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  1. Yes, I am using a dbx Driverack PA2. Entire setup is solid state. dtel also mentioned the Duke and I am interested in more info. I would like to use this amp and have interest in upgrading it before it is deployed. Thanks for your input.
  2. Just gauging opinions on using a vintage Crown D-75A to drive the top end of bi amped Klipschorns. I have access to one I can purchase cheap enough to have it gone through and upgraded as necessary as I know it has some age, but then so do I! Thanks in advance for your input. Opinions have varied wildly (as I expected) in other forums. I anticipate more rational responses here!
  3. I wish all speakers had Neutrik speakOn connections. NEVER had one fail, can be connected and disconnected over and over and no worse for the wear. I modded my Klipschorns and did away with the binding posts entirely.
  4. Great story. My first experience with Klipsch speakers was at the very place you heard them, Audio Systems on 22nd Ave. my favorite haunt for years. I heard the BEE GEES Stayin Alive playing on K horns and fell in love. It was several years on before I bought a pair used...from John Prine.
  5. Slightly off topic, but I have a pair of Dave A’s smahl horns and DE120 drivers in my Klipschorns and love them. Beautiful build quality and sound great too. Dave is a treasure!
  6. Never been good at pouring on praise or able to describe “the sound” But they do sound better, cleaner I’d say. Having just moved into a new home and making numerous changes it’s difficult to say which one was most influential in the current setup but will say I am very pleased with Al’s work. I didn’t have to suffer the entire cost of the paired networks for LF and HF since my LF Xover is handled by DSP. I have the ES5800T built for bi amping which saved me a little 💵 from Al but do have the cost of the DSP.
  7. I have the ES in my bi-amped 77 Khorn’s waited 3 months for them. All I can say is they sound great and are a work of electronic art. The adjustable taps are great too for the MF.
  8. I'm just OCD and always asking myself why didn't I... Just curious about the drivers and horn, theres a lot of mods and tweaks out there, most seem unpopular to what I assume are the purist. Agreed, absolutely have to increase thickness of motorboard in the area of recess. Its probably in the neighborhood of 1/2" thick. I do my own thing, I have no intention of selling my K horns.
  9. Routers are your friend! A template is critical to accuracy when using a router, which is an art in itself. I built a sub last year and when finished I asked my self....why didn't I recess that driver. Next time. What horn/driver is that you used?
  10. Do you intend to recess the horn into the motor board flush?
  11. Thank you again for the valuable insight!
  12. Excellent! Thank you for the reply and outstanding info. I have actually visited that site i do believe back around 1990 or so. I went to the office and asked about the museum and they said it is across the street, told me there was no one available to show me around and proceeded to hand me the keys and told me to make myself at home! I'll never forget that hot summer day and the smell of the inside.It was like paradise, so much to see and my imagination went wild. Oh the stories these pieces of audio history could tell. I've never been the same! Can you tell me where the speakers and listening positions were located relative to this photograph? Are there any other photographs of the smaller polycylindric cylinders! Thank you again for the information, it is much appreciated!
  13. Hey Dave, Got those beautiful horns installed and finally up and running (somewhat) after a long hiatus. I am curious, I almost always hear people talking about the Xilica dsp I have no hands on experience with the brand, but have had many dbx components and bought a dbx Driverack. I see the Xilica has a higher sample rate, but otherwise their functions are basically the same. Why did you choose the Xilica versus the Driverack? I am just curious! I am having issues of a similar nature with my dsp. Instrumental playback sounds good but vocals are somewhat muted and breathy, as if it is compressed...no compression, limiting, or alignment are on. I have experimented with the different MF attenuation settings on my passive HF/MF X-over but the problem persists. Tweaked the PEQ here and there with no real luck and like yourself have not deciphered REW yet....way over my head. I have utilized the dbx Auto EQ also with no effect on the issue at hand. Weak vocals and breathing is the best I can describe it. Hope you are doing well Dave! Give me a shout when you get to Nashville sometime.
  14. I am interested in information about room treatments as per Dope From Hope Volume 1, Number 4, dated 16 December 1960, and further described in Volume 5, Number 1, dated 24 February 1963 in what Mr Klipsch described as "Studio 116" . I am curious if any photos exist of that room and the placement and orientation of the panels described in those volumes. I understand of course every room is different and the placement in that room will likely be different from mine. I am mostly curious about their finish...if the Masonite sheet was left in their "mill" finish, painted, covered with other (fabric?) material, the actual framework used to mount them and how varied the height, width and depth was, but would appreciate any information on the polycylindric panels and Studio 116. I am using 1977 vintage Klipschorns in a room closely similar in size and volume to Studio 116. My room is 16' x 26' x 9'6". My apologies if this has been spoken to, I would appreciate some reference to direct me to that thread. Thanks in advance!
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