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  1. What don’t you like about your current sound don’t you like? I’d start with a measurement mic and learning REW so you know what is your current response. Adding a parametric eq (or even better a DSP) will allow you to tailor your sound to your own tastes without jumping on the endless amp upgrade path. Khorns take very little power, so I doubt you are driving that little amp to clipping distortion. Plenty of people here will tell you an expensive tube amp is the way to go with khorns. I say save your money until you understand what you have and exactly what you’re wanting to sound different.
  2. I'm currently working up plans for triple K510s with single woofers for a built in LRC wall unit in our master bedroom. We're planning a remodel and now is my opportunity to get something upstairs. The idea is about a 10' wide entertainment cabinet with Heresyish sized cabs embedded left, right and center. Might use Hypex's Fusion DSP plate amps for this build.
  3. Many K402 main owners used the K510 that's in the 396 for surrounds and center. @AHall has them in modded Cornwalls for surround and a modded Heresy for center. I've been thinking of building a wall mount wedge surround with K510s, but I'll probably opt with staying married instead.
  4. 396s are probably the closest thing in the current lineup.
  5. You won’t get any argument from me on that. I’m spending 2-4 hours every night in front of mine. Jubes are the only thing I’ve heard that are significantly better. But then again auditory memory is very imprecise...
  6. No I was referring to the 904HF bundle with the drivers and stand. At least you can buy the horns without having to cannibalize a pro speaker.
  7. If I were running Klipsch, I would use the design of the K510 as a guideline for a 1 or 1.5" exit constant directivity horn that would work as a two way for the Cornwall IV. I'm not sure the K510 is really appropriate for the consumer market. It is however a great piece of kit for anyone looking for an approximation of the Jube sound in a smaller package, who has the skills/patience to design and test an active design. I'm just glad these horns exist and I'm privileged to have them in my home. As far as Roy goes, I'm just grateful he designed them and makes them available through dealers like Cory for those who want them.
  8. I use one of these to attenuate the signal for the amplifier channels driving my K510s. It is very transparent, using a very nice ALPS 27 pot. Has both balanced and unbalanced connections. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MXC9HHW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Saw it twice in the UK and three shows on the West Coast. Front row in Vancouver, The two guitarists are very good.
  10. Let’s just say that if people started posting generalizations about living in the South or rural america the idea of who is being delicate would shift very quickly.
  11. Yeah I immediately regretted my post and removed it.
  12. Also edited for politeness.
  13. Edited for politeness.
  14. California actually spends the gas tax on highways and public transportation. On occasion a few governors like Schwartzeneger have raided the transportation fund for other things, but these funds are not part of the general budget. Given the size of the state California has some of the best highways in the country. Sure there are places that need more work (I’m looking at you I-5) but by and large roads get improved in California without crazy toll schemes to fund them. I took the express lanes in Dallas going to Pilgrimage this year. $40 in tolls.
  15. Yeah grills are next. I have some foamcore board I was going to wrap with a tan burlap that’s about the same color as the marble on the fireplace. Eventually I will paint the enclosures with the same semigloss white as the fireplace so the blend perfectly.
  16. It was epic. I'm sure we'll be talking about it thirty years from now.
  17. I took my son for two nights in Pompeii and two nights in Verona in 2016. Guess which side of this discussion I fall?
  18. I haven't tried passive on my setup, but I'm pretty sure the K691s really like being driven directly by an active amp. I also doubt the bass bins would be as clean with a passive network.
  19. Maybe my memory is fading from Pilgrimage already, but with my latest DSP settings my K510 setup reminds me most of the Jube demo than anything I heard in the Heritage room. The k510s fill the entire room with sound. It still amazes me how much directional control such a small horn can have. One of the key design considerations for my build was that I have exactly one place in the house where I could place these speakers. Essentially the problem I was trying to solve is given the width of a k510 how much speaker could I squeeze next to the columns of the fireplace without protruding too far into the window frames. I did build the horn enclosures independently from the bass bins so I could aim the horns, but so far I haven’t found any significant sound improvements by doing so. One of my favorite things to do when I have the house empty enough is to listen to a bunch of instrumental SRV, especially Riviera Paradise about the same SPL as the Jube demo in Hope. They K510s give me goosebumps every time. These would never replace a pair of Jubes if I had the space, but they are definitely in the ballpark. My hat’s off for @Chief bonehead Roy Delgado for developing the K510. For it’s size there isn’t anything comparable in my opinion.
  20. Ever end up building anything with these?
  21. Claude - Is this because horn loaded bass bins are inherently lower distortion due to their higher efficiency? Or because the direct radiator bass bins tend to use more than one driver?
  22. Could meet in Bakersfield.. Drive could be done in 2 longish days.. Wednesday to Monday maybe?
  23. If I can find someone else coming out to share the driving I'll just rent a van for the weekend.. Love to get some feedback from the experts..
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