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  1. Go in Audessy and make sure Dynamic Volume is off. Also, Audessy most likely trimmed your speaker levels below the default 0.0db when you ran the room correction. For music, 2channel stereo, I turn Audessy off completely. Make sure your speakers are set to Large in 2 channel stero options and Subwoofer set to yes.
  2. Beautiful. I believe I got my same setup as you from the same dealer. I’m in awe of these speakers and how much more dynanic they are than my 280’s (which are no slouch). My Marantz SR-7010 paired with the Marantz MM-7055 amplifier makes my jaw drop and puts a huge grin on the face of all my friends who come to listen. I do not regret saving over $800 by not getting the III’s. The II’s are all i could ask for and more.
  3. In that case: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx3300w/denon-avr-x3300w-7.2-ch-x-105-watts-networking-a/v-receiver/1.html Same as 3400 except HEOS (if you don’t need it). Or: https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx4300h/denon-avr-x4300h-9.2-ch-x-125-watts-networking-a/v-receiver-w/heos/1.html
  4. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/denavrx4100w/denon-avr-x4100w-7.2-ch-x-125-watts-networking-a/v-receiver/1.html
  5. Check out this thread as well: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/168383-if-rf7-is-100-what-is-rf82ii-rp280f/& I have both the 280’s and RF-7II’s. The 7’s are a significant upgrade. The 280’s are impressive for their price and hold their own but the 7’s walk all over them in regards to craftmanship, dynamics, wider soundstage/prescence and detail. They are totally a class above. Think Mercedes E-class vs S-class. The current price of the II’s are a bargain which is why I chose them over the III’s. I do not regreet my decision, do not long for the “upgrade” in sound of the newer version since my II’s sound great as is, and actually prefer the looks of the cherry II’s over the III’s. I would get the II’s and use the cost savings for some quality amplification. Marantz is a perfect match (warm and detailed).
  6. Nice video @Youthman thanks for the comparison. So, Klipsch personally sent you a pair of RF7III's to review. You essentially got them for free? I'm happy with my cherry II's and personally feel the darker colored cherry looks better than the III's and the all front veneer and grill leaving some of the front exposed looks a little more high end. No brightness at all either. All dependent on the equipment. My Marantz amp keeps the sound warm and detailed. I wonder how much of a difference there is between the two in movie watching. Also the RC-64II and RC-64III.
  7. This was a year ago I wrote this. I must now update the post above as I have acquired the RF7-II’s in cherry in my basement powered by a Marantz SR-7010 and MM-7055. The 280’s are upstairs in my living my room. I will happily say that I was wrong in my above post. The 7’s are worth the money over the 280’s just sitting them side by side without even turning them on. There literally is no comparison in person betweeen vinyl wrapped made in China MDF and real cherry wood veneer hand built in Hope Arkansas. As to the sound, the 280’s are still impressive and hold their own. However the 7’s are in a whole different league of detail, dynamics, soundstage, and impact. I paid $850 for a pair of 280’s and a little less than $1800 for a pair of brand new 7ii’s. I definitely feel it was worth it.
  8. Corrct me if I’m wrong but the MM-7025 and MM-7055 are the same amp, same wattage power supply transformer with the same components. The 7055 just adds 3 extra channels. It is not surprising that with all 5 channels driven on the 7055 it is not putting out the same wattage as the 7025 driving only 2 channels but if you are only driving the 7055 with 2 channels (stereo listening) then they should be identical. For movies, it will only be driving the RF-7’s and RC-64 and my surrounds will still be running off my SR-7010.
  9. After reading this, I’m convinced that I still have yet more work to do in finding my first “Youthman Deal” lol
  10. Ever since reading the the Youthman deal thread, I’ve been envious, yet motivated to find my own. Been looking for a separate amp to pair with my newly acquired RF7-II’s running on my Marantz SR-7010. Scouring Craigslist I came across a Marantz MM-7055 ($1200 retail). Guy had it listed for $750. This was already pretty low. I emailed him why he was selling. He ordered this amp back in November from his installer and by the time he got to installing, he realized this was not a good match for his 4ohm speakers. By then, the return period had passed on the amp so he was pretty much stuck with it. He was trying to move it so that he could proceed with getting an amp that would work with his speakers. I told him that I was looking at other amps as well (Outlaw) and I came across an Emotiva XPA-5 for $500 (gen 1) but it wouldn’t fit in my AV cabinet. I offered him $500 for the Marantz. He countered with $550 because he had other offers but he would have to go through the trouble of shipping but I was local. I said deal. I met up with him and he was only about 50 minutes away. Very cool guy, we chatted, had some things in common and are both building up our home audio systems. Very easy PayPal transaction done in less than 5 minutes. When I got home, he had this amp pagckaged in the original box, styrofoam and all, all original accessories, plastic, paperwork and receipt from vendor showing he paid $1199 for this amp. I was impressed that this was basically as brand new as brand new could get. The packaging and condition of this product would put Accesories4Less to shame and they are asking $720 for this amp refurbished. Briefly hooked it up to my RF-7’s and RC-64 and I’m floored by the amount of volume, warmth, detail and dynamics.And it is a perfect match aesthetically stacked underneath my Marantz SR-7010. So, is $550 for an essentially $1200 brand new Marantz amp considered a @Youthman deal?
  11. Anyone with an Emotiva XPA-5 gen 1? What do you think to power rf7’s? Found one in mint condition for $600. Should I pull the trigger? I’ve read of noise issues.
  12. Did you run your 7's on a regular avr before and if so, how much was the improvement once you hooked up the Acurus A200?
  13. That Marantz would be a perfect match to the SR7010 I just moved on my 7II's. In your opinion, how much better would they sound since the SR7010 is pushing 125 watts and the MM7025 is only 15 watts more at 140? Will I notice a big difference in sound?
  14. Never considered the original. For one, they are not being sold anymore and are hard to find. And also everything I’ve read is that the version II is an improvement over the originals especially for music listening. Plus they flat out look better with the all front wood veneer.
  15. I can also attest to the fact that the amp makes a big difference in sound. I originally had a Denon X6200 on the Rf-7II’s. It sounded good and dynamic, however it was pretty bright and at times shrill. In my living room I am running a pair of 280’s off of a Marantz SR7010. Some say the Denon and Marantz sound exactly the same. Others say the Marantz has a warmer sound and is better for music due to using HDAM in their amps. I decided to see for myself. I moved the Marantz to the RF-7s and the sound is a perfect match. I played the same songs on each amp and the Marantz is a noticeable improvement. These were with equivalent settings to the Denon 2 ch stereo with no Audyssey. The Denon seemed to have a bigger impact on the lows than the Marantz but the Marantz definitely sounds warmer. I moved the Denon to the 280-s and it sounds good there perhaps because the 280’s tweeter has a more laid back sound than the 7II’s to help offset a bright amp. So basically, some complained about the 7II’s being bright and harsh at high volumes which makes the 7III’s more appealing based on the new horn modification. We always don’t know which equipment others have hooked up to their speakers. Put the right amp on the 7II’s and they sound beautiful, warm and detailed.
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