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  1. I am looking for a single LaScala in any condition to buy. The closer to Nashville TN the better but will travel for the right deal. TIA
  2. Yep, SOB is still at it, this time has Belles in Denton, Texas. Same austin36 same sonnhalter B/S @WayneB described. EXACTLY. Posted WTB Belles and boom, they appeared....sort of.
  3. They don’t match, serially or have book matched veneer, and they have 4-5 “knicks” per seller.
  4. Just added pic of s/n’s....forgot!
  5. I have located a pair of Mahogany Belle’s for sale that are not a matched pair, by date, serial number or wood species. I am curious what you can tell me about these, manufacture date and any other info you may deem pertinent you could include. Since they were made two different years would all components be the same? They are NOT a matched pair which impacts their value to some degree, I suspect, though I started out looking for one I have turned my focus to a pair in the event I ever wanted to sell them it might be easier. Seller is asking $3000 which based on my research is high, particularly since they are not a matched pair. Any opinions are appreciated.TIA!
  6. Yes, totally replaced with ALK. Still have originals.
  7. My OP was solely about Dave H’s tractrix mf horn. A comment was made about the tweeter being off center, which I also dislike, so now I AM talking about both Dave H’s mf and Dave A’s hf horns since I have both Dave A’s horn with B&C DE120 driver and K-77’s and one or the other may be a natural. I’ll look at Greg’s horn driver combo also.
  8. I realize that, and that is one of my objections to the idea as implemented. What would be the issue with fabricating a new top hat to allow the installation of Dave A's horn or the K77 above the tractrix horn? If it sounds like crap to my ears nothing more than a little shop time to restore it eh?
  9. Exactly, a lot more, and if I went that route I'd just want Jubes.
  10. If I’m spending that much cash I want the whole deal! Daves tractrix horns are $300!
  11. No replies to this post, I assume they have been sold??
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