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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s a SW15 ii - the sticker has faded. I’d take $200.
  2. Two pair of Cornwall. I’ll put them back together. Vertical plywood, beat up pair I bought from a painter. Make an offer crossovers. Alk unit for two twelves. Crites a4500, pairs of tweeters, drivers , 400 horns kg5.5 speakers, 15” powered sub, 10” powered sub probably other things I haven’t mentioned. All reasonable offers considered (or they’ll just go into the black hole of a storage unit for a few years)
  3. I went back through my old email and the extreme slope network is for a jubilee setup. I had originally planned to used them for a tractrix bass bin (jwc inspired) but never got around to it. $900 + shipping I need to look at how much I paid for it back then...
  4. I’ll try to get prices tonight. If you’d like to make an offer on anything, please send a pm. A4500 is $180 plus shipping.
  5. I sold the La Scalas and 115’s, so another round of my slow moving, moving sale. All of this is from projects that I will likely never get to and don’t want to put in storage. Extreme slope 500 for two 12” drivers $900 plus ship crites A4500 $180 plus ship k55 drivers $150 plus ship - each pair 2 pair B 2 crossovers (stock from cornwalls) $100 plus ship - each pair 1x forte passive radiator $50 plus ship I have more things to go through, so if you’re looking for something, I may have it. thanks, Res
  6. Hi everyone, I’m looking to downsize quite a bit. All items located in Norther Colorado. Full speakers: split industrial La Scalas Kp-115x subs kg 5.5 Other: I also have two sets of Cornwall (one decorator and one beat up) cabinets and horns, drives and tweeters to build back up. Also all of the stock parts from a pair of La Scalas that I’ve upgraded and am happy with. I’ll post photos once I get the chance to move everything from storage, but wanted to judge interest before posting to Craigslist. Thanks!
  7. Interested in the base cab and maybe more? Driving through Omaha on Dec 30th (Iowa to CO)
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