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  1. This is why I haven't watched it yet. I don't understand the thinking that adding nudity and swearing somehow makes a movie "better".
  2. Planning on picking up the 3d version tomorrow. Looks like something we'll really enjoy.
  3. Thanks Youthman! I'll definitely read through that. I've got the RP280's and 450C with a Pioneer SC-1223-k. I'll have to check if amps are even possible with the Pioneer.
  4. I too have wondered how much of a difference I'd notice using external amps along with my receiver. I've never used them before. I'm not even sure if my receiver will allow it either. I'll have to check into it when I get home.
  5. I just recently got the 280F's and the 450C from Cory and they are awesome! You're gonna love them!
  6. Thanks! We did TONS of planning and did most of the work ourselves. It's nice to see it all come together pretty much exactly as planned.
  7. Thanks! Yeah, we pretty much do live down there.
  8. Finally got some time to take some current photos with my new RP's. Room is pretty much finished (well, until I decide to change something again ) except for some window treatments. Current setup- - RP280F's - RP450C - RBH A-815L surrounds & rear surrounds (in ceiling) - Hsu VTF 15H MK2 subwoofer - Pioneer SC-1223k receiver - Epson 5030ub 3d projector - Vapex 110" motorized tensioned screen - Panasonic TC-P65GT30 3d tv mounted behind the screen - Panasonic DMP-BDT220 blu-ray player - PS4 & Xbox One - Logitech Harmony Elite remote
  9. I had a perfectly good 65" Panny 3d plasma that I mounted on the wall behind the screen thinking that I may want to use it once in a while when watching older movies or playing games. So, I bought a motorized, tensioned screen and mounted it out from the wall in front of the tv. I haven't used the tv even one time since I got the projector and screen. It doesn't matter what I happen to be watching, it's much better on a big screen! I could have saved a good chunk of change by just going with a fixed screen and using the tv somewhere else. The photos below also show my black RP280's against a grey background, if that helps at all.
  10. Your room is awesome! I would definitely go with black speakers.
  11. I'm just curious and trying to learn something. Was there a version of the Icons that didn't have removable grills? My former KF-28's and KC-25 had removable grills.
  12. LOL! That's pretty much my exact situation too.
  13. I recently upgraded to RP280's and RP450C from some older Icons (KF-28's an KC-25). I've been using in-ceiling rbh-A815L's for my surrounds and rear surrounds with both lines of the Klipsch and have had no issues or problems at all. There may be a reason to stay in the same line (and brand) for the surrounds but in my real word experience, I'm not sure if it matters too much. Especially with the types of sounds coming from the surrounds.
  14. Some further impressions on the new speakers. So far, I am VERY impressed with them. I was a little concerned whether I'd hear much of a difference over the Icons but I'll tell you, they are a big upgrade. Movies and music are MUCH more detailed, even at much lower volumes. One of my favorite concerts is the bluray of the Eagles Farewell Tour in Melbourne. I listen to it quite often. When I listened to it for the first time with the new RP's, there wasn't a single song where I didn't hear instruments that I couldn't hear with the Icons. In fact, it was kind of distracting, but awesome at the same time! The Icons were very nice speakers but the RP's are definitely in a different league, at least to my ears. I love the looks of them too. I am extremely happy with the purchase, especially considering the great price I got from Cory.
  15. Awesome! With that large of a 4K tv, do you use the projector much?
  16. 90" 4K tv?!?! Wow! I didn't even realize they made them that big! More photos of your room/layout please!
  17. Ceiling height is right at 7'9" finished IIRC. Luckily, we had the house built and were able to make a number of changes to the plans as things came up, which made it easier when we started on the HT and the rest of the basement. We had a fairly large 2nd floor bonus room (wife's craft room) added to the original plans. In designing the support for that room, they said it would require putting two columns in the basement to support a large bonus room floor beam. The one column that was needed to support the center of the beam would have ended up in an awful place to try to have to work around so I talked to the builder (also lucky, the builder is a friend of ours) and they beefed up the beam so it only needed to be supported at the ends. That eliminated that dreaded center column. The other column I was able to incorporate into a wall. The builder also used trussed floor joists (instead of 2x's) that were designed to span the full width of the house. That also was a big bonus because that made it so I didn't have any additional support columns I had to work around. It also allowed all the HVAC ductwork to run between/through the trusses so I didn't have to deal with any soffits either. Well, except for the ones I made myself for the can lights and rope lights. Our previous house had all the issues you're dealing with in the basement but we still managed to make a fun theater/family room that got used a lot. Just make sure to take your time and try to think everything through before you start and as you go. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you put your mind to it!
  18. Thanks! The area with the equipment and seating is approximately 13' wide x 21' deep. The one whole side opens up to the start of the 4' wide hallway which makes the room feel much larger. We considered framing in the HT area to completely separate it from the rest of the room but I wanted it to be more open. I think we made the right choice. We use the room almost nightly whether we're watching a movie, Netflix-ing ( I'm sure that's gotta be a word these days) or listening to music.
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