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  1. Awesome! I appreciate the article and response. Truth is I know my comparison is probably not scientific; but I'm looking for sound. I am am probably going to have someoneOne out and look at my set up for optimization.
  2. So I have a Polk PSW 108 and recently tried to upgrade to Klipsch R-10W. The Polk is only suppose to be 100 max watts at half the price of the Klipsch which is suppose to be 300 max watts. Honestly, in all aspects the Polk blows the Klipsch away. The Polk gives bass that you can feel. I have the Klipsch turned all the way up and not even close. I'm mean not even near close. I have tested the 2 back to back literally over 20 times. I'm thinking of taking the Klipsch back although honestly I want to keep it. I want all Klipsch speakers. Am am I doing something wrong? I mean I am unplugging one and plugging in the other to keep as much constant as possible. Flat out Polk for the price blowing Klipsch sub away.
  3. Outstanding set ups everyone; I'm trying to get there!!! Thank you all for the respect. Glad to to be part of this community.
  4. Yes they do. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Awesome!
  5. Oh yeah it's on! Cool thanks!
  6. Would be fun if everyone wanted to post a picture of their set up. I have nothing special right now. Sony receiver and 2 R28-f. Polk sub. I have 2 Klipsch book shelves I'm going to hook up soon. Anyway, time to show off. I would LOVE to see what everyone is working with. Thanks!
  7. Thank you both for the comments! Yeah sound is pretty good actually. Like you say receiver buying is like a magic show. I wish there were some type of standard or 3rd party tester that could make a standard. But I guess that wouldn't be as fun haha. I think I got my answer and will keep the receiver I got. My thinking was: Could I get the same sound for cheaper; with less bells and whistles? (looks like I can't). Or do I need to spend more? Sounds like I am where I need to be......at least for now. Thanks again!
  8. To be clear: I want very clear sound and some decent high level of loudness. Maybe hook up to my tv. I'm feeling like I bought a receiver that does a whole bunch of stuff I don't care about and paid a premium for that stuff instead of a stripped down, high power receiver for sound.
  9. I had 2 R28-F set up on a cheap 2 channel, 200 watt insignia receiver when I upgraded from my Klipsch bookshelves speakers. I had problems with the receiver shutting off even though it was 100 watts per channel, when playing at high volumes. Decided to get a new receiver. Went to best buy and they sold me on the Sony STR-DN1070. Honestly it sounds good and it doesn't shut off anymore. I am very annoyed the more research I do in that Sony never gives WPC in 8 OHMs. Klipsch blog says to have receiver that does 120 watts at 8 ohm measuring at 20-20k mhz. 1. I'm not sure if this receiver does this because sony specs seem to be a scam. 2. Am I under powering? Is this a good receiver or am I way off in terms of do I need to spend more money for a better recever? Honestly I just want to play music and maybe hook my tv to my set up. I will have a 200 watt sub and 2 book shelf speakers I want to add as well. This receiver is more than I will ever need but not sure if it is matching that power I need for maximum performance for these speaker. I've read a lot of people saying they are amping with 5 watts but I want maximum performance not minimum requirements. $600 is probably my budget right now. Am I way off mark here? Thank you in advace.
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