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    Set up for Klipschorns

    Recently I cleared out a family member's storage unit and came home with a pair of Klipschorns. I believe they are circa mid 1970's. I'm pretty well educated in regards to newer/digital audio, however relatively new to anything vintage or analog. In addition I was able to get two amplifiers - HH Scott 222-D tube amp, and AKAI AM-2800. Both seem to be in decent condition, however would need some cleaning and/or attention. Lastly was a Technics SL-5210 turntable. I have a pretty large vinyl collection from when I was young and really want to maximize the khorns, solely for them. I have a decent sized room (maybe 16 x 12) with solid corners. I know there is tons of info online about the various components and I've read a LOT (almost overwhelming), but I'm hoping to get any feedback here on what the best approach might be. I have a modest amount I could invest - but is it worth trying to recondition one of the amps, use the turntable, go an entirely different direction, etc... I understand it's a pretty vague question - but any input would be greatly appreciated.