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  1. What Travis said is so true. I did keep the same placement for the H4 where H3 were placed, and the same amp, source, sub, etc. I use my MAC7200, Klipsch 15" subwoofer. and with most tracks I've played, I got the same sound signature and to my ears, the difference was minimal. Sub crossed at 60 Hz, and again to my ears not much difference. That says a lot about the H3's, being really good, and sounding fantastic, to me. I do like the H4 as much too, and the specs and new ports are sure improvements and deliver more, but to my ears that was not a night and day difference. I am not a critical listener, but I do love the Klipsch sound. I enjoy my Klipschorns, CW's, Forte's, Heresy's, ...they all have different specs, but their sound, the Klipsch heritage sound is what draws me in, and that sound has only got more refined over the years, with each new updated version of speakers. Ty Travis and Chief Bohehead for your comment
  2. I do have the H3 and H4, and compared side by side, same system. Very minutes differences, to my ears, at higher price. In fact, I prefer the H3's, Weird, but true. I love my Forte III's, and don't have any remorse or desire to "upgrade", after my experience with the H3 vs H4's. Enjoy your F-3's, they are amazing speakers. don't chase the "0.1% improvement" and save you $ for other components if you desire. My 2 cents.
  3. I have both speakers, JBL S590's and the RF-7 III's and I love both systems, I do prefer the Klipsch's sound and clarity however.
  4. I recently unboxed, and hooked my brand new La Scala's II, 70th Anniversary to a Cary Audio SLI-80 HS, and the sound was just beautiful. I am still experimenting, so I hooked the pair to my new MAC7200, and although I have no room treatment yet, they sounded even better. See the short video I posted on YouTube, it shows despite the poor recording via my iPhone12, the synergy these 2 have whith is other. Next, I will hook'em up to my PL Dialogue HP, and will see. PS: this was initial quick and primary setup, neither the speakers nor the Mac7200 have bene broken in, just out of the box. Source Amazon HD via Node 2i.
  5. they sounded the same to my ears, honestly. so i save myself 5k and returned it.
  6. What about the new Dennis Had tube pre amplifier.?
  7. I did buy and received and tested the evo400 ia, and compared to my PL HP dialogue, no sound difference was noticeable to my ears, with my KH 70th ann., and my la Scala's 7-th ann. and my forte iii's and h4. I TRIED IT AS U CAN TELL WITH EVERY HERITAGE SPEAKERS I HAVE AND NO DIFFERENCE ION SOUND compared to the hp dialogue. I returned it to Kevin dale, and kept my hp dialogue, and saved myself some money. FWIW, Newer is not always better. more of the same in this case.
  8. Good things happens when you go to church.!
  9. I love my Klipschorns just as they came from the factory, sounding jut amazing. I wonder why he said that.
  10. I recently paired a Rotel Integrated Amp 1592 with my La Scala II's, and they sound truly amazing, !! Very close to my many other tube amplifiers I use with the LS's. The sound is airy, with big sound stage, excellent imaging and excellent clarity, yet warm to the ears. Has any body else had a similar experience combining Rotel audio gear with Klipsch Heritage speakers ? Please share your experience. ty
  11. yes xlr all the way: bifrost---> freya +--->Aegirs.---> ForteIII'S
  12. I'll buy your Vidar amp if you decide to to, I'll use in in stereo mode with my H4's
  13. on your previous post: " Posted January 21 That's cool. I noticed an improvement going with Vidar mono-blocks vs just one in stereo. Not sure if it's the added power or if it's the fact that the channels are now seperated in separate chassis but it was definitely worth getting the second Vidar IMO." So which is it: mono or stereo?
  14. I am curious to know if you have tried the Vidars in mono set up? do they really provide 400 wpc, and do they sound good in mono's mode?
  15. Yes , I did return the Aegirs. I kept the Freya+, and use it with different amps. Like I mentioned, they do get really hot, not too loud unless you turn the knob on the Freya+ all the way up. I felt a decent SET amp did a much better job. IMHO sounded better then the Aegirs did. Get the Freya+, and experiment with different amps, my opinion.
  16. I had this combo, they get so hot with the forte iii's, u can fry an egg on them. not too loud either. i ended up returning the Aegir's, and using a Dennis Had SET amp. much better imo.
  17. I really personally don't care either way what happens to the assassin, weather he gets parole or not. These are all small details, the major loss happened some 50 + years ago with the loss of RFK..
  18. those amps generate so much heat, i tried them and return ed them, don't put them on the speakers directly, the heat may damage the speakers.
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    Cary Audio SLI-100.
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