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  1. RIP Bob, condolences to the family. Will be greatly missed.
  2. I thank you all for the responses. They have led me to waiting until I can, if ever this virus thing disappears, get to listen to the Heresy IV and the Forte III for a comparison. I would like to say that the KLF's didn't sound that good when I bought them and that's when I decided that if I bought them at reasonable price, I would do the Crites upgrades to them. After that they sounded better, I think the last guy in didn't get the polarization correct as they sounded much better, but not as awesome as I thought they should be. In preparation for the Fisher, I removed the PD277 and put my JVC QL-Y66F on line and put a new Nagaoka MP200 on it. Well, much to my surprise, the KLF's came to life for me. Now, I had a Denon DL110 and a Sony XL-MC1 on the PD277 at some time with the Denon in place last, and while I thought they were doing the job, I find that evidently I don't know how to set up the TT, or there are some problems with cartridge compatibility or both. Most likely me. The KLF's now sound better than I have heard them. I think I may still at some time hear the other 2 speakers mentioned, but it seems a lower priority now. This is why I visit the forums. I get some great advise, and it also acts as a needed buffer from a seat of the pants purchase. Thanks again to all.
  3. I really don't know if they would be an upgrade, or even a lateral move, that's kinda why I'm asking. The first set of let's say real speakers I've owned were the RF3 II's, and I thought they were outstanding, still do. A coupla years later I bought the KLF's, did the Crites updates, and they had a different sound, a little more bass to them I think, but sound nice as well and that's what I am listening to now. The Fisher Amp has about 18 WPC, I have not got it back yet, and I haven't had or heard any tube equipment other than the Fisher about 30 years ago, and my memory is not that good. I would imagine it should drive any of the speakers in this discussion as they are have great sensitivity. The Heresy IV new line is ported at the rear, previous versions weren't, so I imagine there is a little more bass than the originals? They also look great. The Forte III went to a 15" passive radiator at the rear while the earlier versions had a 12". Again a little more bass? I really don't understand how the passive radiator works. But also these are great looking speakers. But, the RF3 and KLF are nice looking as well although don't have the retro look. Going from the 8" RF3 to the 10" KLF seemed to have gained a fuller sound, so I guess my line of thinking that the 12" on the Heresy and the Forte would also up the fullness, if that's the right terminology. Thank you for the response, I kinda depend on the audio forums to keep me in an informed state, and have in the past avoided making some, lets say, sudden purchases on a whim.
  4. No...😃...I don't want to rock the neighborhood, I'm in the "If it's too loud, you're too old"...I'm in the too old stage I guess. The only real comparison is a pair of Cerwin Vega AT-12 my nephew has, and kinda liked the way they sounded. Not really apples to apples comparison though. Thanks,
  5. Thank you for the offer. Wish I was closer, I'm in Southern Nevada.
  6. I have read that about the pushing more air with 2 10's, and it makes sense although I don't totally understand it all.. I had replaced a pair of RF3 II with the KLF-20, and I still do have those. I liked the sound from RF3, and going to the KLF's took a little while to adapt to. Good advice though as I have in the past, gone backwards.
  7. A question about these 3 speakers. I now have KLF-20 with the Crites Ti tweeter and crossover rebuild kit installed. I am deliberating on an upgrade and am looking for opinions. I like the KLF-20's but kinda wondering if an move to the Hersey IV would be an upgrade over the KLF's. I am thinking, just by looking at the specs, that the Forte III would be the ultimate upgrade for me. However, the pricing may be a little over the top for me unless I could find a used pair. I also would be trying to squeeze in the Forte's although the Heresy IV is just 1" narrower. I also noticed the power rating on the Heresy and Forte have 100 watt less capability than the KLF. I currently have a Luxman R-1050, but I will be getting a Fisher X-100 back from AEA Audio as it;s getting restored. Was my father in laws who just passed. The Amp was sitting for at least a decade prompting the restore. I think any of the 3 should handle the low output from the Fisher. I also like the Walnut versions and the new retro style grills on the newer Klipsch as my KLF's are light oak. I guess I might ad that although these would serve dual duty for TV surround, I mostly listen to vinyl in all genre's(except opera). Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'll throw it out and see where it goes. I have just purchased a set of KLF-20's, bought and installed Crites crossover rebuild kit and tweeter titanium diaphragms. While inside I noticed that there was an attempt to re-glue the speakers at some time, it's holding but a little sloppy in areas. My question however lies with the speaker foam and it's placement. I'm not too sure if the foam in the cabinet is original and correct, or how much it really matters. They both have a little bit different placement but they're close. Does the foam need to be place so the mid and tweeters are somewhat separated from the woofers, or open to them with the foam kinda at the back of the tweeters and mid? The pictures I uploaded hopefully will give some representation of what I mean. Thanks, Tim
  9. Well, thought I'd do an update. Mr Crites shipped the crossover rebuild kit and titanium diaphragms Monday, I received them on Wednesday and went to work. I was able to just pull the upper woofer and the tweeter to do the work. I removed the crossovers from the cabinet, removed the old caps, cleaned off the old hot glue and installed the new caps from Bob. Not pretty but will do the job. I applied hot glue to the newly installed caps. I didn't get any pictures of the tweeter change out but it is pretty straight forward and illustrated at Bob's site. I installed the 1/4 x 20 felt feet. That worked out great as well. I can now slide the speakers around much easier. They seem to be very sturdy, and provide some adjustment for uneven flooring. I also changed out the Monster XP wire I was feeding the speakers with, and went with 12ga. KORD SPEAKER KABLE by KNUKONCEPTZ. I also put gold plated spade type lugs at the speaker terminals instead of the banana type plugs. I cut the new speaker cables to the exact same length on each channel. While I was not too impressed initially with the KLF-20's, I now have a better appreciation for them. The Mexican caps that were pulled were all within specs, but evidently were not doing the job as it sounds like a new set of speakers compared to what I brought home. The highs are clearer now and that is due to the titanium diaphragm's I'm sure, but I also suspect the new caps help as well. I have also gained in the bass department. I am now ready to sell the RF3 II's me thinks. Thanks for all the help and comments I received here.
  10. Was able to get in touch with Mr Crites today and got the tweeter diaphragm's and the crossover repair kit ordered. Nice guy, we had a nice conversation on speakers and steps to get everything put together.
  11. This is what I went with. We'll see how it goes. The price range on these is all over, but they all appear to be the same feet. Supposed to go 100lbs each so the weight is covered, as far as durability, that will have to be determined in time. https://www.amazon.com/Huayueyun-Furniture-Levelers-Adjusting-Threaded/dp/B077PN5ZD2
  12. Excellent. I ordered some very similar. I'll post some pics when I get them installed.
  13. That's good information. I was wondering what the thread was and that sounds like the route I may go...some threaded feet with large pads, or at least larger than the threaded stud. Thanks much for that.
  14. That's a good idea. I have come to the conclusion that they are the originals, minus the spike feet that came with them as well. I'll go over to the home depot with one of the caps and see if I can find something, or maybe some kind of threaded foot that would screw into the threaded studs that are exposed when the caps are removed.
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