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  1. yes I am and it was hand delivered :).... I will try to A/B switch with my JBL 4670D (dual 15")..
  2. I think I need to pop-out the woofer? re-label the back plate posts...
  3. Just pick-up these speakers.. can somebody identify the back terminal connections? TIA
  4. yes still looking for KLF30
  5. I think it was design for two different frequencies(Qts) thats why two different size of woofers.
  6. Here how it looks.. grills was removed. Not that pretty, but sound is amazing,,,
  7. Well i think i need to open the bass box(lower box with 12"&10" drivers) to see if theres a network inside ? Since the top box marked 'amp' and 'woofer' terminals?
  8. The sound is amazing!! also I notice that the rheostats are heavy duty and coils are plastic shielded..
  9. thanks... yes the horn is marked "H350" and it looks like both cabinet was factory assembled looking the quality of glue and the bass box was totally shielded.
  10. Separate HF box with large long horn?
  11. Hi can somebody identify this speaker?
  12. here's a pair of my speaker Klipsch KLF20 and JBL4670
  13. Thanks guys for the warm welcome, Also any thought about Cornscala? Any KLF 30 around Vancouver Area?
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