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  1. Heresy lll

    Sounds great guys! I feared they would be to bright. I have never owned a heritage speaker. So i have nothing to compare it with.
  2. If you don't abuse them and they are kept in an indoor environment they will play almost forever.
  3. Heresy lll

    Hey guys. I have an amp question in relation to the Heresy lll. I have a Primare i22 that i don't use anymore and i have been seriosly considering getting a pair of Heresy speakers. They will be playing a turntable and something Spotify related. Propably a Bluesound Node 2. I have read that they really like tubes though. So would a somewhat new integrated like the i22 be a stupid match? Thanks.☺
  4. Looks really great man. I to have speakers in pretty much every room. Not as nice as yours, but hey i'm only in the mid twenties so i have a few years left to upgrade in. I actually used to have built in speakers in the main bathroom, so it doesn't sound to crazy to me. I don't at the new place though.
  5. Come on. You have to show us some more pictures of the room after a statement like that!
  6. Yeah i quite like them as well. I originally wanted the rf7ii but i thought i'd try the Rp280 instead until the Rf7iii comes out. I have a mate that have both Rf7ii and P38f. Needless to say i like the Palladium a lot better. But i do think that the Rp280f in some regards sound better then the Rf7ii.
  7. Yeah but the rf7 needs a lot more space around it. Atleast compared to the rp280f. That might not be true for an rp380 though. I newer owned the rf83? And wasn't the rf83 close to the rf7 in price?
  8. I have had the Rp280f for a while now and i like them! However my plan all along was to use them elsewhere in the house and get the new Rf7 when they come out. BUT i just moved and i am sad to say that the Rf7 will have a to large footprint for my new listening area. So Klipsch, come on and give us an Rp380f please! Or am i the only one who really want one?
  9. Nad for the RP line?

    About the jig. I would love to see that. I do how ever hate you;)
  10. Nad for the RP line?

    Damn dude. I just bought the Rotel RA-1570 a few days ago. But now you got me considering Nad again☺
  11. Klipsch Powergate Max

    So something like 90 watts in 8?
  12. CA CXA80 vs NAD C368

    Don't know why it did that quote thing above. My bad ☺ Back to topic, i would hold on with the new NAD classics until they get some reviews. They are not Ncore but the cheaper Ucd and furthermore some kind of hybrid of that. I haven't heard them yet but i ain't holding my breath:p I really dig the CXA. They look gorgeous and sound great. You could however propably save a bit of coin and get the NAD C356. It is an older design but sounds great and you might just find it for sale as they are changing them out with the new ones.
  13. Klipsch Powergate Max

    You are propably right. I just like a little headroom you know;)
  14. Klipsch Powergate Max

    Yeah. But that could be a 4 ohm rating with shitty thd. They should give some decent specs when they release this stuff!