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    Hey guys appreciate the help. So no need to bi-amp or wire. What receiver is good for my set up? I really want to get the best out of my speakers.
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    Thanks for the welcome. The current room is 16x20. But I bought big in case it gets moved. Never want to need to upgrade. Not sure why you say the 28s are not good to bi-amp since they are designed for it with the 4 terminals on the back. Plus my friend had the 26s and said he's sounded better when he did it. Just gives a better range for all sounds, high medium and low. But like I said I'm new to all this. Budget is not really set. I have am older denon I'm using now. If works but I can only get so loud. I think it is around 75 wpc. I would like to stay under $800 if possible. My wife really doesn't want me to spend anymore on the system. Scrappydue Army vet? If so thanks for you're service. Semper Fi
  3. JimmyUSMC


    I have e following speakers and would like to know the best option for the receiver: R28F that I want to bi-amp R25c center R12sw R15 for rear surrounds I am not sure how many wpc I need for all these. I am new top the surround system so I don't know much about it. I bought all the speakers from hhGregg and I love them. I would like to get the receiver to power them properly. Thanks Jimmy
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