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  1. I would like to say Thank you for the advice. How do i get a hold of this deang Guy so I can contact him
  2. They have the AA cross overs Serial # 23U049
  3. I just acquired a pair of 1982 La Scala's with with a Yamaha CR-2020 receiver for $1250.00 The Scala's have AA type Crossovers, Want to upgrade. what type should i go with, I am new on this Forum and There is a lot lot I don't Know. I owned Klipsch all my life. starting with the Quartet witch sounded absolutely amazing. Now I have a pair of chorus II fully upgraded from Bob Crites. also have a pair of RF-7 III The Scala's are a Different level and I just want to do the best for them, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  4. Just bought a pair of RF-7 III. Heard a lot of info on upgrading the crossovers. any recommendations for me. would appreciate any help. heard about Dean G. How do you get a hold of this guy?
  5. Has anyone installed a pair of B&C DE120 Tweeters in the chorus II speakers there is a guy on ebay that states they sound a lot better then the K79s He has a pair installed in a pair of chorus I Speakers Bob crites says they will be 4db to loud and the cross over would need to be changed, any info on this
  6. I would like to say thank you for all the helpful input. Scott
  7. Hi I was hoping for some help on my Chorus 11 speakers. I upgraded with Crites crossovers & titanium tweeter diaphragms. is there anything else I can do to make them sound better Thanks for any help any one can give me,
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