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  1. Hey, I have a similar offset positioning of surrounds as you. I will be installing RP 250Ss as RS, LS, RBS and RLS. However my RS is farther away than my LS (RS - 12 feet and LS - 8 feet approx). Since you already have it installed, I wanted to know if this affects the surround experience in anyway or would the Reciever's Audyssey tech suffice to compensate for this offset. Thanks!
  2. Hey Dave! Thanks for your reply and your warm welcome! I will be going big up front with RP-280s and the RP-450C and will be going with the R-115SW and will look to add another soon (if only it feels like its needed) Thanks again! Cheers!
  3. Hey! Thank you for such a detailed reply! I will be going ahead and buying a 7.1.2 system with 2xRP-280Fs, 1xRP-450C, 4xRP-250S, 2xR-1800C and R-115SW for subs. The RF7's are extremely costly in India and way over my budget. Regarding the A/VR, since I'll be using the setup mostly for movies I've decided on the Denon 4300H. I will be shelling out more than twice the amount you paid as I live in India and there are no offers here, but I do realise that this will be investment which will last me for years.
  4. @K5SS @derrickdj1 Thank you for your replies! The only problem is that the Elite series isn't available in India and shipping costs a bomb!
  5. Hello all, I will be purchasing a Home Theatre Speaker System with the following 2 x RP-280F - Front L/R 1 x RP-450C - Center 4 x RP-250S - Surrounds 1 x R-115SW - Sub 2 x R-1800C - Ceiling Now I have to decide the AVR for this system, Which Receiver would be ideal for my theatre system and why? I was thinking about the Denon X4300H, and the Marantz SR6011 as the cheaper option.Would the Marantz SR6011 be sufficient or is it necessary to shell out a bit more for the Denon X4300H? Are there any other more ideal Receivers for this system? Please do freely suggest. Thanks @MetropolisLakeOutfitters @derrickdj1 @K5SS @RoboKlipsch
  6. Hey! Thank you for your reply and warm welcome! I will definitely look to switch to the 15s and add another later for sure. The problem though is that I live in India and everything is atleast twice the price in the USA and there are no festive offers here as well. This is also the reason for my price crunch. My primary concern was regarding the Center and Tower speakers. Would you say the 450C is significantly better than the 440 and similarly is the RP280F significantly better than the RP260F, especially for this room? Or would the latter in each case be enough? Also an acoustic expert i asked mentioned that using the (RP280Fs with the 450C) or (RP260Fs with the 440C) is recommended rather than mixing and matching (RP280 with 440C for example). He told me something about Sound Pressure which I barely understood. Is this true? Also you suggest ditching the back surrounds. If I did this, I could accommodate upgrade the center and towers, converting a 7.1.2 to a 5.1.2. Would this lessen the experience I would get? PS: My knowledge is this regard is minimal, so do forgive any mistakes Thanks Again! @derrickdj1 @K5SS
  7. I'm looking to build a home theatre set up at my new house in a room which is 20' by 29' (Yup, quite a large room) in dimensions, to be used as a living room. You can assume the space used for the System will be 3/4th of that. Right now I am looking at a 7.1.2 configuration with 2x RP-260Fs as front L/R, 1x RP-440C as centre 4x RP-240S' for surround, 1x R-112SW subwoofer, and 2x R-1800-C as ceiling speakers powered by a Denon X-4300H Would this configuration suffice for the room, or would it be too underpowered? I was also given the option of the RP280Fs, RP-150S, RP-450C with R-115SW, but this seemed a bit pricey for my liking. Also wanted to know if upgrading the subwoofer from 112 to a 115 is recommended. Please give do give your suggestions.
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