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  1. Thanks I got the rc-62ii over the weekend. Mission accomplished
  2. Did you see any rc-62 center speakers [emoji848]
  3. I'm on the opposite I got the RF-82ii and I know everyone is saying the RC-62 and RC-62ii are the same but cosmetic is a difference so I know I won't feel right me looking at two different looks. So I hope I get lucky and score me a RC-62ii for a reasonable price. Fingers crossed [emoji120]
  4. Yeah I hear you I'll be showing the the ad today
  5. Yeah you right it's more of the wife saying to keep everything looking the same lol
  6. Never mind just saw the post I'm mad they're not the rc-62ii newer model but thanks anyway
  7. Klipsch website have them $296 with an 10% off email subscription discount I might jump in that if I don't get lucky writhing a week or so
  8. I'm in the east coast nyc/New Jersey
  9. Hey guys I'm building a simple home theater/music so far I have RF-82ii as my L/R 2 r-15m as my surrounds and 1 R-12sw sub running with a denon X4300H. So I need the center speaker and I been searching for the RC-62ii center but haven't been lucky to find a good deal on one came close but not close enough lol. So what might be compatible to the rc-62ii if I don't find those bad puppies what will you guys suggest. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. Nice man patience is a killer lol but I'm hanging
  11. How long ago did you get the rc-62ii that's the one I been waiting for
  12. Ok just helping the community don't believe is ok I have what I need sitting in my living room at the price I said before [emoji111]️later everyone
  13. FYI, I got both rf-82ii for $229 each and today I had the r-115sw on my cart for $419 free shipping and no tax including the wireless kit why I didn't get it because I just bought the R-12sw for $219 2 weeks ago. Trust me they go on sale with free shipping.
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