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  1. ThomasD.


    @Bosco-d-gama Did you decide yet ?? I've been listening to my Sixes for the last few months. These are my first and only powered speakers and are my 'working away from home' speakers since all I need with them is my macbook and a 5 meter AudioQuest Cinnamon USB cable. Haven't tried the phono input and don't plan on it. The Bluetooth connects effortlessly but is a slightly noticeable downgrade from the USB connection. The 100 wpc amp seems to produce very clean, powerful music with great headroom and sound stage. I've found the bass to be substantial and clean and only slightly boomy dependent on type of music being played at louder levels but find no need or desire to add a sub. As with all quality speakers the most crucial element is high quality source input. The onboard DAC may not be a top shelf contender in the world of DAC's but has proven to be a vast improvement over my laptop or smart phone. I unfortunately paid more than $599 through Crutchfield but I've always enjoyed their personalized services. All in all I've recommended the 'Sixes' to several friends. Just my .02 cents worth.
  2. Sorry @joessportster Our responses must have posted at the same time.
  3. Great Pics. Am I missing the Price somewhere in the listing ?
  4. ThomasD.

    Elevating KG4's

    @nmorris43 those look very nice. How did you refinish them? Completely strip them down or a ‘Howard’s ‘ refinish? I have since installed new Crites x/o’s and Ti tweets. Major improvement over original SQ. I’ve also acquired a pair of Quartets and have to admit that the KG4’s even though only 2-way, are richer & fuller sounding. This may change slightly when I get around to upgrading the Quartets x/o’s & tweets but the upgraded KG4’s will remain in my line up indefinitely.
  5. ThomasD.

    Heresy $70.00 Jackson Tennessee

    Exact same ad & price was posted up here less than two weeks ago. IT IS A SCAM!!! Emailed and respondent said they had just sold them to another guy but wanted me to link to a 'DashDeal' page. Currently have another one with similar email listed. https://fairbanks.craigslist.org/ele/d/fairbanks-speakers/6815437810.html
  6. ThomasD.

    WTB H3 Grill Frames

    @avguytx No spares. Saw an old thread on this site, which I can't find now, that had dimensions and cut out specs for several heritage grills of different varieties. Bob sells some Heresy motor boards but wasn't aware of any grill options. Was kind of hoping that someone would have an old worn out or damaged H3 grill for use as a template more than anything. Thought that the cut outs for drivers were different between H1,2 & 3's. Thanks
  7. ThomasD.

    Heresy 3 'Sub'ject

    Thought about that but this unit will be on the floor above our B&B rooms. Don't want really want down firing and would prefer a 'drop in' option for the build.
  8. ThomasD.

    Heresy 3 'Sub'ject

    I've just ordered a pair of unfinished walnut H3's w/o grills & risers. Will be integrating them into a 'mid century style' stereo console that I'm having built for my wife. It's purpose will be to appease my SO desire (demand) to condense our (my) sound system gear in our (her) living room from 13 pieces of gear to 3-4 and to give her a new custom piece of furniture as a 15 year anniversary gift (she deserves a lot more for putting up with me for this long). Yes, I know this subject has been gone over again and again. I'm not debating the need or lack of need for a sub w/ Heresy's, I appreciate the depth a sub can add to 2 channel listening but I tend to be a bit of an old 'purist' and like speakers that can produce lows adequately on their own and the H3's perform that task well in my estimation. That being said, this system will rarely be played at higher volumes due to location and the addition of subs for low volume listening does make sense to me. I only get one chance at the design of this console and think that a pair of small, 8-10" sub enclosures would be kinda cool looking & be a quality sound addition. They would need to be a sealed design and sit directly under the H3's at either end of the console. Console will be just under 8' wide, 42" tall (36" actual cabinet height w/6" legs) & 20" deep. Top of H3's will sit flush w/top & front of console. Room is 16 x 30' w/17' ceiling & adjacent ancillary rooms. Equipment will consist of the H3's, (and subs) Marantz 2230 (possibly a future Marantz amp if one comes available & the 2230 would remain as a pre./tuner), Pro-ject TT (until a nice Vintage TT presents itself locally), Cambridge CD player & a techniques cassette deck. An R12SW is my current sub and it's used exclusively for HT with a completely different gear source. Been looking at a pair of these https://www.parts-express.com/powered-dayton-audio-8-250-watt-compact-subwoofer-kit-with-built-in-dsp--300-7150#lblProductDetails Anyone have experience with these? Again, not looking for HT subs, want a reasonably priced 2 channel sub. Other suggestions? Thanks
  9. ThomasD.

    How to: New Grills, grill cloth, etc...

    Just found this thread but none of the Heresy grill frame dimensions or pictures/links are available anymore for the first several pages.
  10. ThomasD.

    WTB H3 Grill Frames

    Need a pair of H3 grills (or just frames preferably) to cover with custom cloth. Will need to ship to 99712. Thanks
  11. Listening to Muddy Waters "The Folk Singers" on my 'Sixes' as I respond to this thread right now. Vacillated back & forth between the 'Three's' & 'Sixes' for weeks for the very same reasons you've mentioned. Noticed a thread on this forum that mentioned how impressed Mr. Crites was with his pair of 'Sixes'. His recommendation and the fact that I really would miss the 2 channel stereo separation that the 'Threes' lack made my decision. Yes, the 'Sixes' will take up more realestate and the WAF may be paramount in your decision. I'm regularly amazed at how beautiful looking and how just plain good sounding the 'Sixes' are. That being said, they are my first and only foray into the world of powered speakers. Have not heard the 'Threes' myself but I'm sure they are also an outstanding choice. However, my vote, if room allows, would be for the 'Sixes'. Truly don't think you would regret it.
  12. ThomasD.

    Heresy III Raw $800

    I can see why. Beautiful.
  13. ThomasD.

    Heresy III Raw $800

    Cory, Are these with the great grain pattern still available by chance?
  14. ThomasD.

    Heresy III Raw $800

    Very nice. Russia huh? Perhaps I missed it in this thread but did you have those custom made?
  15. ThomasD.

    Heresy III Raw $800

    FYI Just got an Email from the sellers. Seems they also have ‘finished’ walnut Heresy’s w/ risers & grills for $1299. Assuming free shipping also to ‘conus’.