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  1. 4 minutes ago, wvu80 said:


    I've got them at 1993.  (I separated the numerals for clarity)


    1990-1997(?) DOY Y2Y1 #### (135791234)

    DOY= day of the year
    Y2Y1=2nd digit of year, 1st digit of year



    Blown woofers are not common for Khorns, but anything can happen.  Have you exchanged L/R speaker wires yet to see if the problem stays with the speaker or follows the amp output?


    @wvu80, ah yes that would make sense as the invoice is from 1994. Thank you

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  2. If I

    58 minutes ago, Khornukopia said:

    Wheels mounted to the bottom of your insulated platform base probably won't affect the sound, but the perceived sound may change when the speakers are moved to different parts of the room.


    I would suggest lockable casters.

    If I move all four speakers in or out the same amount to form a square as it is now, just larger or smaller, won't it just get louder or quieter ? Thanks for any help :)

  3. Hi thanks for all the very helpful replies, I am hopefully just about to secure a pair in Europe but will need another pair this year as I'm building a sound system. Good used K horns are what I'm looking for, will possibly be replacing some wiring and crossovers but would like the horns etc to be in good condition. I don't know if this is right but I'm told you are buying great piece of furniture where the parts can be easily replaced if required,

  4. Hi sorry if I'm not doing this right but this is my first visit to this forum, great reading the threads here. I am over in the UK but would really love to buy a pair of K horns, have wanted a pair for years. Does anyone have a pair for sale that would be willing to ship to the UK ? I know it won't be the easiest or cheapest but they rarely come up for sale here. Thanks in advance

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