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  1. Thank you! I can't wait to share pics once I setup!
  2. Apologies I didn't even see your reply since I last came on! But my god, even without reading what you said that's exactly what has happened! One week into owninf the RP260f I sent them back and now am eagerly awaiting the RF7ii! You've read my mind! I can't wait!!
  3. Hey guys, new to the forum. My RF-7II are coming next week along with the RC-64II. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the last 83 pages in anticipation
  4. Hi, I'm just about to purchase some Klipsch speakers but really need the help. I am planning on going with the RP-260F for my front left and right, and the RC-64ii for my center. I don't think I need the RP-280F as I will be buying 2 SVS PC-2000 subs to stand next to the towers so I don't see the point of the extra money spent on the 280f for the bass. My question is, that the center channel I have chosen - will it run well with the RP-260F? It's the same brand so I assume it will correct? I use my setup for movies and TV 90% of the time. If it makes any difference, the amp being used to power all these is the Onkyo TXRZ3100. I'm wanting to go for the premium center channel as speech is a big part for me and I wanted to make sure I get the best and the RC64ii is better than the 450c center speaker Klispch offers. Any help appreciated. Thanks
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