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  1. I converted the crossoverit one month ago, but I had the same distortion even with type D. Change only the frequency response To misure the distortion I use an audio card Emu1212m which has a vary good DA and AD conversion.
  2. Thank you for yhe answers. Pauln unfortunately the distorsion is between 2 and 3,5% in the range 3500 4500 hz. It's true that the 2nd harmonic isn't very annoying, but probably is connected with the excess of sibilant. I reverse the polarity of the tweeter an mid no more than a month ago, but the problem there was even before with type- d wiring. I'm going to check all the screw and the condition of the gaskets. Finally, I write to Bob Crites and he thought that it could be a crossoverr problem and probably he is right. But is the crossover point at 6000Hz, so I think that is a midrange problem.
  3. Hello everybody, this is my first topic and I'm glad to partecipate at this forum. I'm owner of a fantastic pair of Heresy I (1976), with k-22 woofer, k55-V mid e k22. tweet. To improve the acoustic of my room, I record the frequency response of a single speaker with a calibrated microphone (i use REW). What I see is an elevatate distorsion of 2nd order between 3000hz e 6000hz. You can see it the graph below. It is common in both the speaker. So I switch with another amplifier, but the problem persist. The measurement is near the speaker (70 cm), so i can exclude the ambience problem. In the listening I perceive marked sibilant. I think that is a problem of my speakers, but perhaps it is a common situation in Heresy I. Has anyone tried to measure the distorsion? Second, if the problem is finite to my speakers, which is the cause? In the capacitor of the crossover (It is a type D converted to Type E)? In the gasket of the speaker? I don't know. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance
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