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  1. Heading into my late 50's and have been dealing with worsening 'Tinnitus' for the last few years. Have heard abundant horror stories regarding dozens of different hearing aid appliances. Very seldom is there a 'success' story, yours sounds like one of the few I've heard. Would it be improper to ask the make and model of your appliances?
  2. And another wild fire just miles from here sprung up shortly after I posted that pic yesterday. The Shovel Creek Fire has already consumed 200 + acres and growing rapidly. We cannot have heat without fire up here. Good thing there's lots of acreage in Alaska.
  3. 91 degrees at this moment with thunder storms rolling in. Multiple wild fires within 150 miles so that is smoke in the distance. Mt. Denali would be visible past the airport runway to the right if the smoke wasn't obscuring it.
  4. Not sure if this is the correct forum but figured one or more of you HT gurus might be able to help. Have had little success finding a soundbar (w/o sub) that both satisfies my 'significant other's' aesthetic requirements and my SQ requirements. Figured I'd rotate my 'Sixes' in and see if what her response is. She loves the looks of them and I have already enjoyed their sound for the last year or so in my office. Have had absolutely no success getting the Directv genie remote to operate the volume of the 'Sixes'. The remote operates the tv fine but don't seem to be able to find any supporting paperwork or links to connect the two. Any suggestions? What am I missing or is this a lost cause? Thanks
  5. Oddly enough, those Kef’s were also on my radar when I decided on the ‘Sixes’. It was actually the ‘Heritage Inspired’ WAF looks that finalized the choice. I had read many positive reviews about the Kefs and was leaning that way. I’d had a bad experience with the new Klipsch ‘Heritage Bar’. It was sent back.
  6. Can only say that I’ve not experienced any static from mine. Use them with both USB from my laptop and BT from my IPhone. Probably have a couple hundred hours on them and use as both near and mid field speakers. These are my first and only quality powered speakers. They can get a bit ‘boomy’ with certain EDM sources. Great, tight bass and crystal highs if the source is higher quality. No complaints or regrets.
  7. Wow, hadn't even considered hooking up a single pair in my old Sprinter let alone 2 pair. Hope you keep your doors open a lot for that much music. Not sure how much movement they'd handle in such a mobile installation and they certainly would take up some serious real estate but what an interesting idea.
  8. @Dave A Good advice. Just need to order more Duratex now.
  9. Have to say, once contact was made, they've been very helpful. Here is the latest reply. Hi Thomas, You’re most welcome for the information. Here’s the answers to your other questions: 1. Yes, the vinyl should be removed first for a quality job. I’ve attached a PDF about “Reface the Case” – a rehab project we did on a road case. The concept is the same for you except you will be removing vinyl & in this PDF it is carpet that is being removed – the surface preparation is all the same. 2. Yes, you can absolutely mix white DuraTex® & black DuraTex® until you get the shade of gray that you want. We have several customers that have done this previously. (I should have said that there are 4 ways to make gray colors). 3. If you want to order a gallon of tinted DuraTex® you just need to tell us what color gray you want – the name, number & manufacturer of the color. The zip code you provided is coming up as Fairbanks, AK so the shipping charges on this are higher than usual. The shipping cost to 99712 is $46.60 for one gallon of custom color DuraTex® via the U.S. Postal Service 3 Day Priority Service. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks! Best regards, Miki Cappello Miki Cappello Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. Office: (954) 565-6001 x 203 www.acrytech.com
  10. @Frank merchant Your in the right thread. They do show up here, CL & have seen them on FB Market Place too. The AudioKarma forum had a pair not too long ago.
  11. Actually, I've watched that same seller (I assume) with the same tag line of " I don't really want to sell them price" of $750 -$1000 advertising for almost 2 years now. Guess he doesn't get the hint that no one really wants to buy them at that price either.
  12. Funny, how timing is everything. I post this thread and less than 24 hours later I get a response from Acrytech. So, to their credit I'll post the response. Hi Thomas, I’m sorry to hear that your local store won’t tint your white DuraTex®. We have more & more customers that are telling us that these days so we actually even stopped selling the Ultra Deep Tint Base that the darker custom colors are made from. Sorry for the inconvenience! Yes, we can custom tint colors here but the color decks that we use here would be hard for you to find, unfortunately. We do have color decks here for Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr & Glidden though. We tell people to find a color that they like somewhere local to them & let us know what the color name, number & manufacturer are – for example, “Essential Gray” SW6002 by Sherwin Williams or “Anchor Gray” #2126-30 by Benjamin Moore. Then if it’s a color that we don’t have in one of our decks then we can try to go to the local store here & get a color swatch. If it’s a color that we can’t get locally then we may need you to send us the color swatch for us to match the color. We can’t make custom colors from a photograph or from a computer monitor – we actually need something that we can physically take out to our tinting area to match the color. Grays are the most difficult color to determine which tint base the color will come out of because they can be made 3 different ways – the lighter ones come from the White version & the darker ones can come from either the Black version or the Ultra Deep Tint Base version. I have to actually look at a formula that we have for a color that is close to determine which tint base to make the color from. I can’t tell just by looking at the color with grays like I can with other colors that are more obvious. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you need any additional information. Thanks! Best regards, Miki Cappello Miki Cappello Acry-Tech Coatings, Inc. Office: (954) 565-6001 x 203 I'm responding with the question adhesion to the existing vinyl and the idea of just mixing the white & black since I'm not matching any specific gray.
  13. Well, I can’t argue that point. Been listening to mine since last November and they don’t remind me in the least of the ‘Heritage’ sound. Don’t get me wrong, I really like mine for near/mid field listening, solid bass and articulate highs with the horn tweet. But ‘Heritage ‘ in looks only.
  14. Hmm.. we’ve got a Sherwin Williams store in town. If I go that route I’d probably have to order a gallon of white Duratex, thinking it would be easier to tint than the black. That’s why I was hoping to just order the color I wanted from them. Just didn’t know if they still custom tinted and what color deck they used. Also will most likely need to remove the existing vinyl with a heat gun since nothing much sticks to ugly vinyl. They aren’t going to be left outside, just used outside. But weather happens so wanted them as protected as possible and added handles will make them easier for my wife to take in and out 😂.
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