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  1. Hi, Thanks for your response. However there is wall just behind the Couch. And i cant get the Floor stander for surround, my wife is already mad at the Boxes and the space it consumes, can't take risk to make her more angrier . So for Surround i am looking for Bookshelf or Surround, and as i said my couch is next to wall, and probably i use Wall mount for Surround to save some space.
  2. RP260S as front speakers .. I believe its not good as for front since its kind of dipole speaker with wide sound distribution. RP160M would be better choice for FRONT and 250S for surround
  3. Thanks a Lot for the reply. I have attached my room dimensions, Hope now it makes it more clear. Thanks again for your input
  4. Bookshelf Speakers as Surround speaker. I am planning to setup Klipsch 5.1 (Reference Premiere 260 set) , i have one doubt. RP250S VS RP160M as a Surround Speaker Can i use Bookshelf Speaker RP160M as a surround? I listen to music(via Youtube or Radio) and movies (via Netflix). My couch is next to the wall, and most probably i will Wall mount the surround speaker. I have attached my room dimension. I already have a pair of RP260F as Front stereo speakers. i have to decide between Bookshelf RP160M VS RP250S (Surround Speaker) , which one would be better , shall i choose dedicated Surround Speaker over Bookshelf or vice versa? Thanks in advance
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