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  1. ThomasD.

    KV3 lifespan

    ⬆️⬆️⬆️ Ordered new x/o's for my KG-4's from Bob & sent him my KG-1 x/o's for upgrading even though he had never seen the KG-1 board before. Night & day difference in my KG-4's and a definite improvement with the KG-1's. Will be ordering new x/o's for my Quartets soon. Been looking for an Academy as a center for the KG-4's as they are suppose to be the closest for timbre match.
  2. ThomasD.

    KG4 to Forte III?

    Might I ask where that would be ?
  3. ThomasD.

    (KG4's) Recap or New x-overs ?

    Just an FYI. Recently installed Crites X/O's & Ti Diaphrams in my KG4's. Personally considered it quite a SQ improvement. Smoother highs and tighter bass through out. Will be ordering the same for my recently acquired Quartets. KG4 x_o .eml Hmm... Don't know what happened. Pic didn't load right. Sorry
  4. ThomasD.

    Desktop near-field listening with flea power tube amps

    Just found this thread. My situation is a little different in that I work away from home most of the winter. Stay in a B&B that has minimal winter clientele so after a 10-12 hour shift I can often relax to some nearly near field (4'-6' distance) listening with my Macbook Pro streaming BlueToothed Spotify through an Audioengine B1 into a Rega Brio amp and into a pair of Crites upgraded KG1's. Listen to IEM's most of the day while working so it's nice to give my ears a break in the evenings. Now this set up isn't flea powered by any means, though that's what caught my eye about this thread because I really want to try a small tubed amp with these small 2-way speakers. They have really impressed me with their SQ. The K-83 dhorm with the Crites Ti diaphram does an impressive job with the highs and I find the 6-1/2" K-1 woofs provide more than adequate bass for near field use. They are only rated @90 db SPL efficiency but with the new Caps & diaphrams these 'vintage' sealed bookshelf speakers provide some very fluid & open listening. So have to agree with @thebes that the older Klipsch bookshelf sized speakers were quite efficient. I'm a sucker for vintage speakers anyway with some KG4's, Quartets and some older Polk monitors & SDA's. Had ordered the APPJ mini2013 tube amp from MassDrop but the drop was cancelled due to manufacturers long lead time. So back to looking for an affordable 'flea wattage' tube amp to get my feet wet.
  5. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    @Emile. Love the Ti tweets in the KG1’s & 4’s. Not familiar with the mid Ti diaphragms. Had to leave the Quartets in Anchorage for now at my brothers since I was flying. Will pick them up next month and start listening to the difference between 2/way & 3/way and dual 8” woofs & a single 10”. Hoping a tru ‘heritage’ value will come along. Got to say though that my finds so far have been pretty good sounding.
  6. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    https://anchorage.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwall-vintage/6718154602.html This also showed up. Seller considers himself a stereo equipment 'broker'. Bought a pair of Polk SDA 2'as from him a while back that turned out to be in pretty good shape. He knew nothing about the Polks and some of his stuff is really 'iffy' at best. Everybody is really jumping on the 'vintage' wagon trying to turn a buck. Trying to find out more about these but he won't provide anymore pics of the drivers or back of speaker, keeps sending me stock images of CW's from online, lives 50 mile outside of Anchorage and I'm on a plane home this morning. Will have to see what becomes of it.
  7. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    Tried that with the KG4's and noticed an immediate loss in bass due to moving the woof off the floor. Should the open cavity of the built in riser be considered in this application since my speaker stands aren't big enough to encompass the entire base. He had told me that about the Ti tweet for the KG4's also but really recommended trying it. Glad I did.
  8. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    Offered the owner $250 cash on the spot for the Quartets and loaded them up. Sequentially numbered and in great shape except for a couple chips on the risers. Will listen to them for a couple of weeks and compare to the upgraded KG4's. Next step would be ordering new X/O's & Ti tweets. These are a given as far as I'm concerned after the noticeable improvement of the KG4's upgrade. But what about the K-61 mid range diaphrams? Since that's where most of the 'forwardness' comes from, should I just go ahead and order them also? Haven't talked to BEC yet about them but the website hasn't updated since they were out of stock, may not be readily available. Anyone changed there mids and had a noticeable improvement?
  9. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    As a side note, the center channel speaker he's talking about is a CV3. Say's he'd throw that in for an additional $50. Know nothing about the CV series other than I believe they were timber matched to the Epic series, is this correct?
  10. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    Appreciate all the input here. This is my favorite Forum because of everyone's sage advice & friendly demeanor on this site. Headed down to Anchorage later this week. Guess I'll succumb to the 'peer' pressure 😎, if they're still available I'll bring them home. Have to hide them from my wife though, she just doesn't understand the need for more speakers !!!!! Granted, it is a weakness of mine. Suppose I'm a 'speaker hoarder', can't bring myself to part with any of my Klipsch or Polk treasures. Do really enjoy listening to different vintage speakers and experiencing how they interpret music. There's even a pair of Dynaco A25's listed that really interest me. Anyone have any experience refinishing the oiled oak to a darker finish? I personally love the Golden Oak color and apparently everyone else did too in the 70's & 80's since the Walnut is seldom available. Looks like I'll be contacting BEC about the Ti's & X/O's. Also, any advice on updating the mid horn on these?
  11. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    Is the price in the title of the ad not not showing ?
  12. ThomasD.

    KG4 versus Quartet

    https://anchorage.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-speakers/6698008227.html Have a nice clean pair of KG4's (paid $300) that I've updated with Crites X/O's & Ti tweets. Have been pretty happy with them to date. However, this CL ad has been haunting me for the last month or so. I'm headed down there (400 miles away) to visit my 98 year old mother for a few days anyway, and was wondering if I should even entertain the thought of picking up these Quartets as an upgrade to my KG4's. I realize that the Quartets are 3 ways with horn mids and the KG4's are just 2 way but is it enough of a difference? The Crites upgrades to the KG4's really made a drastic difference from the stock sound and my OCD would require that I do the same to the Quartets. All my Klipsch speakers currently are Golden Oak and I've sworn off any more Klipsch speakers unless they're Walnut finish but as I keep telling myself, 'vintage Klipsch don't present themselves often up here'. Someone with sound experience in both please chime in on this. Much appreciated.
  13. ThomasD.

    WTB Sunfire Cinema Grand 200x5

    Granted, distance & shipping might be prohibitive but these don't show up often this far north. https://anchorage.craigslist.org/ele/d/carversunfireamplifieraudiophi/6715118123.html
  14. ThomasD.

    A little confusing

    Now saying that they are the original owners and never been touched. Something is not right. $400 was too high for KG-4's ( found mine for $300) & may still be a little high for Quartets in my opinion. If someone went to the trouble to change the original x/o's over to new cups then who knows what else has been done.
  15. ThomasD.

    Bluetooth "iPod" Dock on Steroids

    If they sound good enough to replace those terrible old Heresy's you've got, let me know as I could probably take them off your hands. LoL Seriously, I realize you've got a lot of time & effort in this project but whenever there's time to get that BOM posted I'm sure several here would find it invaluable. Thanks