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  1. The receiver arrived today. Still in the box as I'm too busy to set it up until next weekend. I'll post my initial feelings after.
  2. Can't really comment for R-28's but I've had RP-250F's for few weeks now and they sound (and look) truly awesome. Really happy with them.
  3. Ended up ordering the Yamaha. Hopefully it will perform well so I don't have to send it back and try the Denon.
  4. I'm slowly turning towards Yamaha. I like the look and feel of Denon more, but I've read a lot of good things about Yamaha's reliability and durability. So while Yamaha might not be the 'cool' choice, I think it is the logical one.
  5. Hi there, a bit of help would be greatly appreciated. Just recently bought my first real speakers. After a quite a lot of research I ended up buying a pair of RP-250F's. Now I'm looking for a good AV Receiver to match them (I'll add more speakers in time). The main use for me will be listening music in stereo. Mostly CD's, LP's. Wifey wants spotify and kids need video and gaming features so can't just buy a stereo receiver. My choice is between Yamaha V681 and Denon X2300. I've heard that Yamaha is more 'musical' but also bit on the 'bright side', where as Denon is more 'warm' and 'laid back'. Which of these would be a better match for these Klipsch speakers?
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