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  1. This is why I haven't watched it yet. I don't understand the thinking that adding nudity and swearing somehow makes a movie "better".
  2. Planning on picking up the 3d version tomorrow. Looks like something we'll really enjoy.
  3. Thanks Youthman! I'll definitely read through that. I've got the RP280's and 450C with a Pioneer SC-1223-k. I'll have to check if amps are even possible with the Pioneer.
  4. I too have wondered how much of a difference I'd notice using external amps along with my receiver. I've never used them before. I'm not even sure if my receiver will allow it either. I'll have to check into it when I get home.
  5. I just recently got the 280F's and the 450C from Cory and they are awesome! You're gonna love them!
  6. Thanks! We did TONS of planning and did most of the work ourselves. It's nice to see it all come together pretty much exactly as planned.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, we pretty much do live down there.
  8. Finally got some time to take some current photos with my new RP's. Room is pretty much finished (well, until I decide to change something again ) except for some window treatments. Current setup- - RP280F's - RP450C - RBH A-815L surrounds & rear surrounds (in ceiling) - Hsu VTF 15H MK2 subwoofer - Pioneer SC-1223k receiver - Epson 5030ub 3d projector - Vapex 110" motorized tensioned screen - Panasonic TC-P65GT30 3d tv mounted behind the screen - Panasonic DMP-BDT220 blu-ray player - PS4 & Xbox One - Logitech Harmony Elite remote
  9. I had a perfectly good 65" Panny 3d plasma that I mounted on the wall behind the screen thinking that I may want to use it once in a while when watching older movies or playing games. So, I bought a motorized, tensioned screen and mounted it out from the wall in front of the tv. I haven't used the tv even one time since I got the projector and screen. It doesn't matter what I happen to be watching, it's much better on a big screen! I could have saved a good chunk of change by just going with a fixed screen and using the tv somewhere else. The photos below also show my black RP280's against a grey background, if that helps at all.
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