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  1. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    Inspire built by Dennis had for me, for my La Scalla II's.
  2. I bought them new, hardly ever used them. Beautiful cherry color. Look and work wonderfully. I am powering them with a Yamaha AS-2100, amazing sound and power. I have original boxes. Local pick up only 79316. WELL worth the drive if you are close by. Price 1800 dollars. ty for looking.
  3. LM 518 IA.+++ I have both amps, and love the LM 518 with my LSII. Much more musical and magical sound then my PL HP. Dialogue.
  4. F/S in Ebony color, a pair of the Sixes, I am the original owner, used very rarely, comes with original box and remoted and accessories. They are in Mint functional and cosmetic condition. Excellent sound. Price: 375 dollars + Shipping to CONUSA.
  5. Klipsch RB 61II, pair, black ash, in excellent condition I am the original owner, and used them rarely. they are in mint condition functionally and cosmetically. Had them for about 6 months. I don't have the original box, but they will be packed very carefully. Shipping via FedEx Ground insured. Price: 239 shipped to the 48 states. PayPal.
  6. Come pick those babies up, and will give you a live demonstration of the k-horns 70th ann. "in situ'. 😃
  7. Bump for price drop. Someone please buy these Beautiful speakers. Price 695 dollars Local pick up Lubbock TX79407.
  8. Bump for price drop. Someone please buy this amp, it is in Mint shape. Price 650+ 50 dollars shipping. Local pick up Lubbock TX 79407.
  9. Congrats on your purchase, and welcome to the forum. I have the same exact speakers, recently bought, from the same dealer in NV I guess. They do look gorgeous, and they sound amazingly good. I recently started using a Line Magnetic LM 508AI with them, and oh boy , do they sound sweet. !!!
  10. Sorry to hear that. Prayers to your brother and his family. 🙏
  11. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    UPS has done it again, my anticipated bnib MAC6700 arrived like this :
  12. https://www.tubedepot.com/products/jj-el34ii-power-vacuum-tube?taxon_id=124 https://www.tubedepot.com/products/tung-sol-12ax7-new-production-preamp-vacuum-tube
  13. For sale, my Mint Onkyo M-504 Amplifier. In excellent condition, hardly ever used it. All original, and works and looks and sounds fantastic. I used it with my Forte II's and it sounded amazing. Price: 650 dollars, + 50 dollars shipping to lower 48 states.
  14. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    I order this NAD C 658 Preamp, as it comes with decent DAC's and a BLUOS music streamer. I like the Blue OS. It's easy to use and very functional. I already have the NAD M-12 and this one looks similar, with the built in BluOS, so no need for extra module like on the M-12. The C-658 lacks the screen, but oh well, I can hardly see the screen details anyway from my sitting position, and that's what the iPad BluOS app is for anyway !. I think this should be a good companion for the recent McIntosh MAC6700.
  15. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    I will. I Know the DAC maybe outdated, and I am planning on trying to use a DAC/streamer connecting to the XLR inputs. A Cary Audio DMS 550 would be perfect I think. But I bought it mainly for it's the power, headroom, and that McIntosh sound that I am after. I contemplated getting the mac7200 initially, but when this one came up, it was a no brainer, as the internal DAC can be bypassed by newer and better if I may say. I do have the MA5300, and the USB in this baby is first class ! I never had a problem using it. I had to download the USB driver however from McIntosh first, but since then no issues at all, and the sound is amazing with my CWIII's. I plan on using the MAC6700 with my K-horns.
  16. pallpoul

    What I Got Today!

    MA6700 BNIB, deal price that I could not turn down.
  17. very skinny people live there ! judging by door size
  18. I use the PL Dialogue HP with my K-horns. Excellent combination. beats the MC275 in my setup. .
  19. I had Chorus II, and sold them. I much prefer the CW III's. For your space you'd love it.
  20. Any benefit going from the RB-61 II's to The RP-600M's ? This may have been discussed here but I can't find the topic. Used in a 2 channel stereo setup. Ty
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