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  1. Well that's good enough for me and I appreciate the input. Will call Bob today and get them ordered. while we're on the same subject, should I do the complete board transfer on the crossovers from Bob or possibly just replace the caps ? Silversport mention Bec's crossover, I'm not familiar with that at all ?
  2. Hello, what is the benefit of adding the Titanium diaphragm from Bob ? Cost is no issue. would be used on kg4's. I was fortunate to pick up a pair that must have been in storage most of their like. Serious rating would be as new as you would find. Later after I get info I want to discuss his crossover complete package or should I just consider up grading the caps, thanks guys for any input, dave
  3. I appreciate all the information. Here in Toledo and surrounding area it's just wait and see what comes up. My friend has the KLF 30's which is quite a speaker. I should have bought his 20's when he moved up. Sooner or later it will happen. It would be nice to hear before buying plus I'm not a fan on having shipped unless they have original packing and carton. Thanks everyone for the input. Dave
  4. Well, that was 3 for 3 and I appreciate the input. Will look into the Heritage Line and extended. Thanks, hoping I can find something within reasonable distance. I'm not fond of someone packing and shipping speakers.
  5. I have the kg4 and very happy but wanting to try something different within Klipsch. The kg4's to me are very musical. Im not into chest pounding bass. Should I be possibly looking for the 3.5 or the 4.2 ? I don't want a lateral move. my kg4's have the Crites upgraded tweeters but NOT the crossover as yet. I have plenty of room for placement, my music room is 18 X 23 foot with 10 foot high ceilings. any suggestions would be appreciated. dave
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