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  1. I like that the veneer extends to the riser on these. I think it looks better. On the CBW Special Edition, the risers are satin black.
  2. Choose between your favorite veneer/grill options. What do you like?
  3. Thanks. They really do sound amazing. There is a great synergy between them and the Fisher x-101-c that's driving them. As they've been burning in, I've been throwing more and more music at them that I've heard other systems struggle with. And, they keep standing up. For me it's ALL about music. These speakers are letting me stop being critical and get back to enjoying it.
  4. I'd also describe the bass I'm hearing in my space as organic.
  5. The bass is dynamic, deep, and warm in my living room listening space. The Forte III's just keep wowing me as I test them with various genres and formats of music. Late last night I was listening to the Sirius satellite radio hip hop music channels plugged in from my iPhone. (The worst source I'll ever listen from). And, It sounded VERY nice.
  6. Luckily my animals have never touched the grills on any of my several sets of speakers. But, for some reason, I used to catch them behind the F 2s wanting to scratch on the radiators. However, I will Scotchguard the grill fabric on the 3s.
  7. I talked to Chris in the warranty dept this morning. Klipsch is replacing the defective grill no problem.
  8. I'd like to have this remedied myself. It's the only flaw that I've found. And, another thing. An extra speaker screw fell out when I removed the grill for the first time on one of them. I looked everything over and there weren't any missing. I didn't like the idea of that rattling around in there while shipping.
  9. Funny you say that. It IS a new sound, and an improvement. I loved my 2s. And, now I don't feel the least bit sorry about letting them go a few months ago. Haha. I got them dialed in with no fuss at all. I have them about a foot from the wall toed in about an 1.5" With the volume set at 4/10 on my 20 wpc vintage integrated amplifier, it's loud as it ever needs to be turned up. The efficiency makes this a sweet pairing. Balanced, imaging + big stage, live..no sub needed with these. Tiger stripes, baby! Read in Austin Powers' voice.
  10. ...And, I cat proofed the radiators just like I did with my Forte II's.
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