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  1. I dont know how it happened to be honest worked fine last night where it was played loudly but i wouldnt say extreme or anything they shouldnt be able to handle especially being brand new and a good amp behind them. But then this morning i fired it up to clean and they came on just fine then i came back to switch songs and noticed the left speaker sounded weak and muffled with nothing coming from the horn
  2. If this topic has been discussed please link me to it.. im 99.9% sure my horn blew. Where can i find replacements? Or is there a way to test it with a DVOM? Ohm it out or something? Or maybe even find upgraded so this doesnt happen again? Speakers are not even a month old and i purchased with cash so i dont have a receipt or invoice. Thanks guys
  3. What should i select for playback? What do you guys prefer and why? Is this one of those things where i should select what sounds best to me? Ive read the differences but it seems some people swear by one or the other which is a bit confusing for a new guy
  4. The 250's got moved to the rear in my makeshift theatre set up. Should have taken your advice as the rf 82ii are way brighter, almost seems like the 250's sound better in every scenario.(i shouldnt say every, its only when listening to music.. movies are amazing) Is that right? Does the rp line just sound that much better even though my 250s are far smaller? Almost seems like the rf82ii are not getting enough power or something even though my amp should provide ample power all ch driven.
  5. How is the sound quality with your xbox one? Thinking about buying a pair for the little gaming i have time to do.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys i went ahead and bought the rf82ii i couldnt resist the price at $550 Those are now my mains and the 250f's have replaced the sonys. I have an hsu sub. Still trying to get everything tuned in, need to read up on "slope" and such. I ran the emo q calibration my preamp has but now i feel like it actually sounds worse than before. My room isnt ideal as its a giant "L" but im making it work for now. I dont have bookoo bucks to throw at it but maybe eventually my way down basment will turn into nice setup.
  7. Anyone that has heard both of these or uses one or the other like to chime in with opinions? pros? cons?.. on paper they seem to be almost identical when compared to each other. Im rather torn as i already own from the rp line and love them but i can get a pair of rf82ii $550 for open box or $620 brand new and the rp280's would run about double.. are the 280's really that much better? Thanks for any input!
  8. Who uses them? What are you using? And why do you choose floorstanders?
  9. Yes i suppose you could consider them surrounds. I have rp250's in front with a sub then the Sonys behind which im fairly certain is wrong but the rooms shape doesnt accommodate well. Its not perfect but its better than tv speakers . I use this area to entertain so im usually watching movies or playing music through these speakers. My preamp will sometimes play music 2.1 which i think its supposed to do but other times it just plays through all channels which doesnt bother me because it still sounds great. I was considering the rp280's as replacements for the sonys and then moving the 280's to the front and 250's to the rear but the biggest difference i see between the two is the bigger woofer on the 280's?. This is quickly becoming an expensive hobby. Thanks again for the input
  10. Hey everyone new to all of this but look forward to learning a bit from all of you. I currently have 2 rp250f and 2 older sonys set up for my music/theatre room. The 250's sound absolutely amazing to me and the sonys actually sound pretty good with good clean power as well but im looking at replacing them so i can put them in my garage. My question for all of you is what would you do? Would you buy two more rp250's? Or would you go bigger? I was told to match the speakers in the set up but thought maybe a slightly bigger pair up front would add a bit more to my set up? Bass isnt really a big deal as my sub covers everything low pretty much. Thanks for reading!
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