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  1. Spotfy

    What do you mean ''wireless''?
  2. Spotfy

    I have been using Spotify for a few years. Never had any problems nor have i ever heard about anyone who have experienced anything other than a very easy to use app with a huge catalogue. And i am pretty sure that i only know a few people who don't use Spotify. If you are using a decent system it is worth noticing that Tidal HiFi has better sound quality. I use Spotify for convenience and Tidal/streaming from NAS for more serious listening.
  3. RF7-ll power handling

    About 650 sq feet. It's around 28x23. I don't really sit. I got a pool table, some dart boards, a bar, a motor bike and two couches in there. And it is very well insulated and i have a couple hundred yards to the nearest neighbor. If you can see where i'm going. 😉
  4. RF7-ll power handling

    They might be efficient but they do like power. And yeah i have been told that i have a tendency to go a bit nuts with the whole power thing.. 😛
  5. RF7-ll power handling

    You are right about that. And you could also be right about the 50 watts. That was kinda what i thought. But it would be good to know for sure. If nothing else then just to be on the safe side. I know that i might not push them that far but better safe then sorry.
  6. RF7-ll power handling

    I didn't give it that much thought other then to ask you guys. ☺
  7. RF7-ll power handling

    It is a 1.75 inch i believe.
  8. RF7-ll power handling

    AVR? No i have a Rotel Ra-1592 at the moment. I am however thinking about changing it out with a pair of bridged NC502 .
  9. I am thinking about bi amping a pair of Rf7-ll does anyone know how much power the tweeter can handle?
  10. I use Spotify, Tidal and Flac. Records on Sundays.
  11. cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    Those look great mate!
  12. Heritage subwoofer

    Hey. I was just wondering when the new Heritage subs might hit the market. Does anyone know? And just as important, has anyone heard or seen these yet?
  13. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    Thanks.Hadn´t seen that one Glad to hear ou like them.
  14. The Sixes, opinions

    Always happy to hear when people like Klipsch. 😉
  15. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    Hey. How do jo like them so far? I actually thought of these when i bought RF-7. Have they settled in nicely?