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  1. Funny, I also have 2 pairs of upgraded KG1’s. Only speakers I have 4 of. Using them with my Marantz 4070 for Quad listening. Looking for another pair of Heresy’s to replace them.
  2. Always looking for some good near field speakers. Using my KG1's and am impressed with the bass output even though they are sealed. Not sure about the 2's with a passive but I've always felt the KG's were an under appreciated Klipsch series.
  3. Yes they are. Not for you? Also, have only seen the white woofs on my KG-4's and the KG2's don't list as 96 db efficiency. Interesting. $250 is steep even with stands. But they are in Walnut and I do like my other KG's . Thanks for the knowledgeable information
  4. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/388106392066312/?ref=feed_rhc Trying to figure out which KG's these are. Anyone? I've got KG-1 & KG-4's but these don't seem to match any of the KG's listed on the Klipsch webpage. The KG-2's show round input cup but the size is about right. ???
  5. Hope someone got those KG1's. Searched for quite a while hoping to find a pair in Walnut. Had to settle on 2 pairs of them in Oak. Upgraded the X/O's & tweets. Surprisingly articulate and they have more bass than you'd expect from a small 2 way, non-ported design. They really seem to come alive when pushed with about 50 watts of clean power. Using mine in a couple of near field systems, one pair with a 3 watt APPJ mini watt tube amp and the other with a Marantz 2010 receiver. Honestly, I prefer their SQ to most of the current small Klipsch bookshelf type speakers. Just my 2 cents worth regarding a very under rated speaker in my novice, humble opinion.
  6. 3215 sq. ft. single family structure on 4.11 acres of a hillside with exactly .12 acres flat enough to build on. Fairbanks North Star Borough just sent our $7200 tax bill and notice that it will increase next year. The only benefit I've ever used of the Borough is the garbage transfer site which they are talking about closing due to funding issues. State maintains the nearby access roads. I actually snow plow the subdivision road that we live on. Haven't ever used the 'volunteer' fire dept. Heating fuel is over $3 a gallon and it takes an act of congress to pass the current air quality requirements for wood burning appliances. Arkansas is starting to sound pretty good.
  7. Heading into my late 50's and have been dealing with worsening 'Tinnitus' for the last few years. Have heard abundant horror stories regarding dozens of different hearing aid appliances. Very seldom is there a 'success' story, yours sounds like one of the few I've heard. Would it be improper to ask the make and model of your appliances?
  8. And another wild fire just miles from here sprung up shortly after I posted that pic yesterday. The Shovel Creek Fire has already consumed 200 + acres and growing rapidly. We cannot have heat without fire up here. Good thing there's lots of acreage in Alaska.
  9. 91 degrees at this moment with thunder storms rolling in. Multiple wild fires within 150 miles so that is smoke in the distance. Mt. Denali would be visible past the airport runway to the right if the smoke wasn't obscuring it.
  10. Not sure if this is the correct forum but figured one or more of you HT gurus might be able to help. Have had little success finding a soundbar (w/o sub) that both satisfies my 'significant other's' aesthetic requirements and my SQ requirements. Figured I'd rotate my 'Sixes' in and see if what her response is. She loves the looks of them and I have already enjoyed their sound for the last year or so in my office. Have had absolutely no success getting the Directv genie remote to operate the volume of the 'Sixes'. The remote operates the tv fine but don't seem to be able to find any supporting paperwork or links to connect the two. Any suggestions? What am I missing or is this a lost cause? Thanks
  11. Oddly enough, those Kef’s were also on my radar when I decided on the ‘Sixes’. It was actually the ‘Heritage Inspired’ WAF looks that finalized the choice. I had read many positive reviews about the Kefs and was leaning that way. I’d had a bad experience with the new Klipsch ‘Heritage Bar’. It was sent back.
  12. Can only say that I’ve not experienced any static from mine. Use them with both USB from my laptop and BT from my IPhone. Probably have a couple hundred hours on them and use as both near and mid field speakers. These are my first and only quality powered speakers. They can get a bit ‘boomy’ with certain EDM sources. Great, tight bass and crystal highs if the source is higher quality. No complaints or regrets.
  13. Wow, hadn't even considered hooking up a single pair in my old Sprinter let alone 2 pair. Hope you keep your doors open a lot for that much music. Not sure how much movement they'd handle in such a mobile installation and they certainly would take up some serious real estate but what an interesting idea.
  14. @Dave A Good advice. Just need to order more Duratex now.
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