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  1. I can’t recommend Greg at STS enough. He’s been really great and had a table ready for me within a week. That even included picking out table, arm, arm board, and plinth. I was lucky he had everything in stock that I needed, but if you want something he doesn’t have, in sure he’d work to make sure you got everything you’re looking for.
  2. Edit: I can load these images from my phone but not from my computer. Weird. Anyway, they’re up now. Sorry guys. I can't get photos to load on the site right now. Anyone ever get an error message that reads: -200 That's it. That's all it says when I try to post a picture. They have all been resized to be below the 2mb limit.
  3. Sorry for the late response. For some reason I didn't get an alert when you posted (or maybe I just missed it). I'm getting a Thorens 124 with a vintage plinth. It's currently with STS Turntables in Tennessee. Once USPS finally delivers my check, it'll be en route to my listening space. So far my experience with STS has been top notch. I'm including pics of the build.
  4. Price drop to $1400. PayPal and shipping fees will be in the buyer at this new price. I have found a turntable that will meet my needs, and I’d like to move some of my remaining gear to find the purchase. Thanks for looking.
  5. Where is NC are you located? I’ve moved around the state a bunch and can recommend local people in a few towns.
  6. In her defense, my system had 7 different devices that had to be turned on just to play a single record (table, psu, tachometer, phono stage, preamp, and two mono blocks). Pretty much everyone who comes over to my listening space has no idea how to get sound to come out of my speakers. Honestly, I’m looking forward to more simplicity myself. My next iteration is goin to have two things to power up to play a record. Hopefully it’ll be less intimidating for all my guests. Thanks to joe for the purchase and for all the kind words from everyone. I can’t recommend dealing with Joe enough. He’s a solid guy.
  7. Thanks @Schu I really agonized over selling these. I hope they find a good home here. If you’re a decware collector, these amps are definitely something special. If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to post in this thread. I’d really like to see them sell here. Although, if I’m being honest, hanging on to these things wouldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen 😃
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