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  1. Hello, ‘Wondering if anyone is using or tried Ayon amps with Klipsch speakers..
  2. The Pass Labs is definitely a quality product. Does anyone have an opinion on Sugden at half the price?…
  3. Thanks a lot, sure would be nice if it sounds good to me…probably be able to audition one …
  4. I have Yamaha Home theater A/V music doesn’t sound to good on it, but is bullet proof…does that one you recommended sound that good? I was thinking Pass Labs or Sugden integrated
  5. Hello Klipsch people, I have been running tube amps with my Forte IVs for a while and lately having problems. I would like to put my tube amps away for a while and get a solid state integrated so when I turn it on it plays the same every day….something non fatiguing. I would like to be under 10k and under 5k would be perfect…. Thanks….
  6. I added Mullard EL34 Mirror Matched set of 8 Welded Plates XF2s from the 1960s to my PrimaLuna EVO 400 and the bass beats my chest makes my ears sparkle, don’t need a sub with the ForteIVs 13 inches from the back wall 7 inches from the side wall……I change up the 12AU7s with RCA clear tops and Mullard short plates all from the 1960s..don’t need a sub period!! my wife upstairs in her craft rooms complains of the bass vibrations in the floor at normal listening levels…
  7. I start my PrimaLuna EVO 400 every morning after a cup of coffee and shut it down around 4 or 5 and watch TV. After it’s off I wonder what another amp would sound like, cruising the used adds or auctions on EBay…every morning after the EVO 400 warms up even with the stock tubes that urge goes away…
  8. Before I bought the EVO 400 I almost bought the Had amp on EBay, just as I was putting my info in someone else got it. Glad that happened because if there is a problem you really don’t have any recourse…if you want to try a 300b you should talk to Aric Audio…
  9. What other amps did you like more than the Decware? What’s your favorite right now?
  10. The Decware auction is over and it was crazy at the last couple minutes. I don’t know if the winner made a mistake, it went for crazy money..
  11. My EVO 400 in Triode mode sorta gets me to the single ended sound..I have been switching back and forth between my Naim amplifier, Aric amplifier (borrowed from a friend) and my PrimaLuna EVO 400. After a hour or so I always end with the PrimaLuna. Something about the sound calls to me….I just tap my foot when it plays. I found an old Phase Linear 400 in my attic I bought new in the old days. That didn’t last long hooked up lol
  12. I had a great music session today, just can’t get enough. The PrimaLuna and the ForteIVs really sound awesome with this music…The used Decware market is expensive too for what you get. There was a UFO for sale a few weeks ago 20 miles from me, talking to the guy he already sold it after having it a couple weeks, it was new but he didn’t like the sound with his La Scalas. He preferred the Shiny Eyes Radu amp he already had. Thinking a lot about the sound today with the EVO 400, there is no doubt the bass is really nice. No complaints here….Here one of my crazy playlists, you need a amp with some grunt to play these songs…
  13. I bought from Sean at Upscale, he bent over backwards to help with questions I had 7 days a week he would get back to me. I am drinking coffee and have the Primaluna in Ultra sound mode, sounds excellent….makes my old ear sparkle…..toes tapping…it’s all good…the Decware amp at the auction they are having is way to expensive for what it is…
  14. Yes I bought it new from Upscale, the people there are really nice to work with. My room isn’t very big, 12x15, carpet and lots of quilts on the walls…there is a French door with lots of glass…very nice room, close to the refrigerator,coffee pot and bathroom….
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