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  1. yes exactly..new home theatre. i just received the rest of the speakers..so all in all..i have the towers RP-8060FA, center is the RP-504c, rear surrounds R-600M, and surrounds RP-502s and two of the 15" SPL-150s. Im looking at the Anthem MCA 325 Gen 2 for driving the towers and the center speaker. But it says 225 watts per channel all channels driven. So since I'm new, obviously the amp states 225 watts per channel...which is more than the 150 watts per channel for the speakers but some say it would be fine? others say its too much??
  2. So..since I'm new..i have a question...i just bought the RP-8060FA, rated at 150 watts RMS.....im looking at a amp but its states is 225 watts per channel driven. Would this be too much power and would it damage the speaker or am i stating the obvious? Or should i just get a power amp thats rated at 100-150 watts per channel driven?
  3. I recently bought the RP-502S for the surrounds on home theatre. Can the RP-600M's be used as the Rear surrounds or is there a better speaker for the rears? I have the RP-8060A for the front towers..the RP-502C for center, RP-502S and two RP-600Ms? Thanks!
  4. ok great..i will check into them..thanks for the advice
  5. Room is about 15x15...and music will be mostly from spotify, pandora...but mainly system will be for movie nights
  6. Need thoughts or suggestions for a preamp and power amp Currently looking at the Yamaha AVENTAGE CX-A5200 with Yamaha MX-A5200 or the Marantz AV7705 with Marantz MM8077 I just bought this setup: Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8060FA are the towers Klipsch Ref Premiere RP-504C W center channel speaker Klipsch Ref Premiere RP-502S W surround speakers Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-600M Klipsch SPL-150 x2
  7. I just purchased the Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-502S however, I am unable to mount on wall. Does anyone have recommendations on a speak stand that would be safe for these speakers, since they have a unique shape? Thanks in advance
  8. Im new to all this stereo arena. Can someone quickly and easily explain what bi-wiring does and its benefits...Is it hard to to or worth it? I have a single denon receiver with RF-82II. cheers
  9. Hi Bill..thanks for the help. However, I can't seem to find these on the site. Are they discontinued? Thanks again...
  10. HI everyone, I recently purchased a pair of RF-82 II, center speaker is RC-62 II powered by a Denon AVR-x3300W with a sub R-115SW. What surround sound speakers would be best for my set-up for the home theatre? thanks for the input...happy holidays.
  11. I have read the some prefer bare wire connections since its more "direct". And others like banana plugs. Are banana plugs more for neatness?? Thoughts please...
  12. I new to the HT set up. I have a panamax surge protector that has a high current bank and a linear filtration bank. Do i plug my powered sub directly into the wall or surge protector? Thanks!
  13. So im finally ready to set up all my klipsch speakers and denon avr. Im new to this. I bought a panamax surge protector that has 9outlets but unsure where to plug the subwoofer, tv and denon avr into?? There are 4 outlets labelled "bank 2-high current outlets" and another one labelled "bank 1-Linear filtration". Please helpppppp. I dont want a thud from the woofer. Thanks everyone! Happy new years
  14. Thanks Dave. Just makes me more excited to see what I'm getting into. Thanks for taking the time to explain. Everything that I have read about audyssey, i haven't heard one complaint. I should have the system all delivered by Jan 10th. I also ordered a panamax 9 outlet surge protector. hope that wasn't a waste of money. Thanks again for all the advice!!
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