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  1. I can't seem to figure out how i get any sort of usefull data? How big should my cabinet be and what about port size?
  2. Tried a few calculators. But i can't seem to decipher their meaning. Help please? 😋
  3. I have had a pair of Rp280 for a few years. Since they came out pretty much. And i had them running of a Rotel Ra1592, 2x200 watts for a while. They did very well with that and i now run them of a 1572, 2x120 watts. They could handle the 1592 pretty much cranked all the way up, they mellowed out but never distorted. I know that wasn't the best move but i had to try. 😉 They are very hard to destroy in my experience. Yours must be defect. They are truly great speakers for the money. I have said this a lot, but i am pretty convinced you can't do much better at the price. Obviously my Rf7's kick their ***. But i quite like the rp none the less. 🙂
  4. Very cool project. Where did you find the crossover? Thickness, material and other data would be nice if you are willing to share your hard work. And more pictures of course. 🙂
  5. The problem with crites is taxes, shipping etc to europe. I'll check it out. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I'll do that one of these days. Don't feel like looking for a laptop right now. 🙂 My biggest proplem seem to be the crossover. I can't find anyone who sells a high quality one with the right crossover frequence.
  7. That is not a bad idea i quess. But the cf4 is a two way so wouldn't that be more in the line of what i am going with?
  8. You are right. Nothing like this anyway. Only a few bookshelf speakers. Nothing fancy, mostly taking drivers and crossover out of a damaged pair and putting them into a "copy". And yes the woodworking part is easy enough, i even have access to a cnc machine if that should come in handy. I am also quite adept in soldering if i can't find a finished crossover.
  9. Interesting read. Those should be pretty good. The freq response seem a bit better than the ones i had looked at and they are only 140 euros. I pretty much have everything but the crossover and grill cloth then. I think i would like to try something off white. Oh. And cap volume, now to decide if i should just build a cf4 replica or tweak it. Any comments on that?
  10. No i haven't heard the cf4 but i always liked the design. And i figuered i could try building a pair after i saw the fraital horn crites use. I just need a bit of help choosing a woofer and xover.
  11. Well the reason i want the horn up top is to be more at ear level. I know a horn spreads more than a regular tweeter but i was thinking that it couldn't hurt.
  12. That is exactly what i want to do. So this could be a good idea?
  13. That is quite interesting. But not that pretty though. 😋
  14. Hey guys. I was going to get a pair og Forte lll in a month or two. But due to unforseen tax ''penalties'' i might not have the green this year. Therefore, i might just want to make something myself. I looked into the crites Cornscalas. But i think i am more into something like the CF4. 2 x 12" and a horn. It would be somewhat like a CF4 but with the horn on top. I really need some input though. Good or bad idea?
  15. To be honest i would get the Ra1592 with clear intentions of upgrading to a pair of rf7. Not to diss the rf82 but i have a Ra1592 running a pair of rf7 ll and it is awesome. 😉
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