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  1. I realized I am only about a three hour drive from you on my trip into the city. I see you've got some nice gear including a Fisher 500c restored by NOS Valves. Gave lots of gear a listen. I think I've narrowed it down to Leben, Line Magnetic, or possibly Toolshed Amps. Luxman integrateds are quite nice too. The Leben CS600 was fantastic. Lots of tube goodness and some solid bass and power. I was really not impressed with the Audio Research gear. I agree the are almost solid state sounding. @Rjk1972 you have a PM
  2. I just picked them up last week. I did open them up and look at the insides. The crossovers are B-3 and they were bought new in October of 84 and are in amazing shape. I am going to do the Crites crossover rebuild. From everything I have read it's the size of the Midrange horn that is the limiting factor on these Cornwalls, if you can call them limited. They sound great but I am looking forward to giving the Forte 3s a listen. I am really curious how the Klipsch sound can be evolved with all the new technology out there. My Cornwalls will always be keepers but I am thinking the Forte 3s will be great with some nice tube gear.
  3. I would think getting a sub to integrate with the folded horn enclosed woofer would be hard. Personally I find getting really good sub integration is a pain and needs a dedicated listening room. Loving my Cornwalls but am anxiously awaiting hearing the Forte 3.
  4. Your the second persons that's said that about Decware to me. I'm adding Audio Research to my list of gear I'm going to listen to. It would be nice to buy an amp made in the U.S. but I definitely am not looking for solid state sound. I've read the some about the counterfeit gear and parts coming out of China and about Line Magnetics grey market problems. Never read anything about tube confusion and dealers though. The gear does look nice. I'm given two of their amps a listen too but will probably pass for those reasons. I'm going to pick up the Cornwalls now. Can't wait to get them set up. I see your using the Belden and Duelunde cables that are recommended by Jeff Day and others. What do you think? I am not really a cable guy but that is pretty affordable wire.
  5. I am pretty sold on tubes. None of the SS gear I've heard is doing it for me. I'm interested in going to a SET amp or a SEP amp but am worried about speakers. If go that route I'd only be able to run real efficient horn speakers. I can't wait to get my Cornwalls but if I wanted to try the new Tannoy classic line I'd be out of luck. I read the new Ardens will only be 91db. Anyone try running low power tube amps on something other than Klipsch? And has anyone heard of a release date for the Forte 3?
  6. So what are you going to end up doing if you don't mind my asking?
  7. Great to here. I checked out their Instagram. Very nice looking gear. Thanks for the recommendation. Your amps look beautiful. What were you running before? I listened to In Utero on my way into work today. Tragic loss.
  8. I could go either way on cosmetics and actually prefer to see the tubes but the significant other is not a fan and has cats. She does however like some of the prettier tube gear I've shown her pictures of. So it's a balance act sadly. I will check them out though and am going to listen to Leben gear next week. Thanks
  9. As in the Dynaco amps from the 70s? I had an uncle that had one of those. Very cool.
  10. I just PMd someone here about these amps last night. Thanks I will check them out.
  11. I've found that is only really possible for the more main stream gear. I'm going to hear Line Magnetic and Leben next week. I heard a Rega Elex but that sounded supprisingly close to my NAD. The most interesting amps I've come across so far are the VRDs, the Toolshed Audio amps, and the Quicksilver Horn Monos. I am thinking auditioning those will be pretty difficult.
  12. Tool Shed Amps looks interesting. @Matthews @OldSkool @Rjk1972 what do you guys like about your amps. What do you think about them now that you've had them awhile? Make that @OldSkool77
  13. So far I've gotten recommendations for VRDs, Leben, Quicksilver, restored McIntosh gear that looks beautiful, Line Magnetic, and Toolshed Audio. All top notch gear from what I've read but I haven't read much about the VRD amps or Toolshed Audio gear. Anyone hear any of the Amp&Sound amps?
  14. Hi Maynard, My room is 14x18 and my listening spot is about 10 feet from the speakers. The room has hard wood floors but has a large area rug in front of the speakers and a couch and a pair of chairs and a large soft fabric ottoman as a coffee table, so it's not a very live room. I listen at moderate levels mostly. Definitely don't try to approach love Rock concert sound volumes but do like to play it at what most people would consider loud once in awhile. The speaker will be going up against the wall in corners. I listen to a wide variety of music including jazz, blues, and classical, but about 60% is rock.
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