will do auditions in about another year once I have a better permanent install for them and I don't have a crazy person next door. Aprilia (RSVR). Bike didn't have to leave the garage and my wife enjoyed it..... So much this. I have some DIY panels that help immensely, but cant wait to have a final room I can really dial in. Carpet as well.
  8. You will find that they actually perform spectacular in a small room. I recently moved and now have them in a much larger room with very tall ceilings. In the event you move they scale beautifully as well as I found out.
  9. Pole barn theater addition to house maybe 👍
  10. Yes I did just that. Thankfully Cherry is much easier to match than Walnut with the patterns. I'm assuming the stain would remain the same as well, however as mine have matured the color might be slightly different. I believe in time as they age it should be near identical. I'm very happy to have them with all matching components. I don't know when there might be component changes, as in end of production. (example the K69 to K691) (driver in bass bins end of life -new model). I'm sure they will do their best job to ensure changes are un-noticed, but for me knowing in the back of my mind that the components and design are matching I'm at ease. I would say that running phantom center has far exceeded my expectations and coverage really is phenomenal, but my end game is to have a larger room and having that center channel has become a must.
  11. And........ Here...............We...............Go.................................... 3rd Jubilee has been ordered. New Xilica 4080 to match to replace the DC-One as now I need more inputs outputs. Very appreciative to have Cory making this happen again for me. Biggest regret is not doing them all together from the beginning having matching numbers and possibly mismatched veneer. However, knowing the craftsmanship, I'm betting there will be no differences. Matching LCR Jubilees. No rush this time as I already have 2 playing beautifully, but at the same time I still can't wait. It will probably be a bit before I pull the trigger on a new amp. There's a lot of things happening in this area I'm wanting to see how it all pans out.
  12. It is the tuba ht or rather Bills page is in my saved bookmarks. Appreciate the recommendation 🙏. They seem like a great sub, however fall off rather quickly after 20hz. The Tubas would be great in many applications, I’m certain. I don’t think think I’ve read a bad thing about them across this forum or others. However, with the bass bins being able to extend nicely below 40hz, I’m fine with having a horn dedicated strictly to those infrasonic notes to the bass bin. It’s ok if it unloads at 70hz, which is where the lil wrecker sits. For now, that will be the last piece of the equation, because I’m not in my final room they will go in. Id need to know the room I have to work with, spl etc. 3 Jubilees across will take up a lot of room. To many what ifs. Subs are the one thing that seem to be evolving the most. From just 5 years ago there has been a lot more designs. Hopefully someone will have one closer to my needs when I’m ready💪
  13. Nothing for now, we just moved and have another 1-2 years before we settle. The final room will determine what I end up with ultimately. If I were to pull the trigger right now, I’d be building two little wreckers. If the drivers were available I’d also consider gjallerhorns. Since we do a fair share of movies, those seem to be one of the best diy setups that a horn loaded system has to offer. I frequently visit databass and avs as well to see if anyone has created something new/improved. Have bookmarks of my top 10 choices for now. If I had to buy completed, I’d maybe lean JTR. So who knows, maybe in that time Klipsch will release a horn sub that goes deeper than the 1802/1502. My my ultimate goal is to have matching LCR Jubes, la scala surrounds and horn subs. I already have one pair of la scala and the room will determine if I get 2-3 more. Having a theater that is entirely horn loaded would be pretty sweet. After my next purchase I will be well on my way there. 👍
  14. The old Jalopy uses a d75a for both Horn and bass bin. I had a spare motor, which made the rice krispy noises of snap, crackle and pop, so it’s been shelved for a rebuild. Borrowed time on the others I feel.
  15. After seeing a few posts of “I’ve had my Jubilees XX years,” I figured it’s time for me to finally provide an update. Since the very beginning, this gift has been very special to me. To me Jube’s are like a classic car that was owned by your father and handed down to you. The car becomes an heirloom that you cherish, something that you take your wife out for a drive, let your son take to prom and have hopes to pass on to him when he grows to become man. While, it has only been 2 years, this is the feeling that I get with my Jubilees. They have that heirloom feel that I know I can pass on hopefully to my son, when my ears betray me. I have finally found my go to drink and my go to hole in the wall bar. The bar that has that faint aroma of cigarette smoke, yet hasn’t been smoked in for over a decade. It’s handmade, with a long thick cherry rail molding wrap around begging to be sat at, leaned on, and danced on. The bartender Cory, is full of fun stories that draws customers in and ensures that your glass is never empty. The bar is filled with other Jubilee owners discussing what they are listening to, figuring out ways to get that last bit of detail, further dialing in the PEQ’s and filters. I sit off to the side now, as I’ve become a regular. I still enjoy listening in and learning, however, my contribution is now limited as there are far more knowledgeable experts in this bar. I now just sit back with my glass and enjoy the tunes. Though, should a new comer walk through that door, I will always keep an open seat and share my stories and knowledge, paying it forward. I may visit other bars with friends from time to time, but this bar is my home. I’ve realized that there is nothing further that needs to be said or added that hasn’t already been posted prior by experts that are far better audio linguists than myself. So I’ve chose to take a different approach in describing the setting that I feel Jube’s create. My Jubilees have become a staple in the family. We look forward to our movies more than ever before. They are fired up every evening as we prepare our dinner, adding warmth to the home. After I put down the kid for the evening, I will often come out and see my wife sitting on the couch with glass of scotch listening quietly to some FLAC rips of classical albums. Something she has never done with any of my systems prior and I could not be more proud. But Wait! Don’t ride off into the sunset just yet. It’s not 2:00 AM, the bar is still open for business, so keep that seat warm because the Jubilees are just the beginning. They are the foundation that I will build upon. The path is still foggy and the map a bit faded, but I have many guides that will help me reach my destination. The first stop, is ordering a 3rd round from the bartender. I’ve been slowly setting aside a rainy day fund that will allow me to drink just a bit more of the top shelf product. I’m not sure when I will wave over Cory for my order, but I’m going to need another drink. Once that refill is in my hand, I will wander around the bar, keeping my ears perked to see which way the wind is blowing. You see, that old car has a tired old engine (D75a) and is on borrowed time. I’m not sure if I should rebuild that engine or replace it with something more powerful, cleaner burning and fuel efficient. Hypex…ice… I came across some new old stock car mods and bought them from an Italian man that called himself La Scalla. Not sure how these additions to the car will look, but will be a project for a later date. So for now, I’m going to weave through the crowd and keep my ears open. So sorry folks, this car is not for sale, but you’re welcome to jump inside, I’m heading to the bar.
  16. I'm all up for reviewing different speakers, different manufactures, describing how they sound and perform. It's what makes us more educated and helps us separate the good from the bad. However..... This is a Klipsch forum and it is paid for with Klipsch dollars. Klipsch is kind enough to let us use this property and even have helped with various users DIY posts along the way. You posted speakers from a manufacture that arrogantly and blatantly rips off a klipsch product and calls it their own. Volti even goes so far as to copy and then patent a driver size with his Jube knockoffs. I wish I was joking.... I own a pair of Jubilees and I'm very happy to know my money went to the inventors, engineers and builders that made them. Now that you know "some" of that history, this is why you may get edgy responses....
  17. Must be the hunter gene. Hunting for the best price or best prize. It's kind of funny as even my friends wives will sometimes ask them before a big purchase if they called me before hand. The ocd pays off though. Especially with my tool purchases. Buying something researched almost always lasts, while the things I buy just to get fall apart.
  18. From looking at other owners pictures, it looks like a lot of people have rooms similar in size. Sweet spot is the whole room
  19. Reverting back to the original post, I believe it really depends on the individual. Some people ask what's best, we recommend and they buy that never to appear again. They then tell their friends they are the best and so on. Klipsch made a sale so all is good. They don't really care to go into the details and just want an answer. I tend to avoid these people here/klipsch owners on Facebook and generally in life. Then there are those that are looking into the well and wondering how far down it goes. Maybe not too experienced and don't know where or what to start. I generally will ask price, new/old, size of room, audio/movies, what they currently own and if they will use it with the new purchase and if they have a goal in mind. This sets the tone for reference/heritage/pro line pretty well. I've seen others ask nearly the same questions. From there it's generally not too hard to provide decent recommendations. Then there's the third type who have serious OCD problems before buying.... they will ask too many questions and want to learn and know everything. They can be annoying at times, but mean well. Aka me. Seriously I speed read and watched blender reviews for a almost a month before I bought my blender...
  20. While the jubilee may not be for lookers, these look like the a$$ of an elephant. Another rip off of a klipsch product like volti where they put more lipstick on and sell for 10x the price?
  21. Wondering if you have all the settings correct? I did put a very small bump on the eq in the crossover. I'm not sure if you will watch movies at all. I know there are more out there with more infrasonic, but my go to for many years as a constant has been the pod race in Star Wars 1. I literally have stuff coming off the walls if I push it.
  22. Can you share if it's an intermediary horn as suggested or a possible k402 replacement? Is the K402 staying as is for awhile or those improvements soon to come?
  23. Can't say thanks enough. When you can't listen to music even at low levels or go to theaters without headaches to occur soon afterwards really puts a damper on enjoyment. It's been a long time since I've been able to enjoy speakers like this. These won't be going anywhere. So guys hoping for used ones some day are SOL. My only request would be if you could make sure the K33 are still made 30-40 years from now in case I ever need a replacement. So no retiring for awhile.
  24. This journey is quite incredible I must say. This week I'm experimenting with my Schitt Gungnir vs the Marantz 7703 DAC battle. Lots of songs on repeat and trying to be decisive. I must say the Marantz prepro really is impressive. I've run my Schitt for awhile through a lot of hifi headphones and IEMs and really grown accustomed to how it sounds. The Schitt gets a very tiny edge on separating the tones/instruments. I have to really focus to hear it and its only noticible on certain genres (electronic mainly) music. The Marantz has a more noticeable edge on the upper octaves. The Jubilees are smooth (more on that below), but the Marantz further compliments that without the upper spectrum fading. I was a but shocked at the results and thought I would be able to discern a more noticeable difference, but I can't. This also makes me very happy as I can now sell my Modi Schitt to a friend and rock the Gungnir at work with my IEMs. Before I go onto Jubilees, I want to add that about a month ago, I did hear klipschorns. I got lucky and met someone that put on a very good demo. They were absolutely amazing and made it that much harder for me to wait, as from what others have said. I plan to hear them again, however I feel it would be a great injustice to compare them as our rooms are entirely different as well as I'm all transistor and he is tube. After hearing them, for people that cannot afford the high price tag of Jubilees, I could confidently say you would be very happy with used klipschorns if you can locate a good used pair and set them up correctly. Jubilees - This is by and far not my final review, but just a pregame. I'm running with the current EQ (Thanks to Chris!) for a bit to get used to the sound and decide on the DAC. Also Thank you to Khornukopia for noticing my earlier mistake. Now that we are running right and I have a bit of a curve in the lower 20-60hz range. The soundstage is just unfathomable. I know I said it before, but I'm going to say it again. The way they project, not only throughout the room, but the house at such low volumes amazes me each day. I cant say how thankful I am that I will never need to dig around, subwoofer crawl (even though it works) to find the optimal corner or angle to ensure my sweet spot is perfect. The room they sit in is the sweetspot. From sitting to standing to laying down, the sound remains unchanged. (Ok maybe 1% difference for the naysayers). They are incredibly smooth for how much detail they reveal. The K691 is an absolute masterpiece. With my tinnitus, my listening sessions are usually very short, as severe headaches usually ensue, even at low volumes. I can not say how much joy this is to say and experience that I've had at least 30+ hours of listening time and they have not caused any fatiguing or headaches. "Fingers crossed that this continues". After my initial purchase, I reached out to several members, many that are following this thread about compression drivers. I looked into about everything, as I was a bit scared that the K69-A would have been harsh. I would still like to hear TAD-4002, but my lust in pursing that option is rather limp at the moment. At this point, I'm very happy with where I'm at so I feel there is no reason to change. Butterliciously smooth. (Going to put that in wikipedia with an ex- see Jubilee) The bass.......Oh the bass. It's very different from anything I've ever owned. Borrowing from Coytee, as he described how they pressurize the room, I would mirror that description. I've had various direct radiator subs and even the SVS Ultra, minus the SVS after hearing the Jubilee bass, they all seem like those cheap ported subwoofer kits you threw in the back of the car when you were in high school. While the SVS didn't seem boomy, the Jubilees now make me think it was. When the bass hits in music or movies it feels more like the thunder of a lightning strike that just landed outside your window, rather than the sound of someone wacking away on some stretched hide. I have found a new way to measure the fullness and boldness of the bass based on how inanimate objects become alive. We have a clock that is on the adjacent wall that is always accurate, I've noticed its about 5-30 mins off each day and I replaced the battery. Then one time while I was listening to some music that had a rather pronounced lower spectrum, I looked over and noticed the clock hands were dancing. Pending which side the minute hand was on, it would slowly make its way back to the 6. Thinking I will need to find a way into using this as an excuse next time I'm late to work. Now even with all that bass, I'm still on the fence on adding a subwoofer, the infrasonic bass is a definite nice to have. If I pursue this option, after hearing how folded horn bass sounds, I would continue towards building the lilwrecker. This is a big if still as the WAF is still adjusting to what we currently have. I've tried to find every owners input and review of these prior to purchasing them. And while some words escape me currently on describing the sound. Everything everyone has ever said about these things is true. Every single bit of it.
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