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  1. Thanks Blessedprince ill keep it like that. Pbphoto i will check that config and see if I notice any change and report back. This weekend i will have some spear time for testing. Dmb12679 yeap, indeed thats incoming soon, looking to get the Rp-115 that hope it shocks the hell out of me Thanks for the support.
  2. And this is correct to be connected like that?
  3. Hi Bill, Thanks for the fast reply, I attached a photo so you can see the conection (I have the metal plate placed if that was the question ). What do you mean by fullrange and low range? and in adittion I have them setted up in the Marantz config as Large speakers. Regarding my room is about 20 m2 (square meters) and my setting position is about 3.5 meters awat from the speakers.
  4. Hi all there! Im new to the Klipsch world and I kicked off with a Marantz SR7010 + Klipsch RP-280F to start with my home theater build for music and movies purposes. In the near future im planing to add the 450C center channel and a RP-115SW sub.... at the end depending on size of my future room size some RP-150 or RP260F as rear ones, but at the moment I live with only my floorstanding speakers. So far I'm inlove with my initial setup for music BUT not that much regarding movies. Im lacking bass punch at a decent volumen level, to put everyone in my scenario: * Marantz amp goes from 0 to 98 in volumen level, so I watch them in 65. * I use my 55 inch 4k tv to reproduce my movies with audio DTS support, Netflix or PC with HDMI. Connections: * Single wire Eagel 18 gauge cable (keeping the golden metal plate at the back of the speakers that RP-280F brings with them from LF to HF) to the respective front left/right speakers connections in the Marantz amp. * Marantz to TV through HDMI (ARC) monitor connector. I'm lacking that shock that I was expecting of an 8 inch cooper woofers that the speakers got,so my concern is, Do I have something wrong in the way I reproduce movies or how I hooked everything up? I know that when the RP-115SW arrives im going to be in heaven in terms of movie experience or at least thats what I expect. Thanks for reading and any tips advices are welcome!
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