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  1. This is somewhat hard to believe. As stated before, we ordered the towers through Crutchfield where the tech suggested to remove the tweeters and check connections. We did and they both had one leg disconnected. Once connected they sounded great! Now for the sub- it came through Amazon. Once the return of the sub was ordered, Amazon replied "we apologize for your inconvenience. Just keep the subwoofer, do not send it back and we'll call it good". What!? Check...double check and yes, we now have two Klipsch subs! Holy cow! I would love to run two subs with our sound. We have a decent room to do it in. Anyone doing that? The 'free' sub will have to be wireless due to room config. Looking for options....... Suggestions?
  2. I'm in Northern Colorado, Loveland. Snowing and cold. I just missed a chance to buy a McIntosh from a coworker but it was sold before we ramped up our audio. Any recommendations for an external amp?
  3. We did kick around adding an amp in increase power. Certainly still in the cards for now. The Mrs. is sure turned on by the Cambridge so it will take some research. Yes, these are keeper speakers! Our first attempt at listening was last night when the final pieces came in. Needless to say we didn't sleep well. But today was different. I pulled the Bose 5.1 system and we installed the Klipsch / Anthem in the living room. Going to watch a movie later. So far I would highly recommend these speakers. Not top of the line but the best I've owned and I've been buying speakers for a long time. I'm going to keep the idea of adding an amp to increase power. This would be new to me so any suggestions are welcome! And I will write to Klipsch. I would surely want to know if I ran the business.
  4. The subwoofer with the support piece that was floating around came through Amazon. They will ship a new one tomorrow. Gotta love the big A for some things. My golly these speakers sound good. We are already thinking they have more room to go and our Anthem AVR is not enough power (100 wpc). The Mrs. wants to send it back and get the Cambridge CRX200. I'm on the fence but will probably go that direction.
  5. Ok... Good news - sort of. The towers were purchased through Crutchfield. Called them and the tech said "did you pull the tweeter to see if it was hooked up"? Hell no we didn't - what about warranty. Tech said "If the tweeter is hooked up and does not work it will be covered" So, we pulled the tweeter. NOT HOOKED UP! Either of them! Hooked them up and the sound check with properly hooked up tweeters was AWESOME! Still ticked off at Klipsch but the sound of the speakers functioning as designed took a little edge off. Thanks all for your help! We may still shop some BMW speakers because of this.....we have 30 days or so to get convinced.
  6. I should clarify. I hooked the center speaker up in place of one of the towers. Center speaker was hooked to left--front-main input on the receiver. I left the other tower connected to right-front main. Center speaker had full sound and the tower speaker sound did not change. Muddy with no highs. I switched amps (JVC) and even disconnected the right tower speaker wire from the speaker and hooked up a NEAR speaker we have. Sounded awesome while the other channel, hooked to the 260 still had no highs. I think I eliminated the Anthem receiver as the problem. It powered other speakers well and the JVC to Klipsch towers did not result in any tweeter sound. It is as if I received two defective speakers - that's all I can think of. Were these things tested at all? The serial numbers are five digits apart as if they were not assembled side-by-side but there were four speakers assembled between them. (if that's how the serial number works).
  7. Just got two brand new RP-260F along with a Anthem MRX520 amp. Received the Klipsch sub and center speaker a couple days ago. We hooked up just the sub and two towers and prepared to be blown away by incredible sound. I queued up Steely Dan and hit play. Ah....the music was horrible. No highs. Nothing from the tweeters. Checked and double checked all obvious things. Polarity, inputs, sound settings, nothing. Changed speaker wire gauge (16). Finally we unboxed the Klipsch center speaker and all frequencies were heard and it sounded incredible. How can this happen? Two brand new speakers and both tweeters are out? Does not seem possible. I'm hoping that although I am not new to home audio, I am overlooking something very simple with these speakers. If both tweeters are out I will have to consider returning the entire Klipsch set up and move on to another brand. On a side note, when unboxing the subwoofer there was a loud rattle in the cabinet. Once out of the box and bag and after a little shaking around, a corner support from inside the cabinet came sliding out of the front port of the sub. WTF? Glue is on the support piece but apparently it was not secured well enough since it has been bouncing around in the cabinet for lord knows how long. I'll send that back simply because the cabinet's integrity is compromised but the 260's? I need to understand what I can do different to test these tweeters. We've been looking forward to this audio upgrade in our home for months and this is so disappointing it makes the wife and I quite upset. Suggestions?
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